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Turkey Chaser!

A Seasonal Game For Thanksgiving



Abstract: A quick, short, time-attack game.


Genre: Arcade, fantasy, puzzle


Average Game Time: 10 - 30 minutes






Tersho, a boy summoned by the spirit of Thanksgiving, is assigned the task to save thanksgiving.




Character Bios:


Tersho - A young boy with expertise of catching, hunting, chasing down turkeys.


Spirit of Thanksgiving - A spirit of what is celebrated once a year be many Americans.






- Turkey design made by Laurent Déry


- All other assets RTP






















- No battle system


- Time attack


- 20+ small platform levels


- Gets very challenging


- Watch out for troll turkeys




Dowload Link:


- https://app.box.com/s/od752bst8vhjxw50wz75 (50MB)





Known Issues:


- None so far

Edited by Wawa

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Wow, that's a lot of megabytes for a quick time attack game.  Unfortunately, I'll have to pass until next time my usage is reset.


Is it really a big file size?

It's actually my first time compressin it manually (not including all RTP in the compression). It's started much smaller but I had to add in stuff that I forgot to add that was needed in the game. lol

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make sure to remove all resources that you aren't using in the game.


Most of the data is from the BGM that's used in the game. More than half of the memory, actually.

And anything that I remove in the Graphics area wouldn't make much dent to the size. :(


I'll see what I can do.

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Are the audio files mp3? You could use low quality .ogg instead of mp3. Lowering quality on ogg reduces size without sacrificing a lot of quality.


Check out Kayden's tutorial on the matter. It helped me a lot.




I use some RTP audio tracks. They are .ogg files. Each around 2mb.


Thank you, though! :)

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