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Ventwig's Simple Face Hud

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Ventwig's Simple Face HUD - Version 1.31

By Ventwig

(I go by Ventwig, just I ran out of profile changes because it changed me back randomly)



-Shows the faces of up to 4 party members on the top of the screen

-Centers the faces for 1-3 actors to look better

-Options to show names and which gauges to show

-On/off by switch

-Compatible with Neo Gauge Ultimate Ace





Neo Gauge Ultimate Ace

Plug and play gauges!


By Wortana originally(in VX), translated to Ace by Pacman


How to Use

Copy into materials, but above main.

Place above Neo Gauge Ultimate Ace if used.

Almost plug and play, just the switch needs to be ON for the window to show,






Q: My HUD won't show?!

A: The switch that HIDE_SWITCH is set to needs to be ON for the hud to show.


Credit and Thanks

-Usage rules are in the script

-Me, Ventiwg :)

-XAIL for his/her Gold Hud script i refrenced to :)

-gubid in VX who made a video that I got to part 3 on. This gave me basics

-Aarowaim answering simple question and helping me with alias-es

-casper667 helping me with scenes



Version 1 (Apr 2, 2012) - Release

Version 1.2 (Apr 3, 2012) - Fixed issue with screen visible for a second when switching back to map scene, and cleaned up the script by

adding in a method :)

Version 1.3 (Apr 7, 2012) - Fixed an issue with window appearing even when switch was off when damage was taken, and added an option

to draw the character's sprite. Also added the no-gauge option (already there before, was just "hidden")

Version 1.31 (Apr 14, 2012) - Fixed a bug for when there were more than 4 party members.


Update Plans

-Option to close the window around the faces, so there's no excess window

-Any suggestions would be considered :D

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