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  The point of this post is for ideas. If I end up using your ideas in my game, and if I ever finish it, I will put your name somewhere, it is my first game, so I plan to do it right and credit anybody worthy of it. I would very much appreciate any ideas for a title of a game, or any in game functions that would be nice to have or fun to have in this type of game. I would very much hope to get the game done by 2015, which gives me a lot of time, But considering that I can't even finish a 6 hour drawing, who knows how far I'll get. If I come up with a demo, I'll post it asap once I find out how.


  Comic sans is quite a nice font. Anyways, I'm currently working on a game, and I'd like title ideas and ideas for a future plot. So far I have mostly ideas, and the database is well on it's way. The class system is finished, and I will go into sprite design later, Much later. The game's lore is very simple at this point, I have not even a name for the land in which it takes place. I'm an odd person, and it reflects on my game. It's a very light game, quite happy, with rather dark themes, and it goes towards ruins and wrecked societies,  which plays into the plot. I suppose that part and the aspect as you have very little direction as to which way to go could be a direct consequence of my lovely experience with Dark Souls. One of my themes I've thought of so far would be shown through the king, who gives most of the tasks in the early and late parts of the game. Early in the game, he is quite nice and is interested in what you have to say, but as time goes on he begins to become secretive and gives less of a damn about what you think, and he begins to feel better than you, and acts condescending. The lore is based on elements and the power to manipulate them, and how it is rare to be able to, but is a useful gift. Along with the elements, there is a constant war going on between them, as they loath each other entirely, and darkness has seemingly vanished, but as strange behavior of wildlife begins to appear, civilians begin to question their authority, who refuses to tell them anything. You play as a character who is upbeat and rather ignorant, doesn't question many things. As he progresses, he begins to question, and then begins to become critical, which could be emulating the process a child matures. Mostly though he's really ignorant and happy, because everybody loves to act like a child now and then. 

Anyway, On to game play. 


The scripts I am using are as follows, they all work and I am very pleased with them. If any makers of these read this, Thank you for your fantastic scripts, I am quite satisfied with them.


The game consists of 11 classes for the 2 main characters, and 2 extras for fixed class characters. Each class has a necklace, courtesy of Yanfly, which adjusts their limits appropriately. Necklace effects will be in parentheses next to the class.

Fighter Classes

  • Warrior, 1H Sword. (+ATK, +HIT, +CRIT) Fast and durable DPS. Bruiser, if you will. Medium defense and overall damage.
  • Berzerker, 2H Sword. (-HIT, -AGI, +CRIT) Slow and massive damage burst. Lots of attack buffs, ATK Nuker. Massive single target damage.
  • Knight, 1H Sword and Shield. (+TGR, +MHP, +DEF) A standard tank, very beefy, equipped with high defense plate mail and a shield, capable of blocking, courtesy of Mr. Bubble. 

Rogue Classes 

  • Thief, 2 Daggers. (--TGR, +AGI, +CRIT) A fast thief, who can provide bonus agility to the entire team and gives bonus gold gain. Is very stealthy, hardly noticed by enemies.
  • Assassin, Katana. (+ATK, -TGR, +CRIT) As the name says, they're powerful assassins. They do % based damage and can shred enemies down for the bursters to finish off. High single target damage.
  • Trap Master, Trap Set (+++AGI, +HIT) The trap master has double agility, allowing for almost always attacking first, and his team cannot be surprised. He has large crowd control.  

Magic Classes 

  • Sorcerer, Staff (+MAT, +MMP, +MDF) A standard sorcerer with single target crowd control and DPS. Later has access to large AoE spells. 
  • Black Magician, Scythe (+MAT, +ATK) A massive damage mix of a Sorcerer and an Assassin, with powerful black magic. This class can only be accessed later in the game, and is tough to find. A very powerful enemy, who is commonly named the Boss Slayer. Has access to missing health spells, powerful finishing moves. Works well with an assassin.
  • Healer, Wand (+MHP, +MMP, +AGI) A powerful healer, who can heal his allies very quickly at the use of agility. His spells have a large cooldown, but are very powerful. Some can even defy death for a few turns. 

Ranged Classes 

  • Archer, Bow (+ATK, --TGR) A fast archer with knowledge of pressure points, providing access to paralyzing shots. High single target damage.
  • Artillary, Cannon (+DEF, 1%AGI, -HIT) Massive AoE damage, very slow. as you can see, he only has 1% of his total agility present. Though slow, he is extraordinarily power, and has access to large AoE explosions, but they don't always hit. 

Fixed Classes. You can either choose Patch the Pumpkin King, or Visto, the Technician.

  • Pumpkin King, Scythe (+ATK, +MAT, +DEF) Like a black magician, but less offensive and more defensive. Focuses around the dark magic of the pumpkin patch. This is halloween, this is halloween... 
  • Technician, Wand (+MMP, +MAT, +AGI) A class that can send his advanced drones to ravage enemies armor, or can output pulses of energy to slow down and stun enemies, or demolish their mana pools. 


Those are the classes, and I can't wait to see them in action. They will have skills that can be linked together, and I'm still pondering whether to put in a skill shop system, or whether I should just have them learned per level. That's another thing I'd like input on. If you read the whole thing, Thank you very much for your interest, I'm very passionate about it and can't wait to see it finished. 


P.S., There is also a crafting system, and a refining system for weapons and armor.

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Personnaly, I like crafting system really much.
Just wondering, what kind of ''Battle System'' you plan using? Cause having all thoses classes will need a good battle system to

support them. And if I can suggest you : Having party that can handle more than 4 characters would be nice. (There's pretty much simple scripts that may enable that fonction)
If I can suggest you maybe a system as Dragon Warrior. It's a old school game but your plot about a King giving you quest made me thought of Dragon Warrior and I think that kind of mood would fit well your game.
But in an other way, I'm thinking of good Tactical game such as Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactic or even Ogre Tactics which use perfectly the Classes system. Each character gains their own utility by doing a Grid Battle system. What's tricky about that is setting up the system and balancing each classes so they all have same amount of weakness and strong points.

Just thinking about it, if you like old school game you should definitly download some Dragon Warrior songs to put you into the mood. It's a bit dark but maybe it can inspires you.

If you can't find the Dragon Warrior just use the 'Ctl+F' function to search the page. Than type in 'Dragon Warrior'
I'm not sure if you gonna like those sound track but hope it helps you. Yah, it's all in ''midi''.

sorry about that, I re-read your topic and notice you already had a ''Battle system'' with the sprite battlers. I never saw it in action but I hope it'll fit your need.

Maybe you could add some spice to your plot by creating an other character in relation with the King... We all know that a King is often just a ''Face'' in the political world. And sometime the real King is the guy being which control a fool like a puppet.
Maybe you could create a ''Conciler'', an evil conciler that just always whisper to the King's ear some evil words and manipulate his mind like a crazy Hypno!
Just ''shooting'' some ideas.

I know your main question was : ''Find me a title'' 
and to answer you... I think the title is like, the useless thing of a game...
Take the exemple of Dragon Warrior... there is Dragon Warrior, than Dragon Warrior II, next Dragon Warrior III and still on and on... until Dragon Warrior 9 I think....  But who gives a *** about that name? When I play the game, I really need to get into it.
Don't break your head finding a complicated name for your game... It's just a detail I mean.
I'd really like to help you with that but I don't have enough info about your game, I'd need like at least the name of the main character, or the main country.... maybe you're really good at writing games but the problem is like ''Naming'' thing... I had the same problem and found some tricks...  I get my inspiration in games I loved.
Exemple : Final Fantasy as tons of nice ''Name'' like ''Nibelheim, Fort Condor, Midgar, Cosmo Canyon, Rocket Town''
It's inspiring I guess...

Maybe I can try out some name for your game :

Why not :

Destiny for a King
Faith of Kingdom
Last Faith
Eternal Saving
The Last Warriors
Warrior's Destiny
Warrior's Faith

Hope theses ideas aren't too ''sucky'' and hope to inspire you!

If I can be of any help except of my post, just ask me!
Hope to see your game by 2015!  Don't overpush yourself but don't get ''lame''. Lol
Good luck!
Catch up later!

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  Philoup, the name titles were great, and faith does seem as though it needs to be a consistent theme throughout the game aswell, because it is realistic. People seem to have faith in nothing while they have so. Anyways, The reason I titled it so, asking for a name, was because I agree with you, the name of a game is a very small and overall unimportant aspect, and considering I had a large theme already, I could ask for an appropriate name. The crafting system is rather simple, it has just an anvil in the market and in the inn, and if I add a house purchasing system, in your house. 


  The combat system is a 4 person party, but the game is based around only using two. Using too many people would become too confusing for everybody, 3+ is a lot for me as it stands. I think that a complete strategy can be derived from just two classes, and with the diversity of them and what they do, I think that quite a few strategies can be derived anywhere from a healer and a knight for an unkillable combo leading to 5 minute boss fights, or a Black Magician and an assassin to make boss fights last 20 seconds but die within 3 fights of a dungeon. I'll look into Dragon Warrior's combat system and music, and if the music is good and I can find it, will probably use it.


  And for your point about not knowing the names of things, the main character is just Anxious Monkey due to habit for now, and the main town is named Dondo, because it is a very fun name. To keep spirits bright around the town, I'm using music from Castle Crashers, who has a simply fantastic soundtrack, if you haven't heard it I suggest listening to it.  


  I have named my game Faith is Bliss, the reason I hope will be easy to derive. 


  As for the deadline, I'm doing this solely for fun, I have no pressure on anything, and I plan to make it the best I can. 

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I'm really happy to read your answer! :) Hope I can help in anything else!
And thinking about it, your 2 party member combat makes sense.
I often involve myself in really complicated Battle thinking of strategy... but often it can be reduce to simpler!
And your Combo like you said ''Assassin, Black Mage' or 'Knight, Healer'... maybe it's an idea you should develop more!
What about a ''real'' concret combo system... if you combine two classes togheter that fits well, they receive a bonus of HP

or maybe they could both learn a skill that can be perform togheter.
Some unlockable possibilty could be nice!
An other exemple before I leave ;P

An Archer or a Javelin Thrower with a Black Mage :
The Mage could cast a spell on the Arrow or on the Javelin to Enchant it with the element!
Or if it's a Healer/Cleric, it could cast a Holy or Curative magic on the weapons to hit ''undead' enemies.

Oh yeah only ideas again but if you may use it, I'll be happy to have been of any help!

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That is a great idea, I'll start working on enchanting spells for magic users on allies, as well as some spells that could have bonuses based on maximum health, and perhaps the healer could increase maximum health, or crowd control, making CC classes and DPS classes more viable. Lifesteal effects could work as well, adding another type of crowd control. Thank you for the ideas.

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You're always welcome! I'd like to follow the development of your game so if anything new comes out, PM me so I can notice the evolution of your project! :)

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