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Copy enemy skill

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Copy enemy skill




When an actor uses a skill tagged with <mimic skill> they will copy 1 random skill from the target enemy and lose the mimic skill until the end of the battle.

The copied skill lasts until the battle ends.

Certain skills can be excluded from being copied by using the setting in the module.


Actors can only copy 1 skill at any time.

Only works for actors.

Actors will not be able to use the copied skill if they do not have access to the skill's skill type.





Tag skill(s) with <mimic skill>.

Add skill ids of the skills you do not want actors to Exclusion_list in the module.


Additional Notes

Compatibility with other scripts is not guaranteed.

It only says Eric<blank> because I didn't put in any skill messages in the database.

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Pretty cool!


Might think about adding this to my current project...

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How do I make this script work. I tested it with one skill, but the enemy skill is not copied.


EDIT: I finally made it work

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