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Auto Battle when Idle

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Auto Battle when Idle

by //mitchi.exe









Script version: 1.2

By: //mitchi.exe

Converted on: Dec. 8, 2011

(This is my first completed VX and VXA script!)



Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/jKk22FAc




This script will make all actors in the party to auto attack when the player is not doing anything (idling) during a party or actor command selection after the specified amount of frames or by pressing a certain button.


This is very useful when you suddenly have to do something else IRL and you don't want to waste game play time!

The script is also beneficial when you're sleepy or lazy... or somethin'...



~The party attacks automatically if player is idle or by a key press

~Can set a specific amount of frames before the auto battle starts

~Can be disabled by a switch



Change the value of MAB_IDLE_FRAMES below to the amount you want:


The party will automatically attack after 'n' frames.


Change the value of DISABLE_IDLE_SWITCH below to a switch you want:


If the switch 'n' is turned ON, the script's features WILL NOT WORK.


You can also enter auto mode by pressing a button.

IDLE_AUTO_KEY = button

where 'button' can be (:A,:X,:Y,:Z,:L,:R)




-Only supports UP, DOWN, OKAY( C ), and CANCEL( B ) keys for idling

-This should work with battle systems that uses @actor_command_window and @party_command_window



v1.2 - Script converted to VXA


Final Notes:

This is my first script, so please help me if I did something wrong! ;3

Edited by mitchi.exe

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I should think a Battle Macros, or Gambit script (FFXII) would work interestingly with something like this.


Battle Macros? Gambits? I'm not really familiar with those systems~ *...youtube*

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It actually shouldn't be overly hard to implement....considering how the BattleManager handles forced actions........maybe I'll take the plunge and start working with RGSS3.... :P


I'm thinking a "top-down" execute action system.....kinda like FFXII.....If you have ideas....just tell me

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