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DoubleX RMVXA Tag Addon to Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony

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Script name

DoubleX RMVXA Tag Addon to Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony




- This script


- Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony


Terms of use

Same as that of Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony except that you must also give Yami credit(you should do this anyway) if you give DoubleX or his alias credit



Allows users to add their own symphony tags for battler selections



#  ** You only need to edit this part as it's about what this script does      |

module DoubleX_RMVXA
  module YES_BattleSymphony_Tag_Addon

    # This method will only be called by methods get_action_mains and
    # get_action_targets under class Scene_Battle
    def self.symphony_tag(action, result)
      case action
      # Example new symphony tag: id x, game actor with id x
      when /ID[ ](\d+)/i
      # Add your own symphony tags here
      return result
    end # self.symphony_tag

  end # YES_BattleSymphony_Tag_Addon
end # DoubleX_RMVXA






You may want to 'upgrade' the example new symphony tag to this(it can handle any number of game_actor ids):

# Example new symphony tag: id x y - game actors with id x and y respectively
when /ID[ ](\d+(?:\s* \s*\d+)*)/i
  $1.scan(/\d+/).each { |num|





Decent symphony tag and scripting knowledge is needed to use this script



Open the script editor and put this script into an open slot below the script Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony but above Main. Save to take effect.



Same as that of Yami Engine Symphony - Battle Symphony



Q1: How to use symphony tags?

A1: Check http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/19884-a-guide-to-yamis-battle-symphony/?hl=symphony

Q2: How to add new symphony tags using this script without having any scripting knowledge?

A2: You can ask for solutions to deal with specific tags you want to add here(but I may be too nub to answer :)), but right now I don't think I'm competent enough to teach general knowledge for adding new symphony tags XD



v1.00a(GMT 0200 7-3-2014):

- 1st version of this script finished


(DoubleX)YES-Symphony Tag Addon v1.00a.txt

Edited by DoubleX

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