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Weapon/Armor Price Adjustment Script

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Script Name: Item Price Adjustment Script

Version: 1.0.0

Author: Gump (@GumpNerd)



This is a small companion script to go with my upcoming shop system. They work together but neither is required for the other to work, so you can use this to adjust prices automatically of weapons/armor type items in any game. This can have some interesting economic impacts. You can have a period of high price inflation due to demand for example.


- "Re/Set the Price": total all parameters, and multiply or add them to the item level squared, then add the value amount for item rarity. Some of these options are controlled by note tags.

- "Inflate the Price": total all parameters, so some fun stuff with random numbers, add the result to items current cost, inflating its price. The command controlling inflation can be called with a number which runs it multiple times.


You can use this script freely in any free or commercial game. Providing credit is not required.


Read More information and get the script here.


A 'Screenshot':





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