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[18+] Renryuu: Ascension [Previously "Story of a demon Lord"]

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New version including the christmas special is now available! 


The update contains new events for Ryoko, starting at the sleeping chamber when you had her previous events. It'll start only a short event, but after you're back at the sleeping chamber there'll be a new note on the Aldlyn city board to continue the events with a new quest. After that quest is done you can talk with Ryoko at the sleeping chamber again to start her new CG scene. 


The new scene is necessary in order to unlock the christmas special with the last code 222222.


I've also re-activated the special scene from last year, which you can start by sleeping at your bed in the castle.


And I've updated Ryoko's full body nude CG with a new and better version.




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The new update 19.01.23 is now available!


- New scene with maid Aleah, available from the selection screen of headmaid Ryia.
- The old rape events of Aleah, which were text-only so far, have CGs now.
- After Mira's event at the island temple, where you meet Shanna, a new event with the foxgirl will be available at Pumumu.  
- The replay of the foursome event with Grey, Elly and the Dark  Sorceress Zady now starts at the bar and the lesbian threesome part  before heading to the foursome scene.
- Sandra can now pickpocket insignias from monsters in the Spire of Courage.
- Some minor bug and spelling fixes.  


- Christmas events are still available for now. 




Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ

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The valentines update is now available. :)
 - After the events with Mira and Maria on the faraway island, you can talk with the foxgirl Naomi in the casino of Newkungu to start a new event.  
- You'll have the choice in that event to make the new character your toy or let her work as a maid. On the evil path you can enjoy her CG scene in the dungeon, while on her good path you can enjoy a new event together with Kayelinth. Her good path CG scene will follow in the next update.
The new character, her events and CG scene are all part of a Patreon pledge reward for the patron Macqo. Should you like her character and scene, make sure to thank him, because there is more to come with her. :D
- Updated the nude full body CG of Tsubaki with a new version. You can take a look at it at the CG replay screen if you already had her first scene.
The apk version of the update will be delayed for a while. I have to re-install and set up the programm needed for it, which can take a bit to get all details for it working again. >.< My apologize.

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The new update 19.03.04 is done!
 - When you picked the good path for Mai and she is a maid in your castle you can now advance her events several times until you get her sex scene.  The 2nd of her new events requires the clinic in Aldlyn to be constructed. 
- On Mai's bad path she can now be left out of her cell, but she won't be allowed to leave the prison area. 
- New event with Hellhound in the secret bedroom. Requires that Leneth is pregnant and the randomizer for her to appear to be on a certain number. The number is randomized whenever you enter Aldlyn or use the teleport stone.
- New scene with the headmaid Ryia was added. It allows to finally get her pregnant now.  
- The new scene of Ryia sets the randomized number that causes Hellhound to appear/disappear to the necessary number for the new scene if you meet the requirements for it. This should make it easier for people playing only this update in saves to get it, instead of having to teleport back and forth until you get her. 
I'm still struggling with a new programm to make apk files. A previously working programm is now causing issues again and I don't know why. The mobile version will be uploaded again as soon as I get it to work, but until than I can do nothing but say sorry for the delay. Also delayed is the upload of the MacOS version on hi-drive, but you can still get it on MEGA.  
Stuff planned for the near future:
- At least two more events with Mai are planned.
- More monstergirls and CG scenes for existing ones.
- A new beach area with several CGs for main characters.
- More scenes with Mira, Sandra and Chiyo, including their first time with you.
- Events and scenes for the foxgirls Naomi and Shanna
- The new elf village, which is a patron stretch goal reward.
...And a bunch of other stuff. My to-do list is very long, the mentioned things are just some of the entries with a higher priority, but a lot of other things will be added over time as well. So please be patient and enjoy the ride. ^^

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I was like to myself "r18+ huh? How adult could it be? Oh yeah this story sounds really cool, can do a lot with it since it's a simple RPG concept." Then I went to the screenies and was like whoa heck that's wild. Has some really nice artwork and a really nice premise,  I'm sure hentai lovers will really dig this. Good luck completing it :) 

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New update 19.03.18 is now available!
 - New event with Mira after her previous events. Starts at the sleeping chamber by talking to her. 
- Additional new event with Mira at the temple island where she couldn't fly over a cliff. Requires the other new events with her to be done before.
- After defeating Hellhound in the advanced floor of the Spire of Courage, a note will appear on the Aldlyn city floor anouncing a new dungeon to be available in the Spire.  
- Added a new teleport stone in the first battle floor of the Spire of Courage to teleport to the different floors after you've had the events with Mekboss Mashgul in the easy floor.
- The new teleport stone in the first room will turn green and bring you to the new challenge area after you read the note mentioned before. 
- There are currently three maps added for the new challenge area, but that content isn't finished yet. New floors and enemies will get added over time. The crystals you can get there also have no use yet.
- Wendy asks you to meet her at the Inn in the new dungeon. The meeting there isn't done, it'll get added in the next update.
- You can now enter the battle areas of the Spire of Courage with all party members.
- Maid Louise will now move away from your bedroom to the treasury after a certain trigger is activated.

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The new version 19.04.05 is now done.
- New elf village Orchel south in Dorgania. Includes a bunch of new girls with full body CGs.
- Sex scene with Wendy starting at the inn/bar of Calterburry in Begus
- Good path Mai now has a new event with a short dialog about her past.
- Bad path Mai now has a new event to walk around the prison area after you left her out of her cell and walked out of the area as Ryen via the left exit back to the secret bedroom.
Patreon changes:
The patreon stretch goals have been updated. As I informed all patrons ahead of time in the "Beach CG preview and stretch goal changes" post, all goals have been changed since the elf village was fully funded and the new floors for the Spire of Courage don't need to be supported for a while anymore.
The new goals are:
$580: A CG scene with Jaylin, Kayelinth' mother, will be added to the game.
$650: A new scene with 2 or more girls with be added to the secret onsen. What scene exactly will be added for each month this goal is met will be decided with a voting between the patrons.
$700: The goal for the hellhound village was reduced from $800 to $700. I think the smaller gaps between the goal make them feel more realistic and not "unreachable" due to big jumps between them.
Download the newest version at:

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The new version 19.05.05 is now available as update files and for windows. Other versions will follow tomorrow. 
- Changed the fullbody CG for the ghostgirl Shey 
- You can now take the ship from Havaria port to the island resort Amaranthe (you need 1 ticket per party member) 
- On Amaranthe you can rent a private beach if you have the royal crown and 150,000 gold. 
- The beach on Amaranthe is another area where your group splits to allow to talk with group members privately. 
- Event with Elly requires that you had her second scene (titfuck). 
- Event with Mira, Vampire and Tsubaki requires that you have the event with Tsubaki at the beach first and then re-enter the map. 
- Event with Sandra in the dressing room. 
- Event with Mirel and Ryoko when you have both in your group. 
- Bikini CG with Kayelinth on the Amaranthe beach. If your relationship is high enough you can ask her to take off a part or undress completely. 
- The good path CG scene with Miyako is finally done!!! 
- If you had the scene with Hellhound in a maid uniform you can go back to the cave where she lives with Leneth for a new scene with her. 
- I changed the structure of choices for main characters on the CG room screen to put it all in the catergories of "Pre-sex scenes", "Sex scenes", "Full body CGs" and "Bonus scenes" to make the overview better compared to the "No .1" "No. 2"....  
- Fixed the construction of the second mine on the overview map. 

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The new version 19.05.21 is now available! :)



- The size of the sleeping chambers was increased. I added four rooms at the bottom of the map (which don’t have any new events in them yet).


- You can now find the woman Pharah in Lalizan in Dorgania. She will teach you about teleportation through stone plates which unlocks a new system. You can use the plates to teleport between all plates that you have interacted with after this new dialog. The locations with working plates are:

~ In Dorgania: Lalizan, Kagabangui, Lualombo and Orchel

~  In Central: Aldlyn (stone plate is new on the map on the right side near the main road), Havaria Port, Parverhill, Red Keep, Calbridge Stronghold and the Singing Mountains.

~ In Amagal: Manastyr In Begus: Diminus Castle, Spire of Courage and Calterburry

~ Bonus: Amaranthe

 I turned some stone plates, like on top of the castle of Aldlyn, to broken stone plates as they were just for decoration and not intended for this use. Please let me know if I forgot any stone plates somewhere.


- The events about Amagal continue! Next step starts with a dialog with Chiyo in Aldlyn after her previous events are done, the main story is finished to the point where Varea is in your castle, and you freed King Merius of Amagal (the guy that is now standing at the broken fort in Amagal)


- New CG scene with Chiyo. Enjoy~


Upload on Hi-Drive is still in the works, but all versions are available at MEGA:


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Update 19.06.11 changes:
- 5 new elves in Orchel including full body CGs.
- New event with Jaylin at the beach of Amaranthe. Requires that Jaylin is at your treasury after finishing her previous events. The dialog changes slightly depending on whether Kayelinth is wearing clothes on the beach or not (which you can change by talking to her on the beach). For those that forgot about her or haven't met her yet, Jaylin is Kayelinth' mother who you first meet at the jewelry in Thremten after you're far enough with Kay's events.
- New event with a white tigergirl starting in front of your castle in Aldlyn. Requires Mai's events to be at their current end. Works on both the good and the bad path of Mai's events, but only on her good path you're getting to see all new content. The bad path will get more events in a future update.
Known issues:
- In the upload of the full version, the new shrine you construct during Dea's events is not accessable on the worldmap. It's fixed in the update files and for the new upload but there are no new events on the map anyway, so don't worry about it too much. ^^"
- The Mac and Linux versions are not done uploading at HiDrive at the time of this post, but you can get them at MEGA.
Help wanted:
- I need someone to help with improving the walkthrough and to keep it up to date with every update. It's a boring and time consuming job, so only apply for it if you're bored with too much time and are motivated to help me out. :D For your applications please join us on discord at https://discord.gg/A79WrBq or add me directly as RyenSaotome#6726. Discord will be necessary for the communication and exchange of files, therefore it's necessary for the position.
- I noticed that despite the best effort of my gametester to find issues some small problems always find the way through their nets. Apparently more eyes are needed to find all the problems I create. ^_^ If you're interested to try out the buggy content ahead of time and let me know where I have messed up and what I've misspelled join us at discord at https://discord.gg/A79WrBq and let me know you want to join the gametester group.


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