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Steal Ability v1.1
By Vlue

Grants you options to set up skills to steal items or abilities, as well as gold, from the enemy. Originally just a steal ability, I thought the name might be confusing, so I added the ability to steal abilities... Yah. Stolen abilities last until the end of the battle.

- Set up skills to steal items, gold, or abilities
- Make certain items or skills or classes or actors increase base chance to steal.

How to Use
Plug and play, set up enemies and items as necessary.

Found on the pastebinz: http://pastebin.com/MLFxVM2v


Credit and Thanks
- By Vlue
- Free to use in any project, commercial or otherwise, with credit given

Author's Notes
Ih ih.

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Would this work in an ABS like Pearl?

Hit or miss, this script overwrites one function that an ABS may use. Just place this script below any ABS scripts and see if it explodes. If so, I can help you in making it work.

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So, it's kinda a necropost I'm doing here but, in the rule it says

  • Necroposting - some areas of the forum have their own guidelines, so check the rules of each forum

And I didn't saw any forum rules specificly for Completed ace script that says Necroposting is a crime... so I'm doing it anyway and, if that's crime, then sorry, I won't do it again xD


Anyway, is there a way to steal multiple abilities from the same enemy ?

I put <STEAL ABILITY 52> then line break <STEAL ABILITY 53> but my skill only steal the ability n°52

All the enemies in my games have two to three skills that can be stolen, and this is the only steal skill script I've seen so far that doesn't make actors learn the skills permanently... So I need this.

Thanks in advance !

Edited by GuiltyAxer

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