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Hide Weather by Tileset ID

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Hide Weather by Tileset ID

Type : Field add-on

Version : 1.0


Original Post : RMRK | Theolized RGSS3
Introduction :
Got bored on setting up an event to stop weather once you get inside? Why do not make it more general? This script allow you to hide weather particles once your character has in a certain tileset ID. However, the dimness effect still remain in effect.
Features :

  • Hide weather particles once you get inside / enter specific tileset ID
  • The dimness still remain (It's not a bug, I decided it as a feature)

Screenshots :

It's raining! We need to go inside!
Ah, that's better

Downloads :
Click here
Terms of use :
You're free to edit by your own or even use in commercial game. Credit isn't neccessary. But, I'll be glad if you put my name in your credit list. It just a simple snippet afterall

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Why not choose the Map IDs where you want to hide the weather effects? o.o it is still a cool script, and it saves time. Perfect for lazy people like me~


Thanks Theo

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