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$D13x - Data Popups

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$D13x - Epic Data Popups



This script creates some cool popups for the main party leader.

Popups shown are things like; exp gained, level up, SP pts gained, DP pts gained, mhp, mmp and params.

VERY helpful for any ABS.


- Popups shown on map / battle scene

- Should work with ANY ABS.











How to Use

Place under Materials and above Main


Master Demo






Credit and Thanks
- Dekita / Dekita-RPG


Author's Notes
ONLY shows for party leader.

Edited by Dektia

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Would there be any possibility to add a script call version? I think that'd be useful because sometimes a game has some kind of unique evented thing that'd be useful to have as a popup. Like, if there was a gathering system then messages like "Gathered 2 Pine Logs" and "Iron Axe broke" could be useful. So instead of the awkwardness of everyone editing the script to suit their needs, it'd be cool if you could just make any message appear as a popup via a script call ^_^

Another idea- show popups when a variable increases? Show popups when you get an item or use certain skills? For example if you used something that raised the encounter rate, it'd be neat to show a message. Maybe something like being able to notetag skills/items with something they'll say if you use them?


But those are just lil ideas, the script is already awesome as it is! Its a nice handy popup system that isn't intrusive for an ABS- a lot of other scripts keep interrupting the action so this is MARVELOUS! :D

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I already have a script for popups when gold items are gained. Found HERE.


I updated the script to allow for showing custom popups. Simply use the script call...

n = "Coolness"
i = 994 # Icon
h = 0   # Icon hue
c = Text_Color::Gold
v = 20 # Value to show

Enjoy :)


You could also do things like...

n = $game_variables[5]
i = $game_variables[6]
h = $game_switches[5] ? 180 : 0
c = Text_Color::Gold
v = $game_actor.unique_info

I will probably do another update when my own ABS is in a better condition. As I have breakable equipment this would be useful :D

feel free to continue suggestions :)



The unique script call data was actually something I meant to do, as I am going to update the Effect Block portion of my core script - so that you can create popups when random things happen - for example, player gains a badge (via badge script), Player does something (via actor control script) and some other things...

Edited by Dektia
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Yay, thank you! Your scripts are amazing, wow I didn't expect that you'd already done it XD

Sorry for not googling before I commented.

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