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Missed a lot of Innocenza artwork, so here are the beginning of those uploads :)


House Arcturus is cursed; Acursed yet living, clinging by the progeny of the lost Viennrosette. Unto their ninth generation, Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle keeps their blood alive, flowing. Forgotten atop Wes' black peaks, the Penumbra, progenitors of magic and scions of the abyss, so it is said, continue their isolation after the fall of Lithavania centuries ago. Born episcene and no less during a time when Kolonia was uncertain of its continuity, Miriam grew with her Cachusa's love and doting, her father's provision and guidance.

A funerary air kept the ebon towers of these exiled people's shadowing the next few claimed by the Gravuzie plague, a fate worse than death for such noble people with their sorcery of no effect. The Arcturus had been spared all the while, if not for their blood then from their will, but it would no longer be so for their little home. Darker shadows loomed over the seed of the fallen royals and tragedy would prevail in its wake. Mother and daughter survive the debauchery of their masochist abode turned prison, returning to Cachusa a sleeping power thought lost to the Penumbra. For Miriam, a fractured mind giving birth to Viktoria, bearer of her burdens.

Over the rolling hills of Isalme, along the countryside beyond Notte, a young Huema girl finds no rest for her adventurous mind. It feeds her during the lands hardship from war, it girds her hope of becoming a a proud soldier like her grandfather and becoming the son her father was not granted. No peasants life is easy, but Rema Cetrine DiBesto is fortunate enough and slacks not at her mother's call to chores.

A tomboy enjoying more swinging her caliber branch and scruffing with any lad that spat her way, she desired a dream few but barbarian children could attain. To become a warrior, a knight to protect those dear and live by honor were perhaps things she wished to restore and gain back from the fallen revelry that was once her father.

From the ancient depths of Nis' past will Miriam find her way down the path of hardship and loss. Through trials and tempering must Rema cross over to her self-discovery. Neither will do this alone, not when destiny's course melds the two as one. Innocenza is the precursor to Lost Children, an exploration of where Transient Notte of Ematus Sercia's Knights and her Penumbran companion came. There is more than dark artes and intrigue for these little ones to contend.



Innocenza Illustration A







Little ones~ :)










Meu Totul




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Innocenza artwork continued...


Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle





Full Name- Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle
Alias (s) - Viktoria Arcturus (alter)
Date of Birth- Aral(6)/10/130 A.G. (131 B.E.)
Eyes- Red
Hair- Blonde
Height- 4'3’’ (cm)
Weight- 60 lbs (27.2 kg)
Sex- Epicene (hermaphrodite)
Nationality- Kolonian
Occupation- None
Interests- Fashion, singing, 
Hobby (s) – Viol, piano, lyre, harp, singing, dancing, cooking, reading, sewing

Miriam was sheltered by and dependent upon her mother most of her life. Born with both reproductive parts, it was an anomaly among the proud Penumbra. Her mother received her lovingly if not egregiously, due to either side of family having difficulty accepting the child. Miriam grew up aware of this, but her life with mother and father was ideal for any child. Gifted in song and music, the artes were a daily part of her life and the artisan and theatre districts her favorite places to visit.

At only the age of twelve, her world became faced with the dark reality lying just outside their household; the Gravuzie plague shadowed the black city for many years and never affected her family directly until that fateful day. Upon returning home with her mother, both were immediately attacked and restrained by none other than her father and elderfather. The girl had never noticed the steady change in her father, but the madness they endured went beyond the animalistic savagery it crippled the victim’s minds with. This was just as barbaric if not worse in nature, being calculated ritualistically.

Both were assaulted periodically until Miriam’s psyche broke, allowing a personality to be implanted as well as a powerful spirit. Before anymore could be done, Cachusa awakened to a form lost to the Penumbra, killing her husband and step-father, but rescuing Miriam. Fleeing Kolonia shortly before returning to seek aid from her family, Miriam and she were taken in by Adriana, Miriam’s great eldermother and progenitor of the current Arcturus bloodline. During their recovery mentally and physically, Miriam discovered herself to be with child and fled the mountain hollow.

It would not be for many months until Cachusa, Ilinca and Adriana found her again, already given birth and discarding it. This is when the personality, Vikotoria took control for nearly a decade. During that time, they were sent without Kolonia to elude whomever among the elders of Kolonia was behind the incident, if not the spread of the plague. Sheltered within Lumas Interlo by House Dianisia, allies of House Arcturus, Miriam/Viktoria were most stable during this time.

Ill fate followed again, with Valdmir Blair, figure behind the Red Council, discovered her in Dianisia’s care. Ebrem Castle was attacked and all but Viktoria, Cachusa and Amunda Dianisia escaping. With her only friend leaving them for revenge, while the pair went into the wilds again. Fortune came to them when bandits stumbled upon their cursed wood with treasure stolen from the Duke of that land. Taking it for themselves and killing the Duke’s knights, they disguised themselves in Huema society.

Finding themselves in Isalme, this is when Miriam met Rema DiBesto, a Huema girl that would become a true friend and companion. Sharing not just their gain with the struggling family, Miriam taught Rema magic, literacy and the artes of various cultures. To fulfill Rema’s dream of becoming a knight, she also taught her swordplay learned at her time in Ebrem. Once Miriam learned Rema’s secret concerning her father, Miriam (or Viktoria) was the last to see him alive.


Having made Rema an Umbra, a half-Penumbra through a forbidden blood ritual, eventually her mother Magnolia as well through Cachusa, the families journeyed Catheel together of many decades. Their joy and adventures came to an end when Marteen, a knight having survived their battle long ago, became a Hunter and survived on the blood of Penumbra, returned for revenge. Parting with her friend, Miriam and Cachusa prepared themselves for an entire order of Penumbra Hunters.



Rema Cetrine Merloci




Full Name- Rema Cetrine DiBesto
Alias (s) - Transient Notte
Date of Birth- Aral 6/15/72 SE
Age- 11 yrs old
Eyes- Grey
Hair- Black
Height- 5’1’’ (154.9 cm)
Weight- 105lbs (47.6 kg)
Sex- Female
Nationality- Isalmian
Occupation- None
Interests- Traveling, music, mythology, dance, knights
Hobby (s) - Manteen-back riding, collecting holy stones

The child of a commoner and gypsy, Rema dreamed of becoming a knight at a young age after hearing many of her grandfather’s war stories. Adopting boyish tendencies despite her mother’s rearing, it was less enviable in the eyes of her father. Despite his discouraging her hoyden ways, it did little to stop it or from scuffling with local boys for their teasing. After her grandfather’s death at the Battle of Baledgnona where Rema’s father also disgraced himself, stability for the family shifted. Imprisoned for a year, Rema barely recognized him, even less after he took heavily to spirits and became violent towards them.

Imagination was the one thing that could take her mind off of the hard times that beset them because of the current war’s effects. The grape vineyard and other crops once serving them well no longer yielded enough to keep up with demand, their only option seeming to be servitude under the land’s lord. Her father’s pride would not allow this nor for his wife to help their crisis, he joined Rema’s grandfather and uncle into the next major battle in hopes of looting wealth enough to sustain them.

While the men were away, Rema’s grandmother taught her to hunt as their gypsy descendants did for food and income, and the girl was easily able to adapt it into an adventure. Ill tidings continued when her uncle returned alone, informing them her grandfather fell on the field and father was imprisoned for egregious conduct.

It was around this time that Rema first met Miriam Gavrielle during the snowy season, the girl and her mother moving into the outskirts of Notte’s countryside. Rema became enamored with her vast experience of the world, lavishness and feminine appeal Rema felt she lacked. Their friendship led to Rema learning to read, write, learn of the world Miriam had experienced, it’s wonders and dangers and much about the Penumbra. To her ultimate joy, Miriam also taught her the arte of fencing, her first steps toward fulfilling her dream.


Cachusa Saphrene Arcturus Gavrielle





Full Name- Cachusa Saphrene Arcturus Gavrielle
Alias- None
Age- 99 years old
Date of Birth- Nebre(7)/22/44 BE
Race- Penumbra
Nationality- Kolonian
Eyes- Red
Hair- Blonde
Height- 5'5" (165.1 cm)
Weight- 127 lbs (57.6 kg)
Sex- Female
Occupation- Sorceress
Interests- Clothing/fashion, music, poetry, sorcery, novella, fine & culinary artes, floriculture
Hobbies- Viol, piano, gardening, diary, reading, writing, cooking, seaming, light weaving

Third child of Costach and Ilinca Cardinal, she and her elder sister survive their older brother, a victim of the Gravuzie virus overshadowing the Penumbra of Kolonia. Suffering from uncontrollable fits growing up, her behavior earned her a reputation as extremely troubled and dangerous, seeing as she had tendency to use her magic unhindered on whatever occasion. Attributing this to her huge insecurities compared to her siblings, Cachusa’s temperament dwindled somewhat as a young woman, but vanished the moment she gave birth to Miriam.

Motherhood matured her drastically as she devoted herself entirely to raising the girl, if not at times spoiling her and being overprotective. Due to Miriam’s condition at birth, it alienated the child from both sides of her family, to which Cachusa was quick to cut them off as she and Elyot worked to further his political career. Still close with her aunt and uncle, Cachusa remained conscious that aside from this, her own introverted personality would become apart of her daughter, recognizing she desired this dependency for her own comfort.

Unaware of the danger she protected Miriam from, the gravuzie virus would soon come to her home in a way unimagined. Noticing very little of Elyot’s condition as it varied from all other cases, she and her daughter were not prepared for the horrors that awaited them and would last many days. Enduring the sado-masochism of her changed husband and father-in-law, Cachusa only thought of somehow saving Miriam up until her body finally gave in. It was then under inexplicable circumstances that her Penumbra blood “awakenedâ€, allowing her to take a form lost to her people centuries ago and killed both Stromber and Elyot. 

Fleeing with Miriam into the wilderness to heal and collect herself after the trauma, the only thing she had left was her family. Through this tragedy the past was of no effect and she learned all that had happened was of a dark design by Vladmir Blair, the oldest of the Penumbra surviving Lithavania and hidden hand behind the Red Council. Under her eldermother, Adriana Arcturus, she learned how to harness her abilities and eventually, she and Miriam were sent away from Kolonia, away from Vladmir’s influence. It was also part of Cachusa’s mission to find a way to help Miriam, now fracture from what she endured and forced to carry an unknown spirit within her, one that grows in influence with the passing of time.




Magnolia Rem DiBesto




Full Name- Magnolia Rem DiBesto
Alias (s) - None
Date of Birth- Ceorl 10/23/147SE
Age- 34 yrs old
Eyes- Grey
Hair- Ashen blonde
Height- 5’4’’ (162.5cm)
Weight- 123lbs (55.7 kg)
Sex- Female
Nationality- Isalmian
Occupation- Vineyardess, dancer, huntress/trapper
Interests- Nomadic culture, animals, culinary artes, theology, spirits, herbology
Hobby (s) - Manteen-back riding, gardening, dancing, fortune readings

Coming from a family of gypsies, the misconceptions of their people never truly impacted Magnolia and her siblings in their childhood, her father hired as a bodyguard and soldier in Isalme throughout his life. Wildlings, as they were, called, raised carefree and being resourceful with the land around them on their travels. When the time came to settle down with all five children, the Merloci family set house outside the rural village of Notte, planting a vineyard and small shop of gypsy expertee.

Magnolia fell in love with a young man, Terzo, of little repute, but just the right ruff around the edges for her. Despite hesitance on their part, Magnolia and Terzo were given blessings to marry. Terzo helped at the vineyard and eventually joined Guliarno in small skirmishes. It was not long before Magnolia gave birth to a daughter, Rema.

Together with what earnings Terzo earned over the years and help from her parents, the pair bought back Terzo's family home collected in debt. Putting away her gypsy garbs and ornaments for "egibri" attire, Magnolia settled into the role of a housewife; on occassion however, she would attend the return of the troupe in dance and at times during festivals in Notte.

Times were fair in the beginning, but with the return of war, the small vineyard they began on their own could not stand. Terzo's incompetence on the battlefield and infidelity could be traced to his love of spirits. Resourceful from her rearing, it was all Magnolia could do to barely manage. Her only solace was in her faith of the Reverent Mother. The one thing she could manage was keeping her tomboy daughter's spirits high even with her worsening marriage.

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Next up of Innocenza portraits and bios...



Adriana Stella Arcturus




Full Name- Adriana Stella Arcturus
Alias (s) - None
Date of Birth-Dyne/9/1027 CR (367AG)
Age- 508 yrs old
Eyes- Violet
Hair- Dark Blue
Height- 5'11'' (180 cm)
Weight- 144 lbs
Sex- Female
Nationality- Lithavanian
Occupation- None (Sorceress)
Interests- Penumbran history, ancient history, sorcery, Lithavanian fine artes, Lithavanian architecture, astrology, theology, philosophy, astrology, astronomy, zoology, foreign customs, culinary artes 
Hobby (s) – Piano, viol, star charting, reading, painting, gem forging, light weaving, cooking, charms, tarot reading, meditation, taming Wes Mountain's creatures, flying, gardening

The last Viennrosette of Lithavania, Adriana witnessed the destruction of her home and kingdom, said to be at her father's hands during her uncle's rebellion for the throne. With only her great uncle Germaine, they took refuge in Gale and the Gardens of Rayne. Still young, Germaine tried to gather loyalists to reistablish their royal house, but Vladmir Blair and other elders of the Penumbra branded House Arcturus traitors, cutting them off from much support.

Germaine left to find a means to regain their place and truth behind Lithavania's fall, but he never returned. Adriana remained in the Gardens for a time until meeting Daemona, one of the last Salbaticci (feral) of their people. Hiding away in the mountain heights of Wes Border Mountains, they watched the progression of Kolonia as Adriana planned to take back what was hers.

Adriana continued her lineage through Engel, Ilinca and Rochel, raising them in preparation to enter Kolonia and reinstate their family name. Like Daemona, Adriana still retained her Penumbra form where all in the settlement were no longer able, not even her children.

Over the many decades and after Daemona's final rest, Adriana watched over her family from the mountains. She watched the mysterious Gravuzie virus surface among her people and Varen's death at the creature's hands; both suspecting Vladmir and the Red Council to be behind. With what befell Cachusa and Miriam, Adriana decides it is time for her to step from the shadows and take an active role. With Cachusa awakening, she leaves to follow the vague trail her great uncle left behind.



Engel Arial Arcturus




Full Name- Engel Arial Arcturus
Alias (s) - None
Date of Birth- Estas/25/217 AG
Age- 358 yrs old
Eyes- Red
Hair- Black
Height- 5'9’’ (175 cm)
Weight- 163 lbs (73.9 kg)
Sex- Male
Nationality- None (claims Lithavania)
Occupation- Bureaucrat
Interests- Penumbran history, Lithavanian fine artes, polity, wine brewing, blacksmithing, glyph-blade forging, Nisrian culture, Huema culture
Hobby(s)– Attending social functions, wine-tasting, four-lord's folly, cooking, painting

Firstborn of Adriana Arcturus and currently only male of the surviving Arcturus line. This places him as the head of his clan on which all responsibility and success of their reinstatement rest. Prepared specially from a young age, his mother was stricter with him (in part due to his nonchalant personality). Though masterful in the magic artes, his skill with the blade has yet to be bested.

Taking his sisters with him into Kolonia under instruction of their mother, their dependency on him matured him greatly and he quickly made a name for himself among the aristocracy, though womanizing became a new bad habit. He became a new voice within the Red Council, Kolonia's governing voice, and a figure loyalists to the old monarchy could rely their hopes. Where support was garnered, enemies of the Arcturus while those dispassioned from the past watched the outcome.

Currently in a power struggle with the senior members of the council, Engel has made the gravuzie crisis his primary focus despite a sliding grip, reinforced by his brother-in-law, Costach Cardinal. The impact of the virus strikes home when he learns his niece Cachusa's home has been destroyed by what appears to be the work of someone within transformed, with only mangled bodies as evidence of victims.


Aside from his role within Kolonia, Engel secretly is a patron of the Penumbra Underground, a group harboring those seeking life outside the settlement's confines for the outside world. Feared and despised by the Huema and thin relations with the Aerolite, the Underground shelters and supplies Penumbra through the western reaches of Catheel while slowly expanding.



Ilinca Ortensia Arcturus Cardinal




Full Name- Ilinca Ortensia Arcturus Cardinal
Alias (s) - None
Date of BirthSigne/12/213 AG
Age- 354 yrs old
Eyes- Red
Hair- Black
Height- 5'0'' (152cm)
Weight- 113 lbs
Sex- Female
Nationality- None (claims Lithavania)
Occupation- None (Biologist)
Interests- Penumbran history, sorcery, Lithavanian fine artes, Lithavanian architecture, astrology
Hobby (s) – Piano, viol, singing (rare), star charting, reading, painting, interior design, gem forging

Ilinca is the second child of Adriana Arcturus, former Viennrosette (princess) of Lithavania. Raised in their mountain hermitage away from Kolonia, they were taught of their lineage, its betrayal, downfall contrary to what the rest of their people believe. Having a wit and way with words from a young age, Adriana nurtured it into speechcraft alongside schooling in polity and diplomacy. Aside this, Ilinca inherited her mother's gift for the black artes as well as a personal interest in the sciences.

Sent to Kolonia as a young woman, she acted as her brother's adviser until she married a loyalist to House Arcturus, Costach Cardinal. Eventually the two men gained a foothold with a handful of allies in the Red Council, allowing Ilinca to begin her own initiative of exploring the mystery of how the Penumbra lost their inherent forms and abilities. She also provided some knowledge when the Gravuzie outbreaks began. This research was halted by her becoming a mother to three of her own, Varen, Vetrise and Cachusa.

Hardships came when it seemed the Arcturus numbers were growing with their influence. Cachusa was born with an unstable mind, causing violent fits and emotional swings most of her young life. Varen and his fiance were killed by Gravuzie, something she believed was planned by enemies among the council, including Ser Vladmir Blair. With Vetrise being close to her brother and finding a mentor in Blair, she chose to leave Kolonia altogether while continuing her mother's research and her own. It was only after these events did Cachusa's behavior vanish altogether, a mystery staying with Ilinca until some time later when Cachusa gave birth to her own daughter.

Unable to accept the child's unisexuality and added distance between she and Cachusa, it would not be until years later after Miriam's possession and Cachusa's awakening that Ilinca began putting the puzzle together with aide from her mother. Through Vetrise's letters linking the gravuzie to the Red Council, Ilinca would slowly begin to unravel a chain events from the far past and those that followed the Arcturus to present day.


Rochel Dian Arcturus Archibald




Full Name- Rochel Dian Arcturus Archibald
Alias (s) - None
Date of Birth- Estas/8/212 AG
Age- 353 yrs old
Eyes- Red
Hair- Brown
Height- 5'3’’ (160 cm)
Weight- 125 lbs (56.6 kg)
Sex- Female
Nationality- None (claims Lithavania)
Occupation- Poetess/Writer, Potter
Interests- Penumbran history, Lithavanian fine artes, Kolonian fine artes, linguistics, foreign novels, horticulture, floriculture
Hobby(s)– Cooking, sewing, reading, light weaving, gem forging

Youngest of Adriana's children, Rochel inherited a gentleness neither her parents possess though her mother says it is from her grandmother. Soft-hearted and meek, she tended to be subject to Ilinca's whims while Engle is closest to a father figure and respects him so. Separation from their hollow and Adriana was the most difficult for her, having Engel bring her back regularly at some risk.

Eventually settling into their new life, she grew to enjoy the culture and achievements of their people, particularly the artisan guild. Marrying a young architect, she became Lady Archibald yet has yet to bear children like her sister.

Instead, she took to a secondary mother role towards Ilinca's children and eventually, Miriam. She demonstrates a strength of character in comforting her sister though just as distraught and continues contact with Cachusa and Miriam when possible when they go into hiding beyond Kolonia.



Costach Cardinal




Full Name- Costach Cardinal

Alias(s) - None

Date of Birth- Heste/30/332 CR

Eyes- Crimson

Hair- Blonde

Height- 6'3'' (190 cm)

Weight- 190 lbs (86.5 kg)

Sex- Male

Nationality- Kolonian

Occupation- Bureaucrat

Interests- History, politics, philosophy, music, wine-making

Hobby (s) – Reading, fencing, drinking



A man after his father, Costach became a loyalist as he did, a bureaucrat in favour of restoring the olde ways of Lithavania and after the reemergence of House Arcturus, the realization of restoring the monarchy became a possibility when they were thought lost. An idealistic young man that desired close ties with Arcturus, Costach became one of few that became a close and personal friend to Engel Arcturus, who would be Viennrose.



Being in close company with the family, he came to know the Arcturus sisters well and at Engel’s prodding, Costach courted Ilinca, the eldest daughter. A hard woman to please, he came to learn Ilinca enjoyed trying his patience in all matters; combating his views even if they were the same, questioning if his allegiance was a golden opportunity for a starting politician and his worthiness at her hand. A patient man, he always gave in to her jests and oddly enough became a bonding point.



To his shock, she accepted his proposal and let down her guard, the pair becoming like-minded partners and companions. With the birth of Varen, Vetrise and Cachusa, Costach became even more driven to contend against the controlling faction of Red Council and Vladmir Blair, the de facto leader of Kolonia.



Dark times came to Kolonia with the arrival of the Gravuzie plague, the first disease known to affect Penumbra and only them. Where superstition surfaced among a rationale people, Costach voice his wife’s independent studies alongside that of their scholars newly delved into medicine and research with this menace, but little did countermeasures halt the slow, shadowy plague. Costach participated in the vote to quarantine and study the infected in their advanced, rabid stages with little options left to debate.



Costach was also instrumental in assisting Engel in forming Lumas Interlo along with Draken Dianisia and other loyalists, an independent organization directly responding to the dark times with the arrival of the Gravuzie plague by offering relief and even sheltering into the outside world for those looking to the outside world, despite its dangers.



The weight of Varen’s death weighed upon Costach being the one to elect his son to the position of liason between Kolonia and Castle Ebrem, a waypoint for Penumbran refugees. With this came Vetrise leaving home under the wing of Vladmir Blair, where for a time caused Costach to directly aggressively stand against and vocally accuse Vladmir of controlling the Red Council from the shadows.




With the next tragedy that came from the Gravuzie plague upon the family, Costach acted immediately in the search for his daughter and granddaughter, while laying a few traps in the likelihood Iinca’s theory was correct in these amalgamations somehow being controlled or the plague itself being artificial.





Vetrise Rodica Arcturus Caridnal




Full Name- Vetrise Rodica Arcturus Cardinal


Alias(s) – Ovara Marie


Date of Birth- Aral/14/13 AG


Eyes- Green


Hair- Black


Height- 5’8’’ (172 cm)


Weight- 144 lbs (65.4 kg)


Sex- Female


Nationality- Kolonian


Occupation- Sorceress-Priestess


Interests- Penumbra physiology, abysmology, numerology, runology, sorcery, nature, animals, literature/poetry, sanguinology, astrology


Hobby (s) – Poetry, star charting, lyre, reading



Vetrise was a gifted child, inquisitive of the world around her and eager to learn about it. Once taught their family’s mission was to restore their name and their people, she took to it with all seriousness beyond that of her mother. She began to study after Ilinca’s work in understanding their inner workings, blood and the influence the abyss.



She had always been close with her elder brother Varen, neigh inseparable until he began courting his future wife. By this time Cachusa was born and assumed her duty to the child though signs of detachment from people began to form. The world inside her head and that which she could formulate was rational, where people and her little sister’s manic behavior did not.



Before she was even able to graduate, Vladmir Blair, considered the greatest mind in Kolonia, secretly approached Vetrise. His proposition was to use her brilliance for the aim of furthering the future of the Penumbra and cure the Gravuzie plague that had begun to spread; this goal was in line with that of House Arcturus, but Blair was also the sworn adversary of her family and thought on the invitation. Before she could refuse for the sake her mother, the death of Varen and his wife at the hands of the gravuzie became her severing tie with anything save her research.



Too sudden for her mother and father to protest, Vetrise departed not long after Varen’s final rest to study among Vladmir’s select minds, eventually becoming part of his Moon Sect, part of the sect Bal Hora.



No one ever saw Vetrise again for many years, save letters she annually wrote her mother. It would not be until learning the possible death of her sister at the same fate of Varen she was moved to further bitterness toward herself, but then learned of her great eldermother, Adriana and Cachusa’s survival and latente form being revived. It would be through Bal Hora’s connection to Luminas Interlo she would keep contact with her sister to safeguard her from what possibly could be Vladmir’s unseen hand, as well as uncover secrets hidden within Cachusa that could liberate them all.

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Innocenza character bios and portraits continued (some of these need a bit sprucing up, but no real time for that)



Vladmir Blair




One of the oldest elders surviving Lithavania, Vladmir gained the respect of his peers and the people for his leadership within the Red Council. A genius and innovator as well, he has contributed to the magic, automation and life artes. Once a friend to the royal family, Vladmir allied himself with Viennri Iris Arcturus for political reasons, which led to the usurping of the throne and eventual destruction of the kingdom.  The truth behind those last days remains shrouded and the blame resting on the Viennrose. When the Gravuzie plagues began, Vladmir disappeared from the public and political arena in what was said to dedicate himself to its eradication.

Despite the bad blood between him and House Arcturus, Vladmir sent a letter of invitation to Ilinca's eldest daughter, Vetrise, acknowledging her gifted mind. Before she ended contact with her family, her letters revealed Vladmir experimenting on the infected and suspected alike, an organization formed of Huema and Nisrian involved in the blackest sorcery to the noblest pursuits. Eventually he became an obscure shadow, possibly of his intention.

After Cachusa and Miriam leave Kolonia, Cachusa learns of his activities outside the settlement from Lady Prominette Dianisia and possible connection between him and Stromber Gavrielle, her father-in-law.

Leaving Miriam with Prominette, Vladmir makes himself to the child and his ability to control Viktoria and the spirit within her. From this he learns she has become an open conduit, possibly enough to contain the one he seeks.



Draken Horea Dianisia



Full Name- Draken Horea Dianisia


Alias(s) - None


Date of Birth- Imir/11/264 CR


Eyes- Red


Hair- Brunette


Height- 6’0’’ ft (182 cm)


Weight- 150 lbs (8 kg)


Sex- Male


Nationality- Kolonian


Occupation- Olde Lord, emissary


Interests- Penumbrology, sorcery, Penumbra history, strategy/tactics, culture, abyssology, fashion


Hobby (s) – Reading/research



House Dianisia is one of the founding families of Lithavania and only remaining among them that still supports House Arcturus.



Heir as the eldest of House Dianisia, Draken and his parents remained loyal to the Arcturus royal line while his younger siblings adopted the current views of Kolonia. He had somewhat of a rivalry with Varen Arcturus in their younger years with object of his effection, Prominette Goyumscye smitten with him. Having principle even then, he kept their sport light and focused on succeeding to the head of his family and keeping one of the few loyals among the chairs of the Red Council.



An admirer of Vladmir Blair's accomplishments as an inventor, Draken vouched at least for the Penumbra's advancement, not to be left behind to the world they had forsaken. This included medical research, somethig the Penumbra had no need for until the Gravuzie Plague proved incessant within their already small numbers. He had long known of the Arcturus involvement in allowing so few adamant to leave the settlement through a secret route to the outside world.



When news had reached the young lord of Varen and his fiancee's death by the hands of gravuzie, Draken offered his assistance to Engel Arcturus in ending the plague and sheltering those wishing escape beyond Kolonia. It was then he learned Prominette was also aiding Engel and from thence it would not be long til they wed.



Offered a position as representative without Kolonia from Ser Blair, something said to be forbidden, it at least made their helping the Lumas Interlo easier, though he felt somewhat a double-agent knowing the bad blood between Vladmir and House Arcturus. Nevertheless, Draken moved his wife and newborn child to Castle Ebrem, becoming privy to some of Bal Hora's inner-workings.



 Prominette Dianisia





House Dianisia is one of the founding families of Lithavania and only remaining among them that still supports House Arcturus.


Prominette Goyumscye belonged to a merchant family that came into wealth thanks to House Arcturus, thus keeping close business ties with them. When the three Arcturus children appeared in Kolonia, few made their fealty known to them, the Goyumscye being one. Prominette grew up with Varen and Vetrise, even once courting the young heir for a time.


Marrying Ser Draken Dianisia, a fellow Arcturus loyalist, she continued her support of the family friends, but Vladmir Blair's involvement with her husband created unease. With Draken receiving special permission to act as a secret envoy between Bal Hora and its alliances, Prominette supported this while also accepting a task from Engel that only she could do; act as rendezvous and operator of Lumas Interlo outside of Kolonia. It would not be until Amunda was born did they leave their home and begin building Ebrem Castle.



Learning of Cachusa's situation, Engel reached out to her beforehand, using Lumas Interlo to shelter them from those that sought them; the speculations that Blair was involved did not escape Prominette, but accusations would put her husband in a predicament. With her agents with eyes upon Cachusa and Miriam after reaching Lamda View, it was not long before a revolt was staged by the Penumbra there and contact with them was lost. Eventually once they resurfaced a year later, Prominette had them brought to Ebrem immediately to safeguard them.


Amunda Dianisia



House Dianisia is one of the founding families of Lithavania and only remaining among them that still supports House Arcturus.

Amunda is the only child of Lord and Lady Dianisia with many responsibilities awaiting her since she become of age. Shortly after she was born, her father was assigned an outpost he constructed known as Ebrem Castle, a waypoint for Lumas Interlo that would eventually develop and rendevous for Bal Hora, including Vladmir Blair. When Miriam and Cachusa arrive at their home, Amunda's unique outlook and friendship influence both Miriam and Viktoria (the latter of which Amunda becomes minutely aware).


Since her parents overseeing of the underground for refugees, Amunda was given the responsibility of managing the funds of operations. As loyalists that wish to see the Arcturus restored as the royal bloodline, Amunda the opportunity to personally mentor and befriend one as an honor. Still a young woman with much freedom, her other influences upon Miriam/Viktoria are the more bawdy traits of Dianisia.

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Full Name- Lauro Merloci

Alias (s) – Alphamus Xion Nuefraust

Date of Birth- Bethsaea7/11/110 SE

Eyes- Turquoise

Hair- Azure

Height- 3'3” (175.2 cm)

Weight- 35 lbs (16 kg)

Sex- Male

Nationality- ??? (Nuefrolian)

Occupation- None

Interests- Toys, dolls, playing, animals

Hobby (s) – Playing, painting, reading, piana


          In a bizarre turn of events, this babe was found sheltered in a thorn bush by Mila while out with her family. Unscathed but in tears, Rema and Miriam went in search of his parents as he was located beneath a cliff. With no sign of even a confrontation it would see the only clue that had to the baby boy's identity were the Nuefrolian patterns and make of his swaddle and attire.

Taking him in as Rema famously does with the lost children, he was looked after until she learned more. And more there was to learn. Months later it came through the channels of Ematus Sercia that the Queen of Nuefraust had been attacked in route to Rayne and the infant Prince had been presumed dead in the ambush. The choice to return him was possible, but she held a gambling chip that would rather be used by the corrupt politicians rather than have Nuefraust in their debt. Safer to keep him secret, Rema adopted the boy and named him, Lauro.

In the transpiring events in Dusk and Rema disabling Ematus Sercia after discovering their plot, the only evidence of the conspiracy and trump card they had to find an ally to listen was through Lauro. So they set off with the boy to return him to his homeland and just as unaware of the shadows following to ensure the Prince did not return.


Lauro X Rema- In all respects, Rema is Lauro's mother. He has known no other nor can recall because of this young age. The only complaint possible in his upbringing would be that there were crucial times when first adopted that Rema was called away on duty, a year once. If Lauro was not occupied with Mila when she stayed, he was his mother's shadow.


Lauro X Miriam- Miriam was teacher to all three children, particularly educated in Nuefraulian history and culture. In fact, it became standard each child was educated to some extent in various literacy, artes, natural sciences, geography and religion. Given his age, Lauro was on an elementary level, but able to communicate with Miriam in her language. He calls her “matusa”, or aunt and vehemently enjoys her cooking.
It likely won't be until older that he is able to truly appreciate the role she played in his life.


Lauro X Mila- Like a sister to Lauro, they are by far the closest given age and Mila's responsibility toward him being the one that found him. He is at his most active when Mila stays at Rema's manor or Lauro visits Miriam's abode. If there is ever anything he doesn't understand from the adults around him, Mila is the one that relates it to him.


Lauro X Magnolia- His grandmother and the one that spoils him, of course. He has associated the short trip to her home with treats and whatever interests and hobbies Magnolia has stumbled upon.




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Yes, indeed, it has been some time. Going to be a tad preoccupied from my passion these days, but will try and get as many mounting WIPs done

and posted before posting anything current. This is an old character that came to mind in such fashion, so an idea that went down immediately, whereas

I commonly delay ^^;


Erthane Inland motif



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Illustration for my OC project, ALTER. If I have not explained before, a good summary is that the story revolves around Jenin, a young man with D.I.D. (dissociative identity disorder). I am lingering on making two different variations: one more realistic and the style reflecting this, and a more animated style involving Jenin delving into his "mindscape" to and venturing the real world to recover his lost memories (if they really are lost). The other characters shown left, right and bottom are Nanashi, Senza and Mute, respectively; his alternate personalities.



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On 11/28/2017 at 3:43 PM, Amysaurus said:

Oh wow - this is looking great so far! I think the lady in blue's left eye might be a bit high up, but the style and colors all turned out really well. :)

So sorry for the two month delay on this ^^; Holidays came and was busy with life and work. Hope you're doing well, madam and thank you very much! Oh, I see what you mean with the eye. I'm not sure if I would have caught that anytime soon haha

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Past works...

Hannah of the Rivers



I'm happier with my improvement in digital colouring, but starting to realize the lack of shadow in my

pieces, or rather dynamic shadow and lighting. I'm thinking this one is very possible to go back and

apply such, but more than likely will only appear on my DA ^_^;
Most recent piece of one of the Moon Clan, other than Tulamar.

Gigan Doma: Furui Inu



An old story I'd created (Gigan Doma) with an offshoot about aged tokusatsu heroes returning to save the world. More to the

drama, but haven't fully developed it yet other than this piece for this conceptual piece.

Beasts All Over the City



Something I did for the October season~ No idea what it is, just an ugly kaiju lol

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Bone Factory 0 is a series of illustrations I plan on doing centering around the themes of post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, man's inability to control the force known as life, birth, death and renewal. 





Edited by BluMiu

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ALTER- Nanashi
First drawing of OC since her conception. Pretty bad when that was over ten years ago ^^; She's been in group pieces, but never solo or full body as Ive

been very wary of drawing these characters (personal reasons), but finally settled on it.

Threads of Fate fan art- Starlight Duke
Startlight Duke

Lost Children Pt.I- Dark Goddess Charon
One of my many early attempts at really learning to paint with light and shadow. I've been really

hesitant to be heavy with shadows when necessary because of fear of losing detail, a very old angst that
I've finally gotten rid of for the greater part. It looks nice here, but could be way better, along with execution;

it's a start.
Dark Goddess Charon

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Cerulean Sky- Sellah


A shattered world divided by a celestial sea due to a cataclysmic even none can remember. Ships were able to sail through the buoyant matter, making travel and trade possible again, though pirates emerged as legendary figures and banes upon those that traversed land to land. One such pirate crew, the Proper Arapipe, are one of these marauders of the star-glittered divide. With their captain sick, his niece and crew seek out the rumors of a bard that can heal any malady with his songs. Once they finally catch up to the miraculous musician, they discover he also has the power to reform the broken world. The boy, Sellah, is taken aboard their ship in their gratitude for saving the captain, promising to take him to each land and restore the world and its memories; however, this adventure unveils an ancient conflict and the true identity of the bard.

The Younger Kotoba






Very much my most anime styled works in a long time, and still trying to get the hang of it after working with more realism after so long (aside chibis :))

Rema II




Princess Knight II



An older and younger Rema, more than used to drawing her by this point to where it's comfortable. I'd love to feel that way about most of my characters, but given the sheer number and not making it to other projects because of so much to work on before that, just how it's going to be for now.


Edited by BluMiu

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Dusk Merloci Illustration A



GF's B-Day gift. (Persona-fied) she and her OCs to be like Phantom Thieves. A piece I surprised myself with, really.





Edited by BluMiu
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I hath returned with arte.




An illustration for personal project, Eternity: Innocenza



And throwing in some game fanart. Hopefully someone is familiar with Galerians as it was a very intriguing, dark and neat game.

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On 4/10/2020 at 11:34 PM, PhoenixSoul said:

Lots of beautiful artwork here, though some of the links are borked...

Thank you very much! Plenty more to catch up with on here. Hmm, if they are a year or more older, I wouldn't doubt it. I'll go back and check which ones.

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Duraturo Notte~revised



Gang Fedice portrait~revised





Full Name- Gang Fedice

Alias (s) - None

Date of Birth- Dyne2/8/75 SE

Eyes- Hazel Green

Hair- Black

Height- 5'9” (175.2 cm)

Weight- 150 lbs (68 kg)

Gender- Male

Nationality- Isalmian

Occupation- Collector

Interests- Antiques, taverns, foreign language

Hobby (s) – Socializing, gambling


Born and raised in South Saggio, Gang was a street urchin, or to say an orphan left alone by the last war. He was fortunate enough however to born in a time where sympathetic hearts could be found, Cetrine Nerosa being one of such. Where wealthier benefactors afforded some shelter for them to reside, Cetrine took to providing basic necessities and inadvertently, a role model. Gang himself was smitten by who seemed a mother figure and unlike any woman he had known.


The elementary learning he received opened up better doors for him, but Gang had his mind set on adventure, primarily as a journeyman and adventurer; he was no warrior like Cetrine, so it was the next best thing. Striking out without a means was not possible, so he took to odd jobs among the lower side and less than savory characters of the underworld. This is how he came upon his profession as a collector, first spying on rival gangs or infiltrating various labour fields to gain blackmail or documents.


After officially signing on to the Collector’s guild, part in due to the guildmaster’s second giving him a place to stay, his reconnaissance skills proved to be of substantial benefit alongside a second-rate sleuths’ nose. Earning some respect and equal ill fame, Gang found himself snooping into Ematus Sercia, a rumored new branch of Isalme’s army. There were rumours of Megiddo Amaudio in the underworld and he was sent to see what he could dig up. This led him to once again encounter the woman from his childhood, just as he remembered her.

She remembered him however. Instead of imprisoning him, Rema Merloci, her current alias far as he knew, made him an informant rather easily. This was of his own volition of course still being smitten, but curiosity in how she had not seemed to age a day intrigued him and thus formed a partnership and friendship with the female knight. Generally upbeat and full of stories from his assumed travels city to city, Gang became a welcome face in Rema’s home and to the two families residing within.

He has yet to understand the relationship between Rema and Miriam, but it shed some light on her mysterious vitality; a secret he has kept to himself.



Viktoria Arcturus portrait





Full Name- Viktoria Arcturus
Alias (s) - Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle (main persona)
Date of Birth- Aral(6)/10/130 A.G. (131 B.E.)
Eyes- Red
Hair- Blonde
Height- 4'3’’ (129 cm)
Weight- 60lbs (27.2 kg)
Sex- Epicene (hermaphrodite)
Nationality- Kolonian
Occupation- None
Interests- Arte, sorcery, musik, mythology, Penumbra history, novella, fashion
Hobby (s) – Viol, piano, lyre, harp, singing, dancing, cooking, reading, sewing


    Viktoria’s persona was created during the ritual abuse at the hands of her elderfather, Stromber Gavrielle. Because she suffered in the place of Miriam, Viktoria holds ill feelings towards her, but at the same time is protective over their person. Assertive, aggressive, paranoid, outspoken and highly sexual are parallel traits from that of Miriam. Not just this, Viktoria more identifies with her male sex in separating from the part of her deemed as weak, dominating men while favouring females. Though her character was shaped pain and hopelessness, Viktoria took the strengths Miriam was without; namely being far more skilled in the magik artes.


Viktoria was active early on in Miriam’s younger years, primarily the time they were fleeing from the Penumbra Hunts when forced to live in the wilds. Otherwise, she was back and forth with her host personality when it came to relationships. Viktoria is able to sense “Aggie” the demonic spirit that acts as another personality due to Stromber’s intentions and is also aware of Miriam’s dream-state encounter’s with the man that appears to her.



Dusk Merloci portrait~Second Act





Full Name- Dusk Merloci

Alias (s) - Ira of Adjura, Dusk Swordsman, Alastor

Date of Birth- Alti3/12/96 SE

Eyes- Light Grey

Hair- Black

Height- 5'10'' (178.0 cm)

Weight- 170 lbs (77 kg)

Sex- Male

Nationality- Isalmian

Occupation- Collector, praetorian

Interests- History, armed combat, religion, linguistics, sorcery, mechaniks

Hobby (s) - Training, reading, taking walks, smithing


          After Rema confessed he had killed his elder brother, Matteniah, one of the Totem he fought during the Alphyne Letter incident, he left her side on aimless discovery. Using the skills he had learned it was not hard to put himself to work as a bodyguard and collector of information, this however uncovering secrets revolving around Bal Hora, a group with tendrils in every corner of the kingdoms. Understanding he was losing himself to Alastor’s provocations, Dusk set himself to aid Rema and Mila before what he believed inevitable.

Unlike Rema, Dusk does not restrain his Umbran abilities, causing many a rumor to spread concerning his origins. He finds Mila unexpectedly, also on her own journey and the two join together in order to redeem the past.



Innocenza story art concept



Older drawing for ORION, "The Enlightened Dragon".


Innocenca character design for Ilinca Cardinal



Runaway Carriage concept



Wyvern Knight


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