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Enemy HUD 1.0





This script displays enemy stats (HP, MP, TP, stat icons) in the battle screen whilst selecting which enemy to target. It also includes special tags to prevent any of these stats from being drawn. And yes, enemies do have TP.



  • Displays enemies' HP, MP, TP (yes, enemies have TP), name and statuses in the window selection screen.
  • Simple notebox tags to exclude any of these from being drawn.





Some demonstrations of the differing displays of each of the enemies.



How to Use


Paste above main, at the top of your custom scripts list. Follow instructions in script header.




Not really necessary. If you need one, let me know.




Get it at Pastebin.




None as of yet.


Credit and Thanks


- Pacman


Author's Notes




Free for use in non-commercial projects, with credit. For commercial projects, contact me.

Edited by Tim Barker

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