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Trading Posts v1.0
By Vlue

We have here a Trading Script, Trading Posts. This script let's you set up price ranges for items (not weapons or armors), so that they can have a random price per location. Now buying rice in Celonia and selling it in Tritany can actually make a difference, or can be a huge flop... it's random.

- Set price range per location for goods
- Randomize trade values with a script call

How to Use
Customize as needed, make a certain script call before shop processing. Details and instructions in script.

Can be found here: http://pastebin.com/gVu5iNxD


Credit and Thanks
- By Vlue
- Free for use in any project, commercial or otherwise, with credit given

Author's Notes
The precipitation in Spain consistently descends in the long flat grassy areas.

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With this and your appraisal script it sounds like the Suikoden fans have that much more to work with =)

Sounds like an interesting script Vlue. 


Good job!

~ Dinhbat

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