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Theo - Terrain Tag as Passability

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Theo - Terrain Tag as Passability

Type : Field Script

Version : 1.0

Original Post : Terain tag as Passability
Introduction :
This script is simply make terrain tag as passability instead of X and O
Feature :
Set event passability depends on terrain tag
Screenshots :

This is how it looks
Set the water terrain tag to a number that you want. e.g 1
Put the notetag to event
Set random movement. And those fish will begin to swim

Downloads :
Click here
Terms of Use :
Credit me, TheoAllen. You are free to edit this script by your own. As long as you don't claim it yours. For commercial purpose, don't forget to give me a free copy of the game.

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If im not mistaken, this enables us to make multiple levels of events.  So we can have things such as:

A group of fish that can swim under water while the players cannot walk/pass across.


I think this could also be used to set up some sort of a mining scene, where the player is walking around on a scaffolding or embankment, and some workers are digging and moving around below the players level.

I also think this might be able to set something up for birds or other flying things as well, but I haven't tried this one yet.

Thoughts? Ideas? Is This Stupid? (Stupid being my post, don't say so unless you got something smart to say though :P )

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I have fish character sets. Sadly, events couldn't walk on X passability. And that means water. So here came the idea.

Just look at the screenshot :P

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I'm using this script, but I seem to be getting an error and I'm not sure why. NoMethodClass line 62: undefined method "each".

@list.each do |command|

The error occurs whenever I enter a map with an event that has a specific condition required to activate. For example, one of my maps needs a switch activated for an event. If I make it so it doesn't require the switch, the map loads perfectly. If I turn the condition on, this error occurs. Requiring a variable doesn't cause the error if the variable is equal to zero, but as soon as its equal to one or above, the error occurs. It occurs for item and actor conditions as well.


I don't know scripting well enough to know if this is something on my fault or not. I tried using the script on a fresh project to see if the error persisted without other scripts to get in the way and it still happened.


Aside from that the script works fine, so I'm just trying to figure out what's causing the hiccups, and if anyone else has had this problem.

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Wow, you know how bad my script is? I even could see the potential glitch or fatal bug you've mentioned just by looking at it. Welp, it's my old script anyway. I just rewrite it's structure, and let see if you still have same problem



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I plugged the script in and ran it on a map that has a conditioned event. It didn't crash. I'll probably test it on a few things before I start implementing it just to make sure, but I've got a feeling this will work! Thank you ^_^

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