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Euphoria - Mood Gauge

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This script adds a new gauge to the actor's status in the menu. The gauge is titled "Mood" and can be changed via script calls. To raise a character's mood the script call is: "$game_actors[x].mood_plus" (x being the actors ID). To decrease a character's mood use the script call: "$game_actors[x].mood_minus" (x once again is the actors ID). It only increases/decreases in increments of 5 as of now, and the bar in the menu will change to reflect that value. The script call for conditional branches to check the mood value of an actor is:

"$game_actors[x].mood == y" (x = actors ID, y = mood value)


Version 1.2 adds the ability to see the mood gauge in battle, however, TP must be disabled!


This script overwrites the methods "draw_actor_simple_status" and "draw_guage_area_without_tp" this may cause problems with other scripts that use these methods.



If you notice any errors or have any suggestions for this script, feel free to comment them here or on my website, thanks!



Credit me (Euphoria) if you want to use this script. The rest of the terms of use are in the scripts header.



Download Here



Mood Effects MHP

Mood Skills

Skill Mood Cost

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A suggestion, instead of locking the user defining an amount of mood they can add or remove, its better to pass an argument to it so the users can define how many moods they can add or remove. Instead of doing this:

  def mood_plus
    @mood += 5 unless @mood == 100
  def mood_minus
    @mood -= 5 unless @mood == 0

You can rewrite it as:

  def mood_plus(plus_value)
    @mood += plus_value unless @mood == 100
  def mood_minus(minus_value)
    @mood -= minus_value unless @mood == 0

so, instead of your script call $game_actors[x].mood_plus, you can do:



Edited by SoulpourVII

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Thanks for the suggestion Soul! I may change that, but the reason I didn't do that to begin with is because my add-ons deal with stuff in increments of 5, so I thought it would be useless to have anything less than 5, and for 10 you can just do the script call twice.


Conditional Branch Script Calls are now explained in the description.

Edited by Euphoria

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