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DarkEnd - Simply, an RPG [$15 on Steam!]

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Hello! It's been a month since our release, so we hope you've given DarkEnd a go!

But that's not all we have to offer. A FREE expansion is on its way! We considered what players have said and decided to add in:

- An additional 5+ hrs of gameplay

- A brand new storyline in an elusive land called Avirdel

- New Skills, Weapons/Armours, enemies and dungeons
- Some graphical updates.


This expansion will be accessible once the player reaches the end of the original game smile.gif


Here's what we have done so far. Please take a look!


The new title smile.gif



Our new battlers 



The beautiful land of Avirdel 



Finally some fresh air! 



Venturing through a sunlit forest



More updates about the expansion will be coming soon! Please let us know what you think. Thank you for all your support! smile.gif

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DarkEnd ver 1.5 Released!!! (Steam Version)

DarkEnd ver 1.5 is released with Steam Achievements, new features and bug fixes!


  • Added 26 Steam Achievements! (Have fun hunting them!)
  • Added "Milestone Leveling System". Your characters will automatically level up as the story advances. A great feature for those who do not wish to grind for EXP.
  • Bugs from Fredrick Quest Hub are now fixed.
  • Stats for some enemies have been rebalanced
  • Added new musics!
  • A new battle AI for the hardest hidden boss.
  • Fixed minor mapping errors from several maps.
  • Added a tutorial board for reviewing several tutorials.


Milestone Leveling

DarkEnd is a traditional 2D RPG with dungeon-crawler and rogue-like elements. The game is heavily inspired by classic dungeon crawlers from the 90's and we made the game very hard and challenging to reflect that. However,we ended up alienating a lot of players who are new to dungeon-crawler RPGs as a result.

In ver 1.5, we added this new feature called "Milestone Leveling". Players who found the grinding process tedious, which is standard for most Dungeon-Crawlers, can now play the game completely free of grinding!

The update is now live! Please enjoy the game and happy hunting for new achievements!

Get it now on Steam! (75% OFF currently!)



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