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Battle Symphony not compatible with the CTP Order Gauge?

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Hello everyone,


I need your help with my battlesystem. I have the following scripts installed:


Ace Battle Engine

YSA Battle System: Predicted Charge Turn Battle

YSA Battle Add-On: Order Battlers

Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony


When the battle starts everything works fine until the moment the character command window should open. The following error pops up:


Script 'Game_Actor' line 674: Type Error occurred

no implicit conversion from nil to integer


Since the battles work fine when I either delete the Battle Symphony OR the Order Gauge, there might be a problem between those two scripts. Changing the order of the scripts does not solve the problem :/


I hope someone can help me. Thx in advance!



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Try putting this little script below those scripts.  It seems to fix the problem without messing anything up.

class Game_Actor < Game_Battler
  # * Get Action Being Input
  def input
    if @action_input_index != nil

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