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[18+] Renryuu: Ascension

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Hi!  I wanted to leave a bit of feedback as I've spent about an hour playing the game.  There are some things I really like about it, and some critiques.  I understand that some of my critiques may be things you are already aware of and working on, but I wanted to give you feedback, especially since I know how important it is as you work on building the game you want.

Firstly, let's focus on the good:

~So far, the art is excellent!

~Battle is difficult, but not impossible.

~There are lots of interesting gameplay elements like the strategic battles that really make the game unique!

~I like the story concept.

Of course, that last bit kinda leads into the first real critique I have:

~You have a great concept:  the main character chancing upon just what they need to be seen as the next monarch.  The problem is, there are some serious plot holes in how you establish them.  The one team member that initially doesn't trust the main character is there when it is discussed openly that the character has a different name than expected, and isn't from the countryside, but rather from an established training school for...  heroes I guess?  You don't really explain it to much.  There are plenty of characters who would be expected to stop this character from trying to become their king, but they just kinda look the other way.  The commander of the training camp stands out to me as someone who I had expected to cause trouble for the hero because in his stated view, the hero is a young upstart with talent, but to much arrogance for his own good.  The plot holes...  There are so many!  This is really pushing me into the "uncanny valley."

~The dialogue leaves a bit to be desired.  Having the main character be "the silent type" can help, except that he only seems to be the silent type in certain situations, otherwise he seems to have no problem pouring out exposition.  This, for me, is a bit more blatant since writing is my area of expertise, so failures here stand out to me more than other problems.

~In some cases, choices seem so numerous as to be overwhelming, but when I really want another choice, it would seem that I have none.  One example of this is with the girl found in the basement prison.  There's no option, if you capture her, to try to sway her to be a willing partner.  The "hero" simply has his way with her and doesn't even think of another option.

~The grind is strong in this game.  Technically, if you wanted to just break the game, you could grind in the main area for a few hours and then have almost limitless gold and wood with which to work with.  It almost feels sometimes as though to expect this as some of the things meant to be in the beginning of the game are incredibly expensive.  For the army battles, exp comes VERY slowly, requiring me to play 3 battles to get a single level up.  Then the next battle is designed for all the armies to be at level 3!

~Quests come in a bit of a disjointed fashion, and sometimes the goals aren't super clear.  I've made it through several, but I don't feel like the story is progressing in spite of this.  In some cases, I'm really wanting to see the results of decisions I've made (like making slavery legal, or increasing education spending).


I think that's enough...  I would like to say that I do plan on pushing through and trying to finish what there is of the game.  If I wasn't clear enough in any of my points, or you simply want to discuss what I said in more detail (we all want to be our best, right?), feel free to message me.  I promise, I didn't write this to be mean.  This game has SO MUCH promise, and I want to see it be as great as it can be!  I hope that my concerns are all just things waiting for more development that will polish them up and I'm just getting ahead of myself!  Please keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing how this all develops towards the final product!

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Renryuu version 21.08.21 is now available!

- When you've done her previous events, Mirel will give you the new quest "About Racism" at the sleeping chambers. This quest brings you to Orchel, where you talk with several elves.
The dialogs with Phyrra and Seldanna will each give you a new quest. Talks with Phyrra again, after her dancing CG scene, to get another CG scene.
Talk with Mirel at the sleeping chambers again after fixing the old bow with Seldanna's help for Mirel's first time CG scene.
- The lengthy quest "Orchel Trading Route" is now available when you talk with Saphielle in Orchel. It requires:
1. The "About Racism" quest from Mirel must be done.
2. The "Old Bow repair" quest from Sledanna must be done
3. The "Alchemy Maniac" quest from Zentha must be done
4. You must've had the dialog with Darude during the main story, where he gave you the permit to enter Dorgania. (Should be a given when you're at Orchel).
5. The storage building near the Red Keep on the overview map needs to  be constructed.
6. You must've repaired the Bitterroot farm.
7. You must've finished the events about the tribe elves at Orchel
8. The border to Dorgania needs to be open on both sides.
9. The party needs to know the location of Ebron
10. You need the first events with Elina, and Maid Louise, to the point where Elina is now standing at the noble living quarters, and not in your throne room anymore.

New CG scenes:
- Mirel (Requires that you fix the old bow of her father with Seldanna's help)
- Phyrra (Requires her dancing CG scene during the "About Racism" quest)
- Renna (Requires that the racism events are done. Scene starts at the Bitterroot farm)
- Ashryn (Requires to have advanced the racism events by several steps, and that the Zaleria+Ashryn scene is unlocked)
- Zentha (Requires Ashryn's solo scene)
- Elmyra (Requires that the racism events are done, and the scene with Zentha)
- Sarya (Requires that the racism events are done. Start when you talk with Elanil.)
- Elanil (Requires that the racism events are done)
- Syvis (Requires the beauty contest to be done, and that you had sex with either Elanil or Sarya)
- Cremia (Requires the repair/upgrade of the storage/workshop in Orchel via the overview map during the new trade route events)
- Deulrai (Requires the workshop from the trade route events to be constructed)
- Kavrala (Requires the workshop from the trade route events to be constructed, and that the scene with Zaleria+Ashryn scene is unlocked)
- Saphielle (Requires the traade route quest to be done)
- Seldanna (Requires that the racism events are done)

Other changes:
- Fixed the combination of Magic Seeds with Mixed Fertiliser in the nature raid. It was not supposed to result in Unusual Weed.
- Fertility Potions can't be purchased in Aldlyn anymore. Instead, you get the recipe to craft them during the new quest with Zentha in Orchel.
- The tree for the construction of Kayelinth's new farm on the overview map now sparkles, to ensure that people don't miss it.
- New full body CG for Phyraa (elf in Orchel)
- Fixed the "Destroy Undead" skill.
- I changed the CG room pages for Elves 2 and 3 about the Orchel elves. They'll now appear in the CG room after their first dialog, instead of appearing all at once when you advance the events of the refugees.
- Fixed the Divine Favor skill to target the entire group instead of just 1 ally.

Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/CpQXwBDS#wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ

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Version 21.08.28 new content:
- Filauria sex scene (requires Orchel trading quest done)
- Lyrandis sex scene (requires the racism event to be done)
- Keylessa sex scene (requires the dialog with Thaola during the racism events, and Kayelinth's event
at Rakake. Has a cooking contest first, the sex scene becomes available afterwards.)
- Thaola sex scene (requires the cooking contest event with Keylessa)

Fixed bugs:
- Round Ice Cubes added to shops in Aldlyn (bar), Calterburry, Whitestone Citadel, and Diminus Castle.
- Fixed graphic bug at Crysthaven.

Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our
MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/CpQXwBDS#wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ

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Update 21.09.14 changes:

- Changed the herbalist store in Aldlyn and Knocky's store in Ebron to a new system, where the goods are on the tables in the store, and you buy them from there directly instead of a shop window. Some of the goods are one time offers, and some others are randomized and change over time.
The system is likely to get added for all stores, but I wanted to get some feedback first, before I change everything.

- Added the solo CG scene for Knocky (to knocky her up) when you talk with her again after finishing the Orchel trade route events.

- A new character, Aiyana, is introduced at Havaria Port after you advance the story to the point where you open the fragment chest in Sunee. She'll give you a quest, which makes you travel around the world for a while.

- The good path option for Kurohime's first event was added. The good version of her first CG scene, and the good path dialog about her past can be replayed from the CG room.
Since it doesn't affect any events after she is out of her prison cell, there won't be an option to reset her event. But as mentioned, you can play the good path dialog via the CG room.

- I continued the good path events for Irinlia to give her a new CG scene. The scene can be seen in the CG room when you had her bad path CG scene. In the same way, you can watch her bad CG scenes when the good sex scene was unlocked. (The scene with Lace requires that you had either Lace's good or bad path sex scene.)
To advance Irinlia's events on the good path, talk to her at Ironholm Prison first. Once she is in your castle, you can find her at the bottom left corner of the throne room, in front of a book shelf.
After talking with her once, use the teleport stone Central to unlock her next dialog. Talk to her two more times, then use your bed at the sleeping chambers to trigger her CG scene.

- I added a .txt file to the save folder of the windows, mac and linux version, in which moving save files is explained.

- I added a level number behind the name of every enemy, to make it easier to tell if an enemy is too strong for you or not.

- Increased the max production shown in the resource bar of the overview map to three digits. If you produce 1000+ wood per turn (which should normally be impossible), it'll now stay at 999 instead of showing wrong numbers.

- Added a full body CG for Lucilla during the first meeting with her in Minsk Harbour. Lucilla is now also in the CG room, on the "Other 2" page.

- New CG for Millaine's sex scene in the Jade cave.

- Orilar, the elf priest in front of the nature raid dungeon, now has the option to fully heal your entire party after you went into the nature raid at least once.

- Reduced the "intoxication" needed for some of Elly's skills from 50 to 15, and reduced the TP cost of several of her skilltree skills. "Bottoms Up!" now gives 30 TP.

- Changed the first encounter of Hellhound. The "Master!" text on the screen is now a picture instead of an event, which'll eliminate the problem of some people getting stuck in that event, when Hellhound fails to pass through an event for some reason.

- Added a new challenge battle for the nature raid. Talk with Kiki after defeating all three raid bosses to unlock this system. The challenge fight will be three battles back to back, but with some buffs for your party to balance things a bit.
Depending on who you fight in the last battle, you can get a new legendary weapon, permanent stats boost (once per boss fight), gold+experience, seeds+fertilizer, or the sex CG scene with Kiki, Levia, Roseris or the green lamia.

MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/CpQXwBDS#wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our

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Update 21.09.23 changes:

- New events and CG scene for the vanguard leader Jessy. The events require the teasing scene with Vampire (where she puts on different maid uniforms) and that the maid Louise is in your treasury.
[After finishing the quest "Jessy's New Clothes", leave the barracks map on foot to the worldmap, and go back in, to trigger the next step of Jessy's events.]
- New events and CG scene for Worilla.
- New events and CG scene for Magdalene.
- New events and CG scene for Ailluin. Requires that you finish the new events with Jessy first, before you can advance her events.
[All CG scenes for vanguard leaders requires their squad to be level 3 or higher.]
- Crops in the nature dungeon will now grow after winning the second of the three battles in Kiki's new challenge fights.
- The new SWAP skill was added and is automatically learned by all party members apart from Ryen.
This skill can be used during a fight to let the user to swap with a party member that isn't in the active battle group.
[No effect when you have no actor that isn't already in the battle formation. Actors with 0 HP can't be swapped into battle. The effect is only for the player that uses it, so it's not possible to swap out Ryen or dead party members.]
- Updated the stores in Aldlyn, Ebron, Calterburry, Whitestone Citadel, Diminus Castle, Spire of Courage, Kagabangui, and Orchel.
[No more randomization, but some items can only be purchased in a limited amount, until the store restocks.
Yellow coin icons indicate a single item for sale, blue coin icons will open a shop window for a specific type of items, for example equipment.
Iron is now permanently available in Ebron, Diminus Castle, and Kagabangui, but the price increases globally with each purchase. The price will get lower again every 2,5 mins.
Elixir is now purchasable in Aldlyn, Kagabangui and Orchel, but restocks only every 2,5 mins.]
- Added some more one-time purchasable stats boost items in a few stores.
- New chests with big amount of healing items in several places: Inside the academy building at the start of the game, Calterburry Inn, inside Yin Tower, and inside the castle in Kagabangui.
- Added an option to change your mind and open the peeping hole at the secret onsen, when you previously picked to close it.
- I changed the system for animated scenes, to prevent the black screen issue on android devices. The new system causes the image to flicker during the first few frames, which I tried to hide by fading out the screen at the start of the animation, but it might still become visible when you skip through the dialog.
I changed the animations in the scenes of Tsubaki's first sex scene, Mira's second sex scene, Vampire's first sex scene, Sandra's first sex scene, Ryoko's first sex scene, Kayelinth first sex scene, and Lind's thigh fuck.

MEGA: https://mega.nz/folder/CpQXwBDS#wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
Hi-Drive: https://www.hidrive.strato.com/share/ijp41t-our

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