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Duske-Rema II




Duske had been trained by Rema not long after adopting him. It was his desire to do for others as she had for him. There was reason on her part to think he had experience of some kind prior when taking to the rigors as second nature. Isalme's knights had developed a physical regimen prioritized and researched by it's physicians. Before this, Duske learned technical skills such as being ambidextrous, coordination and proficiency with various weapons.

In his mind he believed he was becoming as she, but her intention was for him to go beyond and enforce his already steel conviction. When Duske joined Ordine Transitorio, he never had the chance to be knighted before the Elphyne Letter incident.


Penumbra Hunters concept A




Left to right: Keshtar Hunter, Soblatar Hunter, Baltinar Hunter, Ialfar Hunter and Tav'mar Hunter

Background A- Hunter ranks are comprised of fanatical knights and "volunteered" mercenaries of the highest caliber the church could acquire. Each are experimented on, a left arm taken and merged (if not devoured) by an abyss exposed parasite. Through the black artes is each ahramet gifted with means to combat the Penumbra. In return, these soldiers have become something far worse for their cursed power.


Keshtar: Whatever his ahramet touches becomes corrupted, either as a corrosive taint or when applied to an arrow, strikes with pure abyssal energy. Can camouflage with shadows.

Soblatar: Ahramet surrounds hunter with a chaotic field of magik, repelling most offensive magiks up to the third and some fourth tier. If the arhramet can syphon the blood from a victim, it will add to his own abilities, effectively becoming an umbra (howbeit an unstable one).

Baltinar: This hunter is extremely difficult to destroy. The ahramet in this case is harder to control intentionally, the balance thin in favor of the rapid rejuvenation it brings to the host. Even if the host is killed and ahramet functioning enough, it can take control of the body and go wild. Able to extend it's ahramet over six feet as well as perform at preternatural levels.

Ialfar: The ahramet of the Ialfar is the most horrifying, the host able to transform into an abomination. It's endurance is on par with Baltinar, without the rejuvenative capabilities. He does seem to be oblivious to any injuries suffered however.

Tav'mar: Able to endure inhuman amounts of exposure to abyss, Tav'mar have all the power of the maddened sorcerers, but with sanity in tact. They do not have an ahramet like the other hunters, instead, their brains are merged with the abomination. Tav'mar can paralyze Penumbra with their aura where seldom any huema can, as well as shift between the veil, allowing teleportation.


Adriana II


Cachusa I (Inn. Act II)


Duske sprite practice


Rema DiBesto designs A




Hand-me-down clothes from her uncle for outdoor work, as she only owns one dress (other than clothes from grandmother only worn with the caravan). This also puts Rema in the mindset of doing daring things, boyish endeavors more so.

When Rema visits her gypsy family and participates in the festivities, she has her own attire. Extremely precious to her as the only thing of value she owns up unto meeting the Gavrielles.

Rema receives this armour during a mock tourney held in a garden during she and Viktoria's venturing. It's fancifulness belies it does have function.

For a short time, Rema and Viktoria are indebted to a nuhuema garden after causing damages there. Being faced with indenturing for a year, so the tourney is one quick means.


Cachusa-Miriam I


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Cachusa I (Inn. Act I)


Character design for Cachusa before the events of Innocenza.

"New Start, New Home"


Miriam I (Inn. Act II)

Laluja Merloci~ Classical I


Terzo DiBesto~ Classical I



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Miriam Gavrielle (Act III) portrait




Full Name- Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle
Alias(s) - Viktoria Arcturus (alter)
Date of Birth- Aral(6)/10/130 A.G. (131 B.E.)
Eyes- Red
Hair- Blonde
Height- 5'5’’ (165 cm)
Weight- 130 lbs (58.3 kg)
Race- Penumbra
Sex- Epicene
Nationality- Kolonian
Occupation- Madam of The Regal Dame
Interests- Fashion, opera, theatre, Lithavanian history, magik
Hobby(s) – Viol, piano, lyre, harp, cooking, reading, sewing, light weaving

For nearly a century under the persona of Viktoria, Miriam spent her years in the courtesan services. Much of these memories are still with Viktoria, the provision of many diaries left behind by her counterpart filling in the blanks. For the remaining time as a madam she looked to the girls and former matron that were closest to her before closing the door on that long chapter of her life.

It was during the last decade she had made the fated acquaintance of Count Reqa Ambrose under dark circumstances, but gained far more than she nor House Arcturus could dream. Learning of the Count's true identity had earned her a long-lost father figure, guiding her through this fragile period in Miriam's life. This had brought her back to her family, yet revealed the open wound of her mother's loss.

Trying to regain some semblance what was lost after so long, it was inevitable the memory of the gypsy girl she had made the sanguine bond with emerged. Even with all her misgivings and vices still to contend with, Miriam would not forget her promise made, and discarded, long ago.
The search was not difficult. She would soon hear the name of Isalme's first lady knight...


Viktoria Arcturus (Act III) portrait




Full Name- Viktoria Arcturus
Alias(s) – Miriam Gavrielle (main)
Date of Birth- Aral(6)/10/130 A.G. (131 B.E.)
Eyes- Red
Hair- Blonde
Height- 5'5’’ (165 cm)
Weight- 130 lbs (58.3 kg)
Sex- Epicene
Nationality- Kolonian
Occupation- courtesan, Madonna of Iminia, The Dark Goddess
Interests- Fashion, opera, theatre, Lithavanian history, magik
Hobby(s) – Viol, piano, lyre, harp, cooking, reading, sewing, light weaving

After destroying the village of hunters that had taken her mother from her, Viktoria wandered the wilds and roads like a beast, challenging both predator and abomination for the chance at her life. One day she found herself at the walls of Nuefrost. The memories of the capital city did nothing but remind her of the loss, thus Viktoria submitted herself, mainly Miriam, to ignominy.

A brief time was spent as a thief among the street urchins before the persistent attempts of a madam finally won out. Promised that her beauty would be above not just the Penumbran courtesans, but even those of Huema, guaranteeing a comfortable life. Viktoria saw this as the furthest she could fall as her mother particularly disdained such means and lifestyle. For decades, this would become the life she knew.

Time would reveal the levels of debauchery one could delve within brothels and secret orgies of the affluent, the secrets loosed from lips seduced, the riches gained along with those willing to betray. It was a world rife of vice. It would be, however, the dark excesses of the powerful that would lead Viktoria to a familiar nightmare. The occult world guided by Entimas and death cults would lead to a night that would bring her closer to the demons that sought her out throughout her life, the blood orgy she awakened from leaving her alone alive.

Many a tale could be told of these years in Viktoria's life, yet it was that incident that led her to attempt on her own life. If not for the stranger that had come across her, it may have been so. Count Reqa Ambrose, the influential Penumbra within the Huema world saved her life. Not just this, but redeemed them both in a way neither could imagine.

During this time Viktoria came to exorcise the fractured psyche of she and Miriam, recording all she could. All had seemed worthwhile if it led to the progenitor of House Arcturus, the renewal of the line her mother had passed onto her. With this, Viktoria brough Miriam back into the light.


Miriam I


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DiBesto sketch


Gang I

The most resourceful collector, freelance agents of a sort, in South Saggio. He has formed a close professional relationship with Lady Merloci, as well as a good friend of her family. He fashions himself a male role model to Dusk, self appointed.

Rema II


Magnolia I



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Cachusa Gavrielle (Act II) portrait




Full Name- Cachusa Saphrene Arcturus Gavrielle
Alias- Cass, Saphie
Date of Birth- Nebre(7)/22/44 BE
Race- Penumbra
Nationality- Kolonian
Eyes- Red
Hair- Platinum blonde
Height- 5'5" (165.1 cm)
Weight- 127 lbs (57.6 kg)
Race- Penumbra
Sex- Female
Occupation- Sorceress
Interests- Clothing/fashion, theatre, music, poetry, sorcery, novella, fine & culinary artes, floriculture, study of Penumbra, sanguinology
Hobbies- Viol, gardening, diary, reading, writing, cooking, seaming, light weaving

    Cachusa has overcome her travail through exploring and adapting to her latente form. With it, she had been able to protect Miriam and gain skills for the hard times ahead. Through some moral sacrifice did they find their way from the forests into society, a bit of aid from her sister before leaving for somewhere new. A real home where the need to hide may only be met with prejudice, not persecution.

It would be a return to Isalme, a realm they had lived a few decades ago, but had been the first to end the hunts. With funds from her tapestry and seaming they were able to acquire a home on the countryside. With Miriam re-emerging once stability had been established, Cachusa could finally be at ease in a peaceful isolation.

There have only been two instances Cachusa gave into the abyss fully, corrupting her latente form. This has had some impact on her mental state, producing a more callus outlook on anything pertaining to herself and Miriam. She becomes aware of this change through Miriam's friendship with Rema, a Huema child. This leads her to document and begin to understand what lead to the Penumbra's loss of their true form. Cachusa hopes this knowledge will be passed on to Miriam once she regains the form herself.


Mila I (Act II)


Having been freed from Aggratbatmhalat and the Scarlet Queen gran glyph, Mila returns to Kolonia with all a gathered House Arcturus. The ordeal lives her with a sense of despair at the forces Bal Hora has amassed, both in the world and beyond, if not in the control of something far more harrowing. Through the hardship of those that risked all to rescue her, Mila dedicates her time to nursing a mortally wounded Rema. When her family prepares to topple Moon Sect from Kolonia, Mila and Sorrow seek out an antithesis to the abyss. 

Calamus Arcturus portrait


Viennrose Calamus Arcturus was the first ruler of the Penumbra, Viennrose of the Monarchy of Lithavania. Myths stemming from Divina Godve says that he was either the son or descendant of Sun and Moon, the rulers of Altea revered as gods, Calamus descending from the heavens. The other is that a emissary from the heavens descended and bestowed Calamus with power over his enemies through harnessing the abyss as a weapon; magik. There were even rumors upon his final rest, obscuring whether or not the first Viennrose passed on. Other than his rise alongside the other Olde Lords, his history is obscured to myths the Penumbra generally do not keep. His legacy is enough to be content with.

Miriam I (Act I)


Cachusa had learned light-weaving from her mother, a rare memory of comfort concerning the stern woman. What had been a passing fancy for many youth in Kolonia, Cachusa discovered for herself the joy it could bring to a child. Miriam seemed enchanted by the creations formed from imagination and a light source. Cachusa was amazed to find the scale of invention she held in forming whole scenic landscapes. Out of all it was the small fairies that interacted with Miriam that she loved the most.

Depth Fantasia- Reia fanart


I came across some videogame artwork and fancied the colors and old style. Tried my own hand at one of the characters. I know nothing of the game as it was an MMO from when I was too poor to even have a computer. Plus, I don't think it made it out of Japan.

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Lauro I


Though he would not play his role on the stage of the world as of yet, his happenstance of being raised among those he did would lay the foundation for his and Nuefraust's future. If any of her demi knights known she had raised such an unassuming and coddled child, they'd bock with the contrast of her rigid training.

Transient Ebersuil

~With mask version~

Transient Ebersuil, the assassin professing in silencing of Isalme's threats and those posing jeopardy toward the Cinqe Cattedra or Amaudio's interests. Not even he can see through the void in which he travels among the shadows, and so alongside Leien's training, his armour is enchanted to enhance the sensitivity of his nervous system. With this, he can feel out his environment better than with sight as well as project through the shadows, causing temporary paralysis.

Viktoria~ Lingerie
Lingerie was not typical in such times, yet one of the few instances Viktoria dared use the skills taught her by her mother, she boosted her appeal with such invention.

Ovara III

Sorrow aside a pregnant Vetrise. In her gratitude for taking her in, much less giving her her name, Sorrow would watch over the unfortunate child from afar until the day they would meet face-to-face.

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Dusk concepts I & II



Ovara III


Sorrow aside a pregnant Vetrise. In her gratitude for taking her in, much less giving her her name, Sorrow would watch over the unfortunate child from afar until the day they would meet face-to-face.

Viktoria III (Act II)


Viktoria II (Act III)


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Abomination concept- Saintgeist


Within the death cults there are a chosen, special few ordained for the greater promise. None my covet the gifts they may receive which all the brethren strive for in life. Before they can claim the promise, a sacrifice for their devotion is required. To the flame, the rack, quartering or the Instrument will they cross the veil. For those marked, and they survive all sacrificial rites, a deity shall be born of a burning vehemence.

Shiva Pathriser portrait




Name Full- Shiva Pathriser

Other Alias- Colt

Date of Birth- Estas8/15/92 SE

Eye Color- Yellow

Hair Color- White

Sex- Male

Race- Huema

Nationality- Surlvhal

Height-  6'0''/182.5 cm

Weight- 179 lbs/81 kg

Occupation- Hidden Fang of the War Chief

Hobby(s)- Smoking, Gambling

Distinguishing Feature(s)- Yellow eyes

   Shiva is an elusive character that reveals himself to Rema and Dusk several times along their trek to the border between Isalme and Nuefraust. His knowledge and presence sets the pair on edge with not only an agent of Surlvhal making their way through the Allied realms with ease, but is even aiding them in returning Lauro. For whatever purpose, Shiva wants them to know of his involvement and that their goals will lead to whatever end he yet conceals.

Not particularly liked among his peers within the Hidden Fang, saving the life of the Lord of Surlvhal and skills obtained as part of Cematuar elevated him within their ranks. One to converse at leisure with anyone, his cordial demeanor makes it no easier to maintain eye contact, conveying a far different manner.


The First Bite


Food. It all comes down to food. She has never turned down a morsel. Sopped up the last of the soup with bread or a finger. Plucked up every crumb. Will lap with tongue if no one is looking. She also can't cook, so one can see this as a tragedy or balance at work.

Lilliputian Knight and Great Talaaro


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Aqualyte female design A




The kinds of Aqualyte from left to right: Xana, Ysul, Een, Ela'ele and Toa-Qshl. I've a few more of the female kinds to do, and then varied type of each after. It'll be a lot, but one reason why I've put off doing the races. For the actual designs (pairing of male and female) I'll add their info. For now I can say that these, Ela'ele least, are the most humanoid of the Aqualyte.


Ultra Madam II fanart
Duske Merloci concept IV




Another design for Duske using long-distance weaponry. Archery was one of the first he was trained in as a necessity for all aspiring soldiers as well as the sired of knights. Firearms are a relatively new invention of war, making it a prerequisite overlapping the bow and crossbow (should've drawn that one) unless a specialist. As a Virtuoso, Duske also acts in capacity of Arbiter of any new editions or models before distribution. Even prior, he had access to Rema's cache and had a leg-up.

*Virtuoso- One trained in all manner of weaponry and military artes, including magik artes, if capable.

*Arbiter- Within a military capacity, Arbiters are those licensed to review and test new equipment or armaments.


Armored Core 4- Rosenthal fanart

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