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Theo - Basic Modules

Type : Core Script / Utility Script

Version : 1.5


Requirement : You're scripter

Introductions :

Most of famous scripters have their own core script / basic modules, isn't it? That is not different with me. Basic modules makes you easier to make script for a certain case. I have seen many basic modules out there and mine is slightly different with other if I may say. My basic modules is mainly aimed for scripters to doing an experiment or make something. Meanwhile other's needed as the requirement of their script engine. Mine doesn't. Some of my scripts needed it. But mostly not. This basic modules contains a lot of really basic useful functions (hopefully). You could look at features list below or the video I attached



  • Provide basic functions such as convert radian to degree
  • Have coordinate and vector object
  • Bitmap extra addons. You could draw shapes / polygons / line / gradient line / circle / ellispe / arrow
  • Provide functions to move object to a certain coordinate in given time duration
  • Provide functions to change opacity to a certain value in given time duration
  • Provide functions to change angle of sprite
  • Provide basic functions of make afterimage effect
  • Can disable the unused functions to provide more compatibility
  • Rest are written inside the script ...

Video Sample :






Downloads :


Demo (Plus an example usage)


Author Notes :

I'm aware that my basic modules are far from perfect. The code looks much messy. I began to write this basic modules since one year ago. And I'm still updating it until now. However, I even forgot the workflows for some modules. But it works somehow. So, I don't really care. If you could make my basic module more better, you could modified it :D

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