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Actor Alignment
By Blackmorning
version 1.03
Released 01/29/2014
Updated 07/04/2015
BM-base script (place above Alignment Script)

  • assign your actors an "alignment" between good and evil or however you choose to define it.
  • set initial alignment for actors
  • add or subtract from alignment through script calls
  • assigns alignment to variables for events
  • a gauge can be shown on the actor's face in the menu to show their alignment
  • is shown in status window "biography" with BM-YEA status addon
  • added message codes for actor alignment, party alignment (as of version 1.01)



if using BM-YEA status addon, put alignment script below it
If you want more options, let me know. Any ideas I'll be happy to hear. 
If there are any problems, let me know.  I will try my best to fix it.

Edited by blackmorning84

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Happy 4th of July to those of the United States.  Some updates today for Alignment and Advanced Menu to fix how the alignment gauge is displayed.  Advanced Menu also now change the actor layout to the default rows or the column style from before.  Advanced Equip has  been adjusted to better fit the parameter comparison for items.



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