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[18+] Renryuu: Ascension

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The new version is up!





- The big farm, which you can build on the overview map, is now accessable. It'll also allow for small and big harpies to be released now. (No CG scenes there yet.) 

- New event with Jackie at the herbalist, after her previous event are done and you've build the monsterhall. 

- Secret CG event, which will require you to find several dialogs with hints while the necessary characters are in your party, and some other requirements to be met, before you can get to it. (And no, I won't give more hints/tips. And yes, I expect many people to go crazy about not finding it.) 

- I've also made a change to the warmap pathfinding, which might reduce or even fix the movement problems. But it'll require a bit more work and testing, to ensure everything is bugfree in it. Currently only the update files and windows version are up, Mac and Linux version will follow. Walkthrough will be updated later as well, including the solution for Lielle's dungeon.


Things planned for the next update: 

- The "second" CG scene for Vampire. (She already has some more due to bonus scenes, but this is the original second scene for her.) 

- Changes in the kingdoms policy and law system. 

- New CG scene with Sia - And some other stuff, should there be enough time.



-- Mediafire -- -- MEGA --

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- New finances, laws and policies system. The system allows you to make several choices on how the country will be governed. The choices will affect 7 new variables of the people in your country, which will increase or decrease in the background while you do other things. There are no new events based on these numbers yet, but will be used in the future updates.

- New event with Vampire, starting at the Aldlyn city board with a new bounty quest.

- New event with Sia, starting at the sleeping chambers. Requires the Aldlyn bar upgrade from the overview map.

- New Icons at the CG room will now show which girl´s can get pregnant and if they are already impregnated.

- Changes to the option menu, allowing you to change the window color, and switch to wasd control or change the keyboard config manually for each key.  






General notes:

- I've pushed back the bug fixes for the warmap again and again for several weeks now, so I'll put a focus on it during the next few days. Please let me know in details about any problems you have or had, to help me get rid of all problems the system still has. If it's a longer description of a bug, at best with screenshots, please send it to Naughty-Netherpunch@web.de instead of making a mess in the comment section. Thank you! :)


- I've recently posted the update files for new updates first in discord, while the full version uploads are still on the way. If you want to get the updates faster, and see information about the ongoing development of the next update ahead of time, make sure to drop by. ;)
You can find the discord channel at https://discord.gg/A79WrBq

Changes to the patron rewards: 

The full size CG previews will now be available for +5$ patrons as well, rather than just the game size version. 



Download link: https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our
[MEGA and Mediafire uploads will be done tomorrow]

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Windows version and Update files only for version 17.11.29 are now online at https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our  
Mac and Linux version will follow tomorrow.

- Continuation of the main story line! Talk to Varea for the new quest.
- The dialog of Varea was changed. Instead of having several choices, she'll now tell you about Lace's location immediately and the main story will only proceed after defeating and capturing Lace.
- Additional floor for the secret prison. A guard there will give you a quest, which is required to get a new CG scene with Lace.
- 2 new cities, Minsk and Sunee.
- During the ship cruise to Minsk, you can talk with each party member privately. The dialogs with party members you don't have yet can still be obtained by repeating the cruise later.
- A new dungeon, which includes the new enemy Anubis and Big/Small Spidergirls with placeholder sprites. The character sprites will change once I have an artist for them. All three new monsters are not catchable with Soul Lanterns yet.
- Several important characters have been added in the new content.
- The old CG of the head maids blowjob has been replaced by a remake from Mirayna.  
- Corrected spelling mistakes in several old areas.
- Added new music. The new enemies all have different music playing for the battles with them. I might make similar changes to existing enemies, to make the battle music more varied.
- Improved the overview map tutorial with images for the stength/weakness of unit classes, and a legend for the resource images.
- Increased starting resources on the overview map. The new bonus can also be obtained in save game, by going to the overview map from the dialog option of Sir Edward in your throne room.


I gathered a bunch of new assets, which will give me many new options for new maps and characters. You won't get to see everything immediately, but it should add some nice details every now and then now.  My thanks goes out to the artists, who allowed the assets to be used for free. You can find a list with all of them and links to their posts in the game credit page. 


The warmap was not changed yet. I'll re-write the system for movement and properly test them in the following days, in order to make sure it'll improve things and not make it worse.
Other bugs in the warmap will also be taken care of along the way. I'll probably release these changes in a few days as a "mini" update.

An update of the walkthrough is also on my list for the coming days.

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After several delays, the christmas update is finally done. :)



  • A change of the tilesets to make everything in Central and Amagal covered in snow and ice. [Will look strange at places, since not everything was changed and the maps were not made for it obviously.]

  • Presents were placed all over the world, mostly outside but in a few rare cases inside.

  • Special CG scene, which can be slightly altered by two special presents. If you can’t find where the CG scene starts, maybe sleep a night over it. ;)

  • The new warmap system is working but not bug-free yet. I’ll continue to work on it and take care of all problems in the next days. My apologize for the inconvinient in the meantime.

  • Elly’s titfuck CG was updated with the new CG version. If you already played the scene, you can check it at the CG room. :)

The changes for christmas, including the snow, presents and special CG scene, will be removed in an update early next year. Make sure you get everything while you can. ;) 


Download only available at https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our for now. Upload to Mega and Mediafire will follow.


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Update 18.01.08 content:
- The snow effect and presents of the christmas special are removed with this update. The christmas CG scene will be removed in the next update, as I forgot to do so before uploading. ^_^
- The brothel can now be entered. It doesn't have any whores yet, but you'll be able to purchase the slaves from the thieves guild later to change that. Other planned options for them is to send them to your dungeon, free them, or give them as presents to other countries to improve your relationship with them.
- A new event with Lady Akira at the brothel. You'll need the event where you could pick to change Grey back or not before you can meet Lady Akira there.
- Cumshot edits have been added for the new CGs of the headmaid's scene and Elly's titfuck scene.
- The capital of Dorgania, Kagabangui has been added. You can explore the city and each building, but there are no events in the city yet.
As with previous updates, it's only uploaded to my server at stratos when I make this post. The uploads to MEGA and Mediafire will follow tomorrow.  

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The slaves at the thieves guild were originally created as "decoration" for the guild, since a slave trader seemed very fitting there. But since I added them to the game, there were a lot of people asking when you'll be able to buy or free them. And now it is finally time for them to shine. :) Sadly the CGs for their "good" path aren't done yet, but you can get their "evil" scenes by sending them to the brothel or into your secrect dungeon.
The content this update is solely those CG scenes, but I'm planning to put a more focus on story content and the main characters in the next few month. Which means you can look forward to more events in the next updates, to give you a break from the constant sex. :D
Update Content:
- New CG for Hellhound sex scene added
- Christmas event removed
- You can now buy the four slaves from the thieves guild either at the guild, or at the brothel if you set the law for to allow them.
- Slaves send to your secret dungeon can be raped.
- Slaves send to the brothel can be fucked hard (which are only slightly changed versions of the rape scenes.) and it'll become possible to fuck them gently at the brothel as well in the future.
- Slaves send to your castle will appear at the sleeping chambers in maid outfits. They say one or two lines to thank you, but else don't have any additional content on this path.
- Slaves freed or send to another country for better political relationship disappear for good. They can't be found anywhere or brought back. 
(Uploads to MEGA and Mediafire will follow tomorrow)
Other stuff:
I asked about game merch in the last poll on patreon and gamejolt, which will likely become available in the next few weeks. I'll first put some more effort in designs to make something good, before ordering a single of each item I could imagine selling. If the quality of the print and the design looks good enough, I'll post images of them and further information about how to order them.

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The new update 18.03.06 is online and contains:
- New CG scene in Ebron. Requires the main story to be advanced to after the new dialog with Varea, and the event with Phraan picking flowers. Then you can meet Eloen outside at Ebron with a male elf in front of her. After the dialog there, you need to leave and re-enter the map to continue. You can then find her west of Ebron, where the path leads to another small forest at the storage building.
- Varea has a new dialog after you found the empty chest in Sunee. She'll give you two new quest.
- Lalizan, the poisonwood keep, the El Arma Gravesite, Lualombo and Sinasoka in Dorgania are now all accessable. The last 4 of these 5 have dungeons for the new main story events.
[Riddle solutions in the walkthrough, if needed]
- The second quest of Varea brings you to the Yang Tower. If Chiyo's Magic Knowledge is high enough, you can repair the teleport. The event there include a part which requires Mirel and Elly.
- The NPC's in the new areas have mostly nothing interesting to say yet. They'll receive more dialogs and quest in the future updates.
- Several new enemies were added, the most interesting one should be two Salamander girls, which change to their nude version when you've done enough damage. Give some special love to the artist of the new monstergirls shawn1013 at https://shawn1013.deviantart.com/ !
- [The new quest "Fragment Hunt" can't be finished yet, since the events at the capital of Dorgania Kagabanghui aren't done.]
- [If you downloaded the version 18.03.05 yesterday or the day before, please update your game. The files were buggy, that's why I made another upload with the version 18.03.06 with all necessary fixes.]
Upcoming changes in the next updates:
- The warmap is still bugged and will receive some special care from me now.
- The new areas still need dialogs and events to fill them with life, so that will be a priority.
- Finishing the new quest by adding the events at Kagabanghui
- Continuation of the events in Amagal with the King and the Earl.

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Wow its game RPG with get sensational mature content. Like game Ecchi . That graphic look awasome :wub:

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Update 18.04.10 content: 


- New event with Kayelinth in Lalizan (Dorgania). Starts when talking to the the guy in the top right area, inside a fence and near a new chest. Requires Kayelinth in your party and 1500 gold.    

- New grey Imp battler images and slightly changed dialog at the monsterhall. When you give the Imp at the monsterhall Iron with 80+ relationship, you'll unlock a second CG. [Red Imp also has a new CG, but it's not in the game yet.]

- New warmap battle after the forth battle where you capture Lind. It can be repeated endlessly and gives a bunch of supplies and resources. This is supposed to help the lack of resources due to the limited battles so far. The 6 enemy troops have exactly as many troops as your first 6 units. But you can still overpower them easily either by taking advantage of unit classes/bonis, by having 7+ units, or by having the better upgrades to make your units stronger.
Please let me know if you think the amount of resources obtained from a victory is worth the fight, or if it needs to get increased.  

- I added a book at the entrance of your castle in Aldlyn, which allows you to set the message text to appear immediately instead of slowly appearing letter by letter. You can see the book's location in the screenshot above. I'll make a poll on patreon and gamejolt later, whether you would like to have this as default for new games, or keep it the current way.   
Known warmap problems:

- The HP/AP bars sometimes don't update themselves to show the correct amount of HP and AP.  
- Enemies occasionally attack units in wrong locations, outside of their reach. I think I know where to find those problems, but couldn't find the issue itself yet.     

About the long delay:

The last updates have already taken longer than the planned 2 weeks between updates I used to have, but this one has been especially slow. The reasons are a mixture of different things.    I know that I was working too relaxed and little right after the last update when I had enough time, not getting much done, and then I had less time and cursed myself for not using my time better before. That lack of time management due to stuff like flexible working hours and other obligations have been bothering me for a while now.
On the other hand, I was also having a hard time bugfixing the warmap. Players won't see a difference, but a lot of the system was re-worked to make sure the future battles can be added quickly and everything will work flawless. But even after many hours of work parts of it are still bugged, which was incredibly frustrating to me. And that frustration caused me to spend less hours working on the game than I usually do when making normal events, since I „gave up“ and did something else when I hit a dead end again.  

I'm personally very dissatisfied with how long this update has taken, and how little new it gives to the player at the same time, even if the content itself turned out well. That's why I'll aim to get back to the bi-weekly updates and push myself some more again.  
As I've already proven by doing so before, it's not a matter of „rushing“ myself or anything, but a realistic time frame if I take things serious enough.  

My apology to all the people that were patiently waiting for this update for so long.   


---- Stratos ----
---- MEGA ----
---- Mediafire ----

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Update 18.04.23 is now up at Gamejolt, MEGA and HiDrive:
(Mediafire is missing due to connection problems)  


- Red Imps have new CGs and dialogs, similar to the grey Imps last update.

- A new slave can be bought at the slaver in Sunee. She can be send to your dungeon, the brothel or your castle.  

- The sex scene with the slave Miyako has received additional CG edits, so that she still has the cum on her chest if you released it on it during the oral scene before. The edited images can also be seen at the CG room.  

- There are three new events in Kagabanghui. Two short ones and one a bit longer. In these events, you can help poor people to improve Brad’s trust in you, as his trust in you will be needed in a future event.  (The longer quests is supposed to have two possible routes, but currently only one is available. This route requires you to have 8 eloquence with Ryen from the training with the succubus. The second route will be available in the next update as an alternative. The result is the same, so don’t worry about missing too much.)  

- Changing text speed and toggle auto-saving is now changed at a book next to your bed in the castle. (It’s the book that was previously in the entrance hall for the text speed).  

- The “toggle auto save” option is no longer in the main menu. The list of options in the menu was also increased, so that all options are visible at once without having to scroll down first.  


---- Stratos ----  

---- MEGA ----

Edited by RyenSaotome

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Update 18.05.09 is now up for the Windows version and in the update files. MacOS and Linux version will follow.  

The update contains:  

- The second path for the events with the prince and the servant in the capital of Dorgania. There is a hidden switch above the events location, as shown in the screenshot above, which lets player reset the event. This is for the sake of people that did the first path for the event last update when there wasn't a choice, but want to see or prefer the other option.   

- CG scenes for the good path of the slaves Chieko and Glyntris (white hair wolf girl and green hair elf with green wings). The scenes can be seen at the brothel or at your castle when they're your maids. The scenes at the castle require the secret room to be known to you, and for Glyntris you need to know about Ebron as well.  



---- Stratos ----  https://my.hidrive.com/share/ijp41t-our  
---- MEGA ----  https://mega.nz/#F%21CpQXwBDS%21wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ  
---- Mediafire ---- https://www.mediafire.com/folder/5daj9ykheyb3l/Current_Version 

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Yesterdays update had a little issue, where a missing 1 in the code made the event with Glyntris impossible to trigger. I re-uploaded the windows version and the update files with a fix to take care of the issue.
If you downloaded the update yesterday, you can use the update files to fix it without having to re-download the entire game again.
The Mac, Linux and the browser versions are not updated yet, as I had to re-uploaded the fixed versions on all places today. They'll follow now.
In order to ensure the public release will be as bug free as possible from now on, I'm currently considering several steps.
- I used to have a "game tester room", from which players could get immediately to the new events. In this case, it worked when the event was played this way but not in the normal way. That's why I won't use this option anymore.
- I'll make a post later to recruit for new game tester.
To be a game tester you need to have either Skype or Discord, to join the game tester groups there. Usually when I post the test versions there, I need at least a few people to give their feedback in ~24h. Therefore it's not necessary to be online a lot or for a very long time, just a bit every day is enough in order to see when I post the test version.
- I'm considering to make the uploads "Update files" only at first, and then upload the full version a while later when I received further feedback. This'll make it easier for myself, as uploading all different versions to several places takes almost 2 days.
Also, I'm having issues with mediafire again. Most likely will I stop uploading there and rely on HiDrive and MEGA for those uploads.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

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Version 18.05.23 content: 

- Guards in the castle of Kagabangui will now demand proof of your heritage before letting you to their king. You need to have the royal crown as proof.  

- The king will have several options in his dialog including:
-> Domestic affairs - 3 dialogs about different topics, which can increase your relationship to Dorgania or increase/decrease it with other people based on your replies.
-> International affairs - 4 dialog options, including an option that will give you a quest after which the border between Central and Dorgania gets opened.
-> An open border will enable trade with Dorgania. This will also increase the relation with them.
-> Dialog options for the fragment mainquest and the quest with the vampire from Mike in Kagabangui become visible when you have the necessary quest. The fragments quest isn't continued yet, but the quest with the imprisoned vampire can now be finished.  

- The queen gives you a quest to take care of deserters.  

- Trading on the overview map with Amagal is also possible now. Though they are only examples at the moment. I plan to put some more work into this in the future and add trading with Begus as well. The trading should give more worth to resources and let you get some easier and faster.
- The relaxed or strict trading policy choice in the dialog with Theremis will affect the trades on the overview map with the other countries.
- Closed borders will prevent you from trading.

- Using recipe items in the inventory will now show you all recipes in it with the items you can craft and the resources needed for it.  

- The Headmaid's blowjob scene can now be re-played by talking to her in the secret room.  

- The walkthrough has been updated.   

The new version is uploaded only as "Update files only .zip" for now. After the troubles with the last update, I decided to make uploads this way first and only upload the full versions one day later.  Hopefully this will help to get some feedback additionally to the game tester, to prevent uploads of full versions with bugs. Thank you for your understanding.  






Patreon news:
I decided to change the pledge goals to milestones that will unlock  optional content for the game.
The first change to the patreon goals were made yesterday. You can now unlock an event and scene with the Queen of Begus at $400 (not part of the normal political meetings), Character CG and first encounter with Kayelinth' mother at $500, and a hellhound village at $800.
Once goals are met, they will be replaced by other goals from the list below. The necessary amount can vary.
Please note that in order to pass the goal, it's necessary for the required amount to be proceesed at the end of the month. Reaching it for a short moment in the middle of the month does nothing. Also, there are always a few declined pledges, those also don't add to the final amount.
Adding the content to the game can take a while, depending on my own plans and how quick I can get the necessary CGs from my artists.

Future content for pledge goals:
- More slaves with scenes (repetitive)
- Bellatrix scene (the evil woman in the prison of Begus)
- New elf village in Dorgania   
- New Spite of Courage floors with unique boss monstergirls and scene (repetitive)
- Kayelinth mother sex scene
- Scenes with multiple girls (3 or more) (repetitive)
- Warmap female enemy leaders that can be captured  
- Main girls dressing room. You can see the standing character of main characters and change parts of their clothes for within this screen. (repetitive - amount of girls and clothes will go up each month with this goal)

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Update 18.06.06 content:
- Two new events with Tsubaki. Requires 100 relationship with her and previous events done. Starts at the sleeping chambers by talking to her.
- Continuation of the main story line when talking with the King of Dorgania about the fragments. There are two new quests at the end that can't be done yet, but there is a clear message when you reach the current end of the content. The missing content and continuation of the main events will be added within the next few weeks.
- New village Siriveta in Dorgania. Has a dungeon with a lot of enemy types that can captured, to make sure you'll definitely have enough at your monsterhall. :D And farmable iron, coal and mithril ore.
- Siriveta also has a general store with some items that are otherwise hard to find or scattered around too many different places. This is supposed to make things easier for players that have advanced the story far enough to be in Dorgania.
- A trading option is now on Calterburry at the overview map, to trade hops for beer. This fixes my mistake of forgetting to add a brewery to do this in your own country. ^^
- Characters that aren't unlocked yet at the CG room have a hint button now, which will tell you the location for the start of the event
Full version will be uploaded tomorrow.
Edited by RyenSaotome

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The new update is online!
- Amagal soldiers now have battlers that look like their character sprites, instead of a totally unrelated battler image. 
- Lace's battler image was replaced with a new CG as well.  
- Bugfixes including the replay bug for Tsubaki's new scene. 
- Option to learn/remove the debug attack for all party members at the book at the sleeping chambers. Ryen will still have the attack in save files until you remove it, but he won't automatically know the skill in new games from now on.  
- Units that are defeated completely in warmap battles will now reduce the moral of all your forces. 
- The turn limit and the need for the first battle to start the turn system on the overview map was removed. The system is now always active and unlimited, but the enemies will be way stronger when you go past certain turn numbers to make up for your grow. But since their max strength is limited, you can also just advance the turns so much, that you're way stronger again regardless. ;)
- New option "auto-battle" for the warmap battles. This option will be available when you have enough healthy soldiers. With enough soldiers, you'll always win the battle but the loss is based on your total numbers.  Since you lose troops in this option, you might need to heal in order to use the option again for the next fight, making it impossible to just spam auto-battle without caring about your losses. This option is not available for the bonus battle in which you can farm resources. 
- The luminous torch quest can now be finished.
- Continuation of the main story events. The new content starts when talking with Varea at Lualombo.
- The walkthrough has been updated and I added a shop list in it. This way you can now always check where to buy stuff like bread, fish, ropes or golden crosses.
Edited by RyenSaotome

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The new version 18.08.08 is ready!


Changes include:

- A re-worked system for the warmap battles. Players might not see a difference, but this was done to prepare for more additions to the system.

- New events and CG scene with the girl at Norhall stronghold. When you already had her events of delivering a message and reported back to her, the continuation of the events start when going back to the priest in the castle of Calterburry.

- New title screen. My plan is to change the characters and backgrounds shown in it every once in a while. It also features the release date more visible together with the new content.

The foxgirl on the left is just a teaser. She’ll get into the game later with a beautiful CG scene ;)


This update took waaaay longer than planned, as the warmap is very time intensive. That's why I didn't add any of the new features yet and will add them slowly over time instead. Otherwise it would simply take too long.


New artists:

- FoxyKuro is the brilliant artist behind the fox girl shown in the title screen. She has done a sex scene for that character as well and is likely to continue making images for the game about every 1-2 month. Check out her great art at: https://www.deviantart.com/foxykuro

- Kainkout made the Kimiko CG that got into this update. He has made several more CGs that are waiting to get into the game and will continue to do so. Look forward to it!

You can find more art by Kainkout at https://www.deviantart.com/kainkout


Patreon changes:

I'll change the payment system for patreon to "Charge up front". It doesn't affect active patrons, but new patrons have to pay immediately when pledging instead of being "active patrons" for free until the start of the next month. This will help dealing with fraud and declined pledges and people abusing the system to gain patron rewards without following through with the pledge. It'll also make it easier to see if stretch goals will be met, since so far the total amount always dropped at the end of the month due to declined pledges.




After a long struggle to get them printed, the Renryuu shirts are finally done!

I have the sizes S-XXL but all in limited numbers. I doubt I'll order more anytime soon, so once a size is gone it won't be available anymore for an uncertain period of time.

Price: 30€ (~$35) including the shipping and packaging.
Payment will be done via paypal. If paypal doesn't work for you, write me a mail to talk about alternatives. 

Orders please per mail at Naughty-Netherpunch@web.de with the size and number of shirts that you want.



(Download is currently only available for the update files and windows version. The other game versions will be updated tomorrow.)





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The update 18.09.08 is now ready and can be downloaded at the usual folder links!
- New events with the Queen of Begus. When you had the second political meeting and the other paperwork done, you'll get an invitation from her on your desk at the sleeping chambers. The events include several quest with two different ways to get to the CG scene at the end. 
- The town Newkungu in Dorgania can now be entered. It has the foxgirl from the main menu in it and a casino with several new tiles, but besides the event from the Queen, not much is going on in the town yet. 
- New dungeon floors at the Jade Cave and below Old Ashton. You can find silver ore there, which will be needed to craft white silver weapons. You can buy the recipe from the mage Allen after the events with the Queen, regardless of which path you picked. 
- Two floors have been added to the castle in Calterburry for the events with the Queen. 
- I added a text box with a thought of Ryen before the battle with Lace, to point out you need to use a skill in order to defeat her. There were several people confused by the fact that she wouldn't take any damage, so I felt the need to clarify it. ^^ 
- Fixed the bugged command center and units on the overview map. 
- Fixed the issue of units not appearing in the battle 
- Fixed the buggy AP of warmap units 
- Fixed the dialog of the deserters at the Bitterroot farm and removed the teleport to the fort when you decide to imprison them, as it caused some confusion. 
 Someone reported a bug with infinite experience gained from battles in the warmap, but I couldn't see any issues. When you have a similar bug, please let me know and tell me under what circumstances it happened. Thanks. 
This month the Patreon stretch goals for a scene with Bellatrix, and events aincluding a full body CG of Kayelinth mother were met. Look forward to see those in the near future!
It's been a long time since I tried to port the game to mobile. Please let me know if it works for you, and if it's fine to pack the game into a .zip file or if something else would work better. 
Edited by RyenSaotome

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Due to an unusual high amount of free time and motivation to work on the game, the new update is ready way ahead of schedule and has a nice amount of new content! You can enjoy 3 new CG scenes, 3 new monstergirls and a bunch of other improvements.
- CG scene with the small harpy at the big farm in Central. 
- Good CG scene for the slave Grime is done. 
- Added 3 new enemies: Cowgirl (Siriveta), Raijuu (El Arma Gravesite) and Water Lamia (Newkungu water dungeon). 
- The 3 salamanders, the 2 spidergirls, the anubis and all new enemies can now be captured. 
- Salamanders and anubis can be released at the monsterhall, spidergirls and the new enemies at the big farm. 
- To make the necessary space for all existing and upcoming monstergirls, the 3 release locations for captured monstergirls have been changed. Now each monster type can only be released at one of those locations. The existing count in your saves won't be affected by this. 
- The relationship of monsters that were removed from farms remains and is given to monstergirls that replace them at that location, to make sure nothing is lost. 
- Instead of having a system invisible in the background for the yield of the monstergirls, I changed it to a simple chest at all 3 locations. The chest gives you the drop for each monster girls multiplied with the amount you have of that race. It resets each time you re-enter the map. Also most monsters give their drop as reward for gifting or petting them past a certain relationship level. 
- You'll now see the battler CG of monstergirls on the screen when talking to one of them after they have been released now. 
- The APs are now refreshed when entering a new warmap battle. 
- Movement on the forth warmap battle is now possible again. 
- Fixed the warmap experience bug 
- Added the CG scene with the small spidergirl at the big farm. 
- Changed the title screen again. 
- Fixed some small bugs. 
For the previously uploaded mobile version, I would appreciate some feedback how many got it to work and want the new versions to be uploaded in this version as well. Since uploading the different versions to all pages I'm at takes a lot of work and time, I don't want to increase the workload if no one is using it afterwards anyway.

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This game is a lot of fun actually. The only thing I read about it in one of your posts that I don't like is the slaves thing, but I do NSFW stuff as well. Lol! So it don't bother me that much. Good luck on your game. I really hope to see the full game soon. :)

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The new version is ready! :)
I think the new content shows well that the main characters are a high priority now and will receive events more frequently from now on. 
- New event and CGs with Chiyo, starting at the sleeping chambers.
- New event and CGs with Sandra, starting at the casino in Newkungu.
- After the new content with Sandra, events and CG scene with Jenny will become available. Jenny is the bodyguard of Flaire, the leader of the thieves guild. Just in case you forgot. :D The event has several option to solve it. You can do it with the help of either Sandra, Chiyo, Elly or Kurohime. The outcome is the same though. 
Jenny's CG was done by the amazing un4lord. It's the first CG from him that I add to the game, so I wanted to give him a special shout-out. He made several CGs for me so far, which were so good that he's now working on one of the main character CGs. You can find more of his work at his deivantart page: https://www.deviantart.com/un4lord
- Fixed broken spidergirls and small harpies, that didn't want to have sex with you even when the relationship was high enough. 
- Fixed some other small bugs and spelling mistakes.
- New title screen.

- The mobile version is available again.
If you downloaded the full game version to play with save files from a previous version, replace the "plugins.js" file in the www/js folder with the file linked below. This fixes my mistake to activate an unfinished battle system that causes errors in save files. Sorry for the inconvenience. [I'll upload a fixed game version later, this is just a temporary fix for those that already downloaded the bugged version.]
Fix: https://mega.nz/#!nxgWWYZY!YU-e1u9WymAABGj21utYr7DZx_ZU4U8mCmTZY_9iPxA
Edited by RyenSaotome

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Hi. Just wanted to ask after i some some screens of this. Can we name the MC after ourselves? I prefer playing ROLE playing games if i actually play as myself and as such the MC name must match mine. Thanks.

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On 10/27/2018 at 3:40 PM, kratoscar2008 said:

Hi. Just wanted to ask after i some some screens of this. Can we name the MC after ourselves? I prefer playing ROLE playing games if i actually play as myself and as such the MC name must match mine. Thanks.

No, the main character has a fix name in the game.


New version 18.11.01 is up for windows, update files .zip and for android/iOS version as an apk file! Mac and Linux versions are still uploading.

- Several new events and CGs with Vampire.
-  Fixed the bugged second mine on the overview map.
- Anubis, Spidergirls and Salamander should now properly disappear from the map after being catched with a Soul Lantern.
- Fixed the yield box at the monster hall in your castle.
- Changed one quest name, as the name was already used for another quest.
- Fixed the event with Mira, where you couldn't leave the room anymore afterwards due to an invisible barrier.
- Allowed Jenny to actually leave the prison after you free her, instead to leaving her there. :D
- Fixed several spelling mistakes.
- Changed most quest rewards of items to gold or experience, as my program turned all item rewards into potions when restarting for some reason. >.<  
- New title screen.  



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The windows version and update files for the new version are now available! Mobile, Linux and Mac version will follow tomorrow. :)



- A new event starts at the jewelry of Thremten after the previous events with Kayelinth are done. 

- The item number of teleport stones got swapped with ship tickets, which should cause them to be at the top of the key item list in your inventory now. This should make it more comfortable to use the teleport stones.

- New events with Mira starting at the Havaria port (near the Academy where the game starts) when you talk with Maria in the top left. Requires the previous events with Maria. 

 - An advent calendar was added to the sleeping chamber. I'll post a code to unlock one of the doors every few days until christmas alternating between gamejolt, my blog and my patreon page. It'll be necessary to have all codes to get the christmas scene in ~18 days, so make sure to regularly check those sites. ;)


There are several CGs from different artists in this update, so let me give them all a shout-out:
Shanna CG by NottyTiffy: https://www.deviantart.com/nottytiffy
Naomi CG by FoxyKuro: https://www.deviantart.com/foxykuro
Ziki CG by Shawn1013: https://www.deviantart.com/shawn1013/
Kathreena and Mira CG by un4lord: https://www.deviantart.com/un4lord
Jaylin CG and CG for the advent calender by Mirayna: https://www.deviantart.com/mirayna




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Apparently I messed up and forgot to change the events and shops including the ship tickets and teleport stones after changing their item ID numbers. You can download a fix for those events here: https://my.hidrive.com/lnk/fQKotY1y
Should you have missed one of the teleport stones due to the bug, you can get all stones at the book next to your bed in the sleeping chambers.
I'll update the "update files only".zips with the fix as well. Since it takes very long to upload all full versions again, I'll take a few days to add some new content before re-uploading those once more.
Sorry for the trouble and thanks for your understanding.

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A small and quick update is done. :)
- The main point of this update it to fix a bug that gave you ship tickets or gambling coins instead of teleport stones during events. Should you've missed a teleport stone due to this bug, you can get them at the book in your bedroom.
- I also added a new scene for the tigergirl Naevy. It starts at your bedroom when you have the previous scene with her done and the recently added events with Mira and Maria also finished.
Download at:


Since I post the update everywhere, you don't have to search on other pages for the code this time. ;) The third code is 919191. The codes for the christmas advent calendar are posted every few days at these three pages:

Edited by RyenSaotome

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