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Genre: Sci-fi Fantasy


Average Demo Time: 55 minutes


Game Progression:

Story: 30%

Design: 20%

Art: 20%

BGM: 80%


Story: Ten years ago there was a great incident that befallen our planet. A meteor strike fell into the center of the planet that sent a deadly cosmic wave across the world. The attack of the meteor killed nearly three-fourths of the human population. But the meteor brought more than just death into our world. It turned our animals into human eating monsters. Soon the animals began to feast upon the remaining survivors. Soon us humans begin to build a large barrier in a wide spread area so the remains of humanity can dwell to keep safe. After the barrier was completed every human on the planet came and begins to dwell inside the barrier. Then a idea of creating a ideal government was introduced to make the choices for mankind. Their first choice was to create different areas in the barrier: the Government area, Business Area, Upper Class, Lower class. Each area had its unique functions. The Government area is where the people who run the everyday concerns of the barrier resides. The Business area is where all the shops is located. The Upper Class is where the rich and mighty lives. And the Lower Class is where the poor and working class lives. This caused a great problem to the people who had to live in the Lower Class area. They felt as though the government is punishing them for some unknown reason. The people in the Lower Class begins to detest the judgment of the government. But they won't dare go against the government. Cause they fear they'll be cast out with the monsters. But who would go against a government that overtime became a dictatorship. All the hope the Lower Class have is to stay quiet and keep their hope up for a brighter day.


Character Bios:

Dominic: The main character of the game. He lives in the Lower Class with his sister Samantha. He is considered a delinquent. He is in his last year of school. On the day of his class trip to see the meteor, he was able to read the text on the meteor. After that his real journey begins.



Mel: Dominic's best friend. He has a crush on Samantha. He is willing to help with any problem that Dominic has.



Amber: A traveler who lives outside of the barrier. She does many favors for people so they have to repay her back whenever she needs them.



Anya: A resident of the Upper Class. She doesn't care much for the people of the Lower Class cause of a incident in her past. She can be real a pain at times. But she still has a kind heart. Her father is a high official in the Government Area.

Age: 18






Victor Sant


Near Fantastica










Game Demo:



RMVX, The Gaming Lounge 





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I'll test this out for you and try it when I'm finished however, i tried to download the demo and Google gave me an error 403, Could you perhaps upload the demo to another file sharing host and link me to it please?

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I like the first screenshot of the first village, but the other village screenshots look to straight and organized for a community living in the forest. Even the river seems to follow a golden organized rule in the 2nd screenshot, which in reality would probably be a bit more natural. In the 3rd screenshot, all the forest trees seem to magically line up in a straight line to match the fence line, and then it's all green grass afterwards. Again, some diversity in the formation of the trees will give it a more natural (and less man-made) look.

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no offense. but the map don't really match the theme of the game.

1) devastated earth where cosmic wave from meteor manage to wipe 3/4 human race. 10 years is not enough to heal all that. trees not grown that much in just 10 years. unless the cosmic wave is killing human without damaging anything else. but it would be strange in my opinion.


2) if the screenshot supposed to be 'lower class area' inside the barrier... it should be more slum like.


the story itself would be more suited to have maps like FF7 midgar city theme. :D.

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