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Hi everyone,


One Cut Studio here again. When I'm not working on graphics, I am thinking up game concepts that I have not seen done very often. My thinking this time brought me into the realm of Historical Fiction. There are Sci-Fi RPGs, Fantasy RPGs, Dating RPGs, but rarely have a seen a Historical Fiction RPG(I could be wrong, just saying that I don't see it often). To clarify for those who may not know, a Historical Fiction game is one in which the events/atmosphere of the game are historically accurate or close to historically accurate, but the protagonists are made up.


My line of thinking brought me to this:


-What about a game that takes place during the Revolutionary War? It could be about a soldier and he has missions...hmm...which side is he on? I'm sure I can make sprites for the redcoats and the constitutional army. And not just clothing but original period tilesets, and etc...


-Oh! Civil-war era uniforms would be cool too. That's a game there too waiting to be made. North v. South, brother v. brother...good material to work with. But I feel like I am missing something...


-Oh! What about an RPG based around the rich cultures of the many tribes of Native Americans?

(Thinking about teepee tiles, totems, animal sprites, spirit animal sprites...continues on)


Which led to:




Some tribal cultures had something called a "vision quest" or "spirit quest." I believe the Aborigines of Australia had something similar which they called a "walkabout." Basically, it is when a boy leaves the village on a quest to become a man.


My idea for this type of game would focus on that quest to become a man (or woman) of the village. Maybe even a group of youngsters go on this journey together, each guided by a separate spirit guardian of nature. It would heavily incorporate Native American myths, legends, and iconography.


This is just a very rough concept, and thank you for reading through my ramblings, but I would like to hear from the community. What do you think about the Historical Fiction genre and the rough game ideas? Would you rather play one time period over another?


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I know that the Ace RTP wasn't designed for this type of story, so I figure this is going to be mostly original--but heck, it's a good idea! ^-^ I myself prefer the medieval to Victorian England time for games, or just a random time period (timeless, ahhh.)

I hope I don't sound racist or anything when I say this, but I don't know if this would be my type of game just because it's not my thing, but that doesn't mean others wouldn't play it! I suggest you follow through with all your ideas; you dream up some really unique stories!

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I'm a big fan of the time period (Assassin's Creed 3 did well), sounds like brilliant idea for an RPG, although it does seem incredibly easy to accidentally make some politically incorrect references/stereotypes, but as long as you express as much caution as possible I doubt anyone could really be offended.

Just to offer a connection between your ideas, what if this vision quest were to take place in the midst of the civil war, either causing difficulties for the main character (it's hard to just stroll into a camp filled with soldiers who want to enslave you) or giving the main character an end goal (your whole way of life is endangered because of the war, find a way to end it). I'm not much of a story writer, but that was the first thing that came to mind reading your rough ideas.

Would definitely play this game when it's finished, good luck!

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