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by Rafael_Sol_Maker



Hello there! This is my very first time posting a script here and the very first piece of RGSS3 I write. This script was based on VX TRANSITION SET v1.1, the VX's counterpart I wrote some months ago. Some time ago it was one of my personal favorites, so I did its upgrade first. (The other reasons are purely related to code fashion and an attemp to understand the RGSS3/Ruby1.9 a little.) The adaptation wasn't so hard, after all. But the code may need refinements.



* With this script you can use a set of customized transitions in the map transfer (teleport), at the beginning or end of battles, like RPG Maker 2Kx; You can configure in and out transitions, so a grand total of six different transitions can be used within your game.




No 'screenies' are needed this time...


Script Usage

This script requires additional graphics and configurations to work properly. Instructions:


1. Plug the script somewhere above Main;

2. Configure its behavior and graphics in the configurable module (PPVXAce_General_Configs)

to put it to work the way you want;

2 ½. (Optional) You can edit the teleport's sound if you feel confortable to do it. Needed only a lil' scripting knowledge;

3. Place the required or chosen graphics in the correct folder (Graphics/Transitions/).

4. And don't forget to play!


Any problems, contact me. Feedback is highly appreciated.



Maybe soon! When Ace is released will be easier!


Script (links)

Please check it out in Pastebin!





Q: How could I use this in VX Ace Trial?

A: Err, discover yourself. Or try to find the solution in some tutorials around here. ;-)



Generally, there is no problem if you make any use of this. If you want to redistribute it, with or without any modifications, be welcome, only please ask me and I’ll give all support you need. And don’t forget in any hypothesis to credit me.


This scripts is free for every use, since you observe the utilization of the Creative Commons license (see below). You can use this script for freeware games, or even for commercial games if you keep me informed about this.


This script script here is distributed “as it isâ€, with no additional guarantees. In case of problems, please contact me, but I’m not responsible for any direct or indirect damage it can cause. I reserved

the right of changing the “Terms of Use†in any moment, so please be careful.


Oh, and make regular backups of your projects and files!


ACE TRANSITION SET v1.0, by Rafael Sol Maker, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0).




Credits and Thanks

- Me, Rafael_Sol_Maker!

- Angel Ivy-chan


Author's Notes

I hope you like it! Have fun!

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You can use these transition resources:


I was using the XP transitions all the time. Boring. Thanks for the link, I needed new some for my personal collection. ^_^


I figured it was just a matter of a short time before you started bringing your scrips in, nice work sir. I look forward to all the enhancement scripts that I'm sure you'll be bringing in.

Surely! I'm preparing all of them to my new engine. It's needed some rework in various, but some will be completely dispatched as they aren't necessary anymore. I hope to have good ideas for some new scripts too.

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I'm running so many scripts I'm not sure why it doesn't work but it just crashes halfway through transition to a new map... So i gave up, but when i tried to pull it out of the project it created an error I've never seen before... I'll attach it here. Could you help me 'cause i love the look of this. Also if we do get it to work how do i make it only do the first part of the transitions? i don't like the black  transition on the new map thing... I could link to my script back-up file, which you can open in a new project to see what I'm using/how they r placed, if that works?


Error after removal:


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