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Warning: This story-driven RPG contains Yuri(Lesbian) undertones and mildly suggestive themes!
Full game out~! released 9th of March 2019. Last update 7th of September 2019
Full Download! (MediaFire)

Full Download! (Itch.io)



Also added a trailer!






When the forces of hell threaten to overrun the world, and humanity seems to be on the losing side of a war, one Valkyrie, a half-angel, is the only one that can prevent the coming onslaught that would bathe Laetitia in blood. What she doesn't know, even as she and her paladins stand on the threshold of the corrupted Ramarian keep. Is that this quest will forever warp her image of 'good' and 'evil'. Because when the light would freely abandon you, and the hand of darkness reaches out for you, promising aid. Which would you choose?
Laetitia, a world that once knew nothing but good fortune. Loved by it's creators it existed in peace, prosperity and perfect harmony.
A peace that wasn't meant to last. For humans weren't without sin. And even as the angels and the Gods themselves guided the people it was clear that there could not be any light without darkness. Love turned into lust, tolerance into wrath, and even charity birthed greed. And that was only the beginning. Despite the church trying to control the situation, things went from bad to worse. Soon demons started to appear. What they came for, no one knew, but they always inevitably caused destruction and death.
An era of fear followed, where you could be safe one day, having the time of your life, only to be found dead the coming morrow. In some places it was so bad that people did not dare to leave their houses. That was until the Church sent out word of a secret weapon, a girl born of a human and an angel whom they dubbed 'the Valkyrie' created for the sole purpose of 'eliminating all evil'
The story revolves around the Valkyrie, Humanity's last hope to drive back the demonic invasion.
...and yet it does not.
You shall fight to save the world and be the hero mentioned in songs and poetry.
...You shall not care about this.
You shall make friends, Even a lover on your way!
...You shall brutally murder everyone you meet.
You have many choices!
...Your future is set in stone.
What it comes down to. Is that the lines of black and white will fade, friendships can be made or broken.
And Light and darkness... Good and evil?
You'll find out they are but words with no meaning.
The game features:
-A simple Relationship system, your choices affect how your party members think of you.
 Getting better relationships might result in unlocking new beneficial effects, or just... Romantic scenes.
 As your relationship worsens however, party members may stop taking orders or leave altogether.
-Achievements, I am not using some achievement system but there's ways as shown in the screenshots
 to complete certain challenges, unlocking bonuses like titles that improve stats or other rewards.
-Multiple choices, aside from any side quests you may or may not accept there are many choices which will
 affect the story or your characters in one way or another, some having more impact than others.
-Good VS Evil? It is your own decision whether you want to be right or wrong, although some choices that might
 seem wise might not always result in the best effect. Choose with your heart, or the empty void where it should have been.





*Note that the graphics below may be subject to change on a later date.
The nameless Valkyrie
All she knew was that her mother was an angel, and that was all she needed to know. She had seen firsthand the
destruction and chaos demons caused when allowed to roam free, when the Ramarian keep was invaded by these monsters.
And the paladins and priests that had raised her brutally slain. She was born with the purpose of utterly destroying demons.
That was exactly what she would do. One day she would return to the keep, and cleanse it with all her light.
"Deep in this Gloomy maze, the demon smiles 'good thing you came' he says like he cares how I feel."
Alexei Anderson
As one of the oldest paladins if there is one thing none can doubt it's his loyalty towards the Elysian order. Usually he is one of the
most calm and collected members one can find, polite and helpful to a flaw. However, when faced with demons or those who would
oppose the priesthood he is a completely different person. Blatantly fanatical and extreme in his actions, quoting entries of biblical scripts
and other zealous exclamations. He can be downright frightening in those times. 
"An' in yisser name o' Nezeleth ah shall brandish dis 'ere blade, an' smite dees 'eathens o' lord come AMEN."
Archimedes Fiones
Despite being a holy paladin and his usually calm demeanor, Archimedes is kind of a flirt, when asked about it he would say
"As a paladin, am I suddenly not allowed to appreciate the feminine form?" Despite Archimedes being one of the Valkyrie's closest
things to a friend she often gets upset with him because of his laid-back attitude. And the fact that, even if he flirts with her. His eyes are
filled with... Sadness.. Pity? Both perhaps?
"I am simply spreading the love of Ramaria as it was meant to be."
Cardinal Alfredus Marian
He has dedicated his life to the priesthood from a young age, knowing every holy book inside out and acting as a spokesman for the church.
It was only a matter of time before he reached the apex of command. He has tried his best to be a benevolent ruler and most people love
him for such, not fearing science he has been ushering Ostburg, as well as the rest of Laetitia into an age of rapid technological advances
and riches. When the demon attacks became more frequent, he put himself in command of what he called 'operation heaven's light'.
"Even in our darkest hour, we shall find strength, may the light embrace us as we embrace it."
*The following profiles are to be considered spoilers and may contain hints to the rest of the story.


Riliane 'd Eplhegort
She discovered her affinity with the light when she was but a child, being able to heal even the gravest of wounds with relative ease.
Where it took other, more experienced paladins hours to collect enough energy to even cast a spell that could get rid of a simple bruise.
Where even the best holy priest could only take care of truly life-threatening wounds four or five times a week. She could do such things
many times on a single day, after which snacking on a few mana berries would recover her energy enough to repeat the process.
This earned her the title 'Golden saint' and when she joined the Elysian priesthood, she was accepted into the upper ranks in a matter
of weeks. The fact that she seems curious like a little kitten. And, while trying to deny it, quite a bit of a pervert, is mostly ignored.
"To me, you're a wonderful person."
Malayna "Malice" Erundar
The enigmatic 'queen of the five hells' No one knows exactly what her goal is or how she came to be. All people do know is that she is
insanely powerful, oftentimes sadistic... And a raging lesbian. Well... To be honest most people don't even know that much.
It is open for debate which of these rumors is worse though. During most demon raids, a soft, feminine voice is heard encouraging
her soldiers, or telling them to withdraw when hurt, as if it cares about their well-being. Many people believe this is her watching
over her troops.
"The dualism of 'good' and 'evil' are nothing but categories created by egoistic humans."
Gaia Grune
She is a succubus and Malayna's field commander. The few battles in which she was employed were often short, and particularly one-sided
That with half of the soldiers either unable to attack, ogling her... Assets or simply attacking one another. Despite her way of dressing, which
is quite a bit less obscene than most girls these days. Her mere presence is often enough to stop both men and women in their track.
It has been observed from her actions that she has a deep-rooted hatred for men, and dislikes being thought of in a sexual context.
How very very quaint for a succubus.
"THAT sort of succubi don't exist outside your perverted dreams!!"
Celeste Avadona
A young demon that for some reason looks a lot like the Valkyrie, it is uncertain what links them together, they have quite a lot in common
Like their love for puns and their hate for fish. Little is known about her personality, in fact, her very existence is a mystery.
"I just want to destroy you with all my strength, let's finish this and end this little fantasy!"






Game by
Rin (Kayako)


- NC (Cutscenes)
- Allusion (Facesets)
- Celianna (Tiles)
- Lunarea (Tiles)
- Enterbrain (tiles, battlebacks, standard menu)
- Holder (Battlers)
- Tsarcube (goo girl map sprite)
- Justin Callaghan (font)
- Moghunter (HUD graphics)
- Titled (Scorpid battler)
- Ryvrdrgn14 (Static scene art+Gaia weapon fix)
- Anthares (+Gaia weapon fix)
- Kenkou Cross (Monster girl Encyclopedia sprites)
- Shoshuku Ura (Static scene art)
- shirogane usagi (Static scene art)
- Tsarmina (In-game Fan art)
- The Unko (Static scene art)
- Kotoba Noriaki (Static scene art)
- Monikano (Static scene art)
- Elise F (Static scene art)

- Noraico (Static scene art)
- Soruna (Static scene art)
- Kayako/Rin (Editing, some tiles, monster girl battlers)
- Soruve (Robot)

- Mrtrivel/Glasses (Variable shop)
- Victor (Lighting, animated battles)
- Yanfly (Message script)
- Galv  (Nickname functionality, many others)
- Tsukihime (Shop functionality, many others)
- FenixFyreX (map depth system)
- fyzzo (Better name input)
- Soulpour777 (Credits screen)
- Raizen (Multiple choices)
- Titled (Bug fixes)
- Ru/???Ru (Volume control)
- Elemental Crysis
- Kal
- Moghunter (Battle Hud, Many others)
- NS
- Eshra (TBS system)
- Szyu (Crafting system)
- TheoAllen (Ambient sound system)
- Shad3 (Region check)
- Gamesfreak13563 (State persist)

- Rikifive (Hidden skilltypes, Credits screen)

- Jeremiah "McTricky" George (Battle1:"Eyes of the Plight", Battle7:"No quarter", Riliane's theme: "Hardened Muse" )
- Moghunter (Various voices)
- Darren Curtis/DesperateMeasurez (Malayna's theme: "The resistance", "Labyrinth Of Lost Dreams")
- Namco Tales Studio (Various voices)
- Blodeuyn/Kairi Sawler ("Windsol fields", "Bloomed Dawn")
- JStewartMusic/Jonnie91 ("Music Mangler", Title screen:"Am I really gone?")

- Jacob Kenyon (Demon camp theme: "Emperor's glory")
- Eric Matyas (Abyss theme: "Kingdom of Lost Dreams")

- AK A (End credits theme: Boss Death)

- Paradox Jester
- Ryvrdrgn14
- CreamyFlames
- Alexander Anderson
- Titled
- Allusion
- HeartfeltCurse
- Anthares

- SpookyMothman
- Uss-Iowa

- Drassray

- Capitalism Chan

- Nirwanda

- AlliedG

Loosely based on a song by Iso










So at the risk of seeming conceited and overly prideful I decided to collect all the pieces of art people here have made

for me in this thread and link them here. I am really grateful for every last one of them, thanks for all your support!


Tsarmina surprised me with these pieces of art~









Allusion made these beautiful sketches which became the base for Valkyrie and Malayna's new facesets!











Additional Screenshots:
Corruption of Laetitia imgur Library

Full Download! (MediaFire)

Full Download! (Itch.io)


Old demos for preservation purposes:

Demo 4C

Demo 3

Demo 2


Changelog since last release:

  • Added more 'feedback' to the first trial of the redemption arc.
  • Replaced Malayna's generic "Demon's rampage" skill by a new skill "Meteor strike".
  • Replaced Gaia's generic "Tornado" skill with a new one "Dance of Death".
  • Made it so that if you skip the first tactical battle you are offered the tutorial again later.
  • Fixed spelling errors.
  • Added rare consumable: bombs
  • Updated the CG for being defeated by Malayna and Rilliane being tackled by a goo girl to their definitive ones.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur if you razed the first big city but weren't otherwise 'pure evil' up to that point.
  • Fixed a possible lock if Rilliane got knocked out in the second battle against Alastar while you were friends with her.
  • Added a number of extra NPC reactions to events in the game.
  • Fixed Riliane not updating graphics when equipped with the Leekblade
  • All in all it's just another brick in the wall.


Edited by KayakoChan
Trailer update

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This thread turned out even more epic than I thought, lol!


You already know how much I love this game, so I'll just add that that rotten fish enemy is hilarious!!! XDDDDD

Poor Celeste; I don't think her her mind will be 100% after all this trauma! 


It's a well put together topic, clean and informative! Can't wait for the updates to pour in!  :D

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Thank you♥ I shall update the thread as more is being added, I am quite happy it got approved on such early notice too! I'll probably refine what I have some

and release it as a playable demo sometime in the future. But that can wait~

Really, your support is so very appreciated!

As for the fish, it's actually an item you throw at enemies! :P


Monty Python references Ahoi!


Her real trauma will probably come if I decided to put fishmen into the game.

Edited by KayakoChan

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Thank you! I'm not a coder, nor an artist, my image editing skills are mediocre at best, but I do have some experience making maps and writing stories.

As well as apparently, finding resources. The font is "Bradley Gratis" by Justin Callaghan if you would like to find and use it yourself. It's one of my favorites.

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The fish is likely going to be a recurring joke thing, poor, poor girls! Such hardships, such a horrible fate!


The future is grim, and smells very fishy.


Let me share a new enemy, probably the cutest thing I have ever sprited! (And the only thing I ever sprited)


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Hahaha, i already love this game. i mean come on, yuri, humor, and the ability to be either evil or good depending on how you feel like playing the game, i already love the hell out of it just from that.  i have high hope and expectations for this game, and i will most certainly be following its progress.

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Okay, I have been discussing this with my friends, and while they unanimously like this part I just added (some more than others) I am still having

doubts about it. The reason is involving the latest enemy I added or rather the event leading towards it.


At one point the priestess is attacked by the goo-girl and... The following spoiler is NSFW, despite not involving nudity.





You are given the option to either save her (Good path) or stay out of it and let the slime do her thing (Evil path)

Of course, choosing not to act will damage your relationship with the healer which is not really beneficial... But let's forget that.

The thing is, I am edging on something that's getting a little more adult themed, is this still within reason for the main release or

am I going to have to make different versions if I want to keep this?


Oh yes, let me take the time to explain the relationship effects!

There's currently three main characters (Other than the player) with five levels of 'loyalty' as it's called in the game:


1-24: Reluctant Aquantance

Characters at this loyalty level will stay in the party, but refuse to take orders from the player, they will fight according to their own desire.


25-49: Supporter

At this level the player can control characters normally as they would in any other RPG of it's genre


50-74: Friend

The player receives two "Friendship rings" with some decent midgame stats on them, also once per battle if the character is knocked

out their friends become "Enraged" greatly raising their stats for a few turns.


74-99: Best Friend

Same as above


100+: Lover♥

At this point I plan to make the player able to marry the character through a quest, if a married character's partner is knocked out in battle

her lover will gain a buff "Lover's fury" Which will greatly increase all stats as well as adding Mana/Rage generation.


This effect does come with a risk though, namely that you might sometimes lose control over the affected character for the duration of the effect.

Edited by KayakoChan

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even in non-adult themed games, a little fanservice such as that is nothing. i mean, this is something i would expect to see in a T rated game. So I wouldn't worry about having it in the game. really though, even if there was nudity/partial nudity it could still maintain a T or M rating so long as the genitalia are not shown. (i was researching this for my own game)


and for the loyalty system, how about adding in special skills that provide buffs to the actors in question when they reach certain levels of loyalty. for example, if Actor A has X amount of loyalty towards the main character, either one can use a skill that provides a temporary increase to stat Y for both Actors.

Edited by Heartfeltcurse

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Should be fine for a LP in terms of "ecchiness" and gamers should be aware from the way you have described your game.


In regards to the loyalty system are you locked out once you marry or can you have a harem?


I am guess each of the characters has a "role" - perhaps the effects of skills can be strengthen based upon loyalty variable / actor id and switches


So like the healer's heal would cure ailments or restore more health. I think the highest states should grant partner passive states or partner skills - like a limit break almost.

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Hmmhmmn! I am definitely trying to work towards that, or something along those lines Having skills and buffs linked that way would really make the relationship system feel a little better. And.. A harem ending is kind of possible. But it will be hard considering the girls personalities, let's say if done wrong. It can lead to a few terrible bad ends.~

I'll have a short demo out soon, although it doesn't use the relationship to the fullest yet (Hell, only one of the three characters can be had in the party thus far)

it should prove to be useful as a tech demo of sorts. Also it has an enemy, a boss that will likely not be in the final version.~


It's a mystery~

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I've been thinking about including a trap in my own game. I've found that traps are awesome as targets for jokes and sexual innuendo.... isn't one of those things a little worrisome?



By the way, when can we expect to see a playable demo? do you have some sort of rough idea for that figured out yet, or are you pretty much flying blind?

Edited by Heartfeltcurse

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Congratulations on the demo :)


The interaction with objects and humor is well placed and I like the gameover artwork :P  Dialog was well written from what I have played so far.


The mapping and atmosphere is really good and I like the choices you have in the game.


Areas for improvement:


I think the prologue could be spiced up a little - I think some background imagery (maybe the angel / demon war) in future would work really well.




You can interact with the book directly south of the character - I believe this is due to the table using counter tiles which are used in shops normally - might want to have a conditional direction check - not sure if can use different tile



HP/MP recovery is a little bit frustrating at times due to a lack of healing spots in beginning - also one of my followers died and couldn't revive - possible solution is recover 1 hp after death / maybe recovery spot at the central hub.


The initial objective was a bit confusing - maybe some more cues that character is going the right direction - this is mainly due to the darkness theme going on.


Overall though it was enjoyable and I look forward to more updates.

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Hmn, I can see if I can find someone willing to draw it, once I get my debts sorted, and the donations which I needed to do first. M

aybe I can find some more 'free to use' art that is suitable but I won't hold my breath for that!


Uwah, I did not even know there was such a thing as "Counter tiles" Added some conditions to fix that!


Ah, I guess you did not find the Ephyllin (Which is the revival item in this game) at the start? Might have to add some more common sources

for it then! As for guiding the player more, I will see what I can do there! Thanks for the input♥


I wonder if I perhaps made the game a little too hard.

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Yea, before i discovered that you can sleep in the beds in the temple, I found it way to hard to keep my characters healthy. may I recommend adjusting drops and drop rates for enemies?

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Okay, first off, I played the demo and its quite nice. But the thing that really got me was the Game Over scene. I intentionally let myself lose to the enemy and wow with the game over scene. That's actually a nice thought... I mean most rpgs I played just puts you on the game over scene and goes to the title... but this... it has a bit of a spice. Good job again. And may I say keep motivated, finish the game <3

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Yea, the game over scene with the demon lord was just awesome. I never died anywhere else though, save for the final boss of the demo, so i don't know if similar game overs occur with other enemies. i should go check that.


By the way, now that you've posted a working demo, shouldn't this be moved to the Gaming lounge?

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Thank you♥ And no I haven't put it anywhere else yet, for most enemies it would be hard to find appropriate art unless I go R-18 which isn't my intent.

I might commission something for the slime queen once I can cough up enough money to do so, but even then the thought is that it will only be for

important bosses whom you're likely to accidentally lose to. (Although only the female bosses will get anywhere near ecchi, it's a yuri themed game after all!)


Thinking about it I might have made the drop rates for healing items in the start a little too low. There's quite a few hidden chests but I realize not everyone wants to look for those. Rather than increasing drop rates, I think I'll add a healing event to the tower. I think people might like that more.

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I finished the demo and I really like what I have seen so far. Some bugs and complains, though:

1) Bug1 – second map of the corrupt keep: See how the character is stuck on top of the wall and unable to move? It’s due to an oversight: The event on that particular spot turns “on†three switches. One of them is switch #1, which is used by the “In-Depth Maps†script (see lines 21 to 23 of the script) and that’s what causes the issue in question

2) Bug2 – after surviving the betrayal: I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to be able to get to that spot in the wall

3) Shift is used for both running and skipping text. This is rather annoying, as it causes me to skip some texts if I am running and trigger an event. Any chance you could change it to some other button?

3.1) Also related to skipping texts: Some texts do not wait for player input. Instead they have a fixed wait time before the next text appears (which also makes them unskippable). In some cases the texts disappear before I can read them, in other they wait around for too long. I recommend changing all texts to require player input – this way slow readers can read everything and fast readers don’t have to waste time waiting.


Apart from the above things I saw no issues. The game is not too easy, but also not too hard. I like that there are things to find by exploring (and some funny things to read even if you find nothing). Having a place for rest in the tower would certainly help people who try not to use potions outside boss battles. Maybe also give 1 free Euphyllin, for those people who miss the two at the start (while I checked out all the barrels there, I managed to miss the desk due to how dark the area is).


There was mention of possibly adding a trap in the game. I don’t really mind, but please let it be a new character – having to re-imagine one of the current girls as a crossdressing boy is going to be really hard…


P.S.: Why does the “Slime Girl attacking Riliane†event happen only if Celeste is in the party, but not if Valkyrie (it's impossible to have Valkyrie at that time in the demo, but I guess it might be possible later in the game)?



Edited by shadowblack

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