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Theo - VX Style Choices

Type : Message add-on

Version : 1.1


Introduction :
Has anyone played with VX? By default, choices in VX displayed in same window alongside the message. In VX Ace they were splitted up. VX Ace has good decision since it's not erasing the previous message, so you could choose better. However, for certain conditions, the VX Ace style choice looks weird and it's better to use VX style one. Look at the screenshots.
Features :

  • Allow you to use VX Style Choice
  • Can be switched to VX Ace style back

Screenshots :

I HATE this for sure --"
This is better =D
Followed by faceset

Download :

Click here

Terms of Use :
Credit me, TheoAllen. You are free to edit this script by your own. As long as you don't claim it yours. For commercial purpose, don't forget to give me a free copy of the game.
Known incompatibilities :
I alter the Window_Message to display choices. It's highly unlike any cursor script will compatible with this one. Not a crash. But they will not point at the message window choice cursor. I havent tried it with any message system script. But I suggest you not to use in any message balloon / popup scripts.

Edited by TheoAllen

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Oh, wow, thank you so much for this script!

I also found the VX Ace choice style to be a bit wierd in some places too, so I love that you give the option to switch back and forth.

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:) Bug found: it doesn't show the fourth option.


Forget it, i called the script in the incorrect position (between the message  and the options)


Nice script! as always. OP Theo :P

Edited by SGITC

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VX one is neat. However, it will erase the question messages if the choice is more than avalaible lines in message window. That is why Ace separate them. Both are better for certain cases

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