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Scene Themes V 1.5




This script allows you to change how windows in each menu look. It works scene by scene, so if you want the shop to look different from the equipment screen, go right ahead. You just need a few windowskins you'd like to use, and then you're all set.


- Use a different window graphic for each scene

- Use '\ws[window_name]' to make a message box look different from the standard message box.


How to Use

Paste this script into a new script editor tab above your other custom scripts, but under the 'Materials' tab. By doing that, you ensure compatibility. Ensure that all the windows you are using appear in the resource manager under the system tab. The name that is used for them there will be the name you use to refer to that skin when using this script.


The $WINDOWSKINS list should contain all the windowskins you would like to use for scene themes.


When eventing, you are free to put \ws[window_graphic] within your message boxes to use a skin other than the default. If you make a skin for use only by a certain character, for example a black windowskin for the bad guy, you can use it even if you haven't placed it in the $WINDOWSKINS list.



- All taken during the same playtest.





Script (Older versions are at bottom of post)





Q. Where do I place this script?

A. Always above any scripts that make custom scenes. A good rule is just to place it above ALL of your scripts.


Q. How do I make a message window display a different windowskin?

A. Use the '\ws[skin_name_here]' tag at the beginning of that message.


Q. Will YEA work with this?

A. Yep, I tested it, and it worked just fine.


Q. My custom window/scene isn't being changed by this script!

A. You will likely need to request an add-on. I updated this script to make these issues less common, and much harder to trigger, but that doesn't mean that I removed all the possible compatibility issues. As it is, it should work for all but custom scenes that aren't defined by RGSS3 classes (which aren't made very frequently).


Q. Is this a plug & play script?

A. Yep, I made it with only the pre-existing scenes in mind. It is not difficult to make add-ons for any custom scenes, but be aware that without an add-on, it may not work on some custom scenes.



My Inspiration - I couldn't have kept at it without you.

Zrag - for inspiring me to make a more unified theme-changing script http://www.rpgmakerv...w-skin-changer/

Snow - for asking the question that began my search into windows and beginning to understand them.


Author Notes:

You have permission to re-post this script if necessary, as well as to modify it, provided that you give credit. Enjoy the script and have fun! I did this purely to do it, so it is an added bonus if it is enjoyable/useful for you.

No need to give credit at all if you aren't taking credit for making the original (even in commercial games). Just make sure that you mention my name if you are posting a modification/add-on (to make it easier to find the original).





- fixed bug in which choice windows that accompanied a message box would not change with the message box.

- fixed bug in which selecting text in a choice window would revert the message box to it's default skin before the next window appeared.



- Improved compatibility

- fixed issue in which selecting a target to use items/skills on (outside of battle) would not change the target window's background.

Scene_Themes 1.1.txt

Edited by Aarowaim
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Oh, great!!! I was thinking to ask someone to give the posibility to change the window skins in game! But as I see, u did yet =) Good Job Aarowaim!

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Thanks. You're actually who gave me the idea ;)

Edited by Aarowaim

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Version 1.5 is released!

This version not only removes a vast majority of compatibility issues, but it's also shorter, and has gotten rid of a theme problem. I hope you like it, and once again, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to ask me. ^_^ Doing this script has really helped my understanding.

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Here is the windowskin i made

You only need to make the green parts transparant

it is easy

Edited by Zaki

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Hey, this is a nice script! However, I'm having some trouble using it. Can you put a step by step picture guide on how to use this script?

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Ive been testing this script. It works mostly great, tho I cant get some of them to work. But the important part is the chaging windowskin messges. Though, everytime I use the Wait for [x] frames command, there seems to be a small delay when a messagebox changes windowskin. and I had to manually change it to the default one for the next message. Was it something I did wrong when eventing?

Edited by PnFforever

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