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A newbie and his doubts

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Hello, my name is Mister Aloprado and i am new in this site. I was making a simple and stupid game on rpg maker but i decided to go a little bit further... it will still be stupid, but not that simple ! haha... well, so, i am Brazilian, and my english is not the best, and how i am also not an internet guy i kind of don't get some terms yet. I am The Newb. But i'm not noob about rpg maker. i make projects and projects since i was 12 or 13, with rpg maker 2k and 2k3. But now these days are gone and i'm using the vx ace. So guys, i think i am in the wrong place to ask this question, but i looked into the other forums and i didn't understand a f*** (you can see i actually read the forum rules), so anyway, this is it:


I need a character that is a dragon, but the big character, like the $BigMonsters, but walking. Does anyone knows where do i find one?? it would be nice if the dragon is flying or walking - both of them are nice. it all started when i had the ideia of make the airship bigger (the size of the $BigMonster) and it worked. But then i tought.... Why not a dragon?? so that's it. If anyone could help, i would be very thankful. About the dragon and about the right forum to ask questions like this one. Thank you.

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