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Crystal Guardian: The Sacred City




Close to having enough content for a demo. I need help with certain things before I can accomplish this.


Recruiting: Spriter, Composer, Custom Eventer



This game takes place in the land of Ratiel. You as the main character live alone. Your mother passed away while giving birth to you and your father disappeared long ago, also thought to be deceased. You have one true friend who has been with you since you were young and you often help her and her mother collect ingredients for her shop. *skip all big spoilers* You end up traveling with your friend and some newly found allies to try to stop the dark one from returning (I know sounds cliche but I think I am doing it uniquely). THERE WILL BE TWISTS! I am not M. Night Shyamalan though haha.



Ryn: The main character that you will be playing for a majority of the game. Basically orphaned and sort of adopted by friends of the family you have only one goal, to stay will your best friend. Ryn is best with a large sword. He is blessed with unnatural strength for his size.


Sophie: Your best friend. One of the few people who have been there for you when you were all alone. She knows loss as well and the two of you connect deeply from your tragedies. She prefers to use a spear in battle when it comes down to it.


Derrik: Your cousin and another friend of yours though not as close as Sophie. He is the only family you have left though and he cautiously decides to help you on your journey.


Sean: An ally met later along in the game. Strong and brave he tears through his enemies with his fists. He proves to be a great help to the heroes.


 Hand of Darkness: A top confidant of the Dark One himself, an antagonist you will encounter throughout the game.


The Dark One: The very evil that threatens the world of Ratiel. You and your allies are journeying to destroy it.



Tiles: The tiles I used mainly came from Hanzo Kimura's sets and Celianna's tiles. 

Scripts: Currently I have scripts from Omega7, Yami, Fomar, Nasty and JVMaster. Some of these may be removed and others will likely be added.










Here is a link to a video. I know there is no audio I don't know what happened there. And there is a broken event near the start. the bottom of the sword shouldn't be visible when you start (areas I need help in). 




As of now there is:

-a side battle system

-8-way movement

-Parallaxed maps

-Custom battlebacks

-Some custom soundtrack pieces

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Your maps are very lovely and I am so glad for plot twists ^-^ There's nothing more upsetting than a cliche. So far I can't tell much of what's happening but I'm already impressed by the mapping~

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I kind of wanted to make it so people didn't know whats going on. I personally don't like it when a story is written out in the description and there is nothing to be surprised by when you play it. Hopefully I can learn how to event the things in-game the way I see them in my mind haha. I really need to find a spriter as well...

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Here is a track I had made for my title screen. It is custom to my game so no one can steal it. I reserve all rights to its use! lol, but seriously. https://soundcloud.com/benjamin-reeves/crystalguardiantitletheme-mp3


The epic fantasy sound is what I am going for if you want to try to make some stuff. I need a foresty track right now actually haha.

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Those maps look amazing!

My only real issue is that I don't know much about the characters or story

I'm sure you could give more info without spoiling anything

Anyway, keep up the good work, I'll have to check this out once there's a demo

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