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~[Linked Skills & Enchanted Equipment VXAce]~

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Linked Skills & Enchanted Equipment VXAce

Version: 1.1




This script can be used to link skills together or enchant equipment with skills. Also works for items.

More expansive explanation in the Script Header xD


Terms of Use


Please read the Script Header ;)



  • Linked Skills
  • Equipment can have enchantments
  • Passive Skills can be enchanted/linked

    [*]Items can have linked skills

    [*]Enchantments can be given a chance to cast

    • eg. a sword that has 5% chance to cast fire when you hit an enemy
    • eg. a spell that is enchanted with itself at a 50% chance to cast (so it repeats until it fails) - think Paper Mario Power Bounce... sort of :P

    [*]Enchantments can be given priorities to determine which ones cast (not necessary)







Click Here




Put it under the Materials Section




Requires my Notes Field System


Further instructions can be found in the script header.




Should work with most things...

Also works with my Passive Skills script


Author's Notes


Ok so this one took less than an hour to script and then a good portion of 3 days to bug fix >.<

So annoying... But if you do find anything let me know, I'll see what I can do =]


A few points for you to consider while using this.

First, I would advise against making any looping skills unless they have low chances to cast the next one, or a high MP cost.

Next, watch out for linking skills or enchanting weapons with skills that have MP costs. Not saying don't do it, but if you suddenly find yourself wondering why a skill didn't cast it may be because your actor ran out of MP... unfortunately speaking from experience here....


Anyways this was a lot of effort (more than it should have been), so hope you enjoy ^-^

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Hi, one question, is it possible to upgrade your script (if its not too hard or too much code) so when actor with enchanted armor for example returns skill to enemy when he is attacked.

Fire Armor for example has 5% chances to cast skill upon enemy if actor is hit.

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A few questions:

- For linking skills, is it possible to have a spell that always has a chance to cast itself or do you have to give it that ability via an event call (like enchanting items)?

- Is it possible to make it so the "linked skill" only activates if the character who cast the spell is a certain class? Like if I had a promote system in place; Fireball would only multicast if my mage was promoted to an archmage, otherwise it would just be a regular Fireball.

- Furthermore, is it possible to link the "chance to multicast" to a certain stat? For example, say I had a Gambler (rogue-like class who relies on Luck stat) who uses a dice-based attack, and it has a chance to multicast. If his Luck was 0, then it would be a 0% chance to multicast, but if his Luck was 50, then it would be 50% (percent rates could and should be customizable). The stat could be changed on a per-skill basis; magical skills would base their chance to multicast on intellect/spirit/whatever the game's magic stat happens to be, physical skills would base their chance to multicast on agility/dexterity/whatever the game's speed stat happens to be, and specific skills could base their chances to multicast on whatever stat happens to suit it best.

- Like Tammsyn asked as well: Will the damage scale down with each subsequent multicast or does it stay the same?


Of course, if none of this fits what you had in mind for your script, I can see about getting a "proper" multicast script going, since this seems more like a way to give certain spells additional casts a la Fury Swipes from Pokemon more than giving a character the ability to multicast like Blacksmith from Heroes of Newerth.

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