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The final boss is pretty hard indeed on Hellish yard, This part was intentional. But I kept every option in mind, His damage is vastly nerfed if you encounter him as a mage or oracle (I tested that battle multiple times on every difficulty, and actually ran mage for the final test before last patch.) Though you may be advised to prepare by going in with a meal buff it is definitely doable.

For the guarding, it's not something I wanted in but also not possible to fix without completely getting rid of any turn order randomization. by erasing it in the script... I'm not good enough with code to just make it less extreme. Guarding has maximum increased speed (2000%) and attacks that are supposed to go after a guard have the lowest speed possible (-2000). Yet the randomization still decides it doesn't matter sometimes.


Marian's final form is based on the route you take yes. They differ slightly based on your corruption and mostly affect the elements of spells he uses in them. Hawk got the neutral route in which you neither embraced the most extreme ends of either light or darkness, as such he didn't view the player as much of a threat. In the other two cases he doesn't hold back as much. The rest of his reaction is based on his misconception that he is the hero.


Marian's motivations are hard to explain. He desires power because he simply doesn't trust anyone but himself. He is egocentric and paranoid, constantly believing the surrounding nations will invade at any moment. Believing anyone more powerful than him will betray him, This included the Valkyrie even though at the time she was completely indoctrinated. To him the actual damage he is doing to the world is less frightening than the imaginary enemies in his head. It is confirmed in certain snippets of lore (referenced by NPCs and heavily in RIliane's route) that the demon of pride was the one that caused the collapse of the same nation last time. And that the queen of Eidelwalt was possessed by it. Meaning its effects likely linger. And considering Greg is nowhere to be seen, Greed and Sloth's locations are up in the air. There are still a few scenes I wanted to add, but I ran out of inspiration near the end.


Those last few books are Easter eggs that refer to a different story. But they indeed reveal that those possessed by demons  generally don't know it, and may still attempt to be good people.




Sadly I can't fix the problem on the TRPG sections, Reloading the map causes everything to stop functioning or crash the game entirely so I had to exclude those maps from the fix. Only way I could fix it would be to disallow saving there. But since they tend to be rather long that's not something I would like to do. As far as I know it's -really- hard to get into a no-win scenario due to the bug unless you really go out of your way to do so (The only way being driving your tank underneath that building which is far removed from the route you actually have to go)

When the big patch day comes I'll see if I can turn those three battles into parallax maps without too many issues.

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