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Field Abilities v1.0
By Vlue

Someone asked for this, so I made it! I can't remember who though, might have been me. I also couldn't think of a better name for it other than field abilities, but without much further ado: This script, Field Abilities, gives you options for throwing, grabbing, pushing, pulling objects, and jumping! Now you can leap gorges, toss pots, and drag heavy statues around, all in the name of justice! Or whatever you heroes are calling it now-a-days.

- Pick up and toss certain events, including self-switch on throw for after thrown actions
- Drag events around
- Jump! Includes options to disable jump via switch, and to set regions where you can't jump to.

How to Use
Plug and play, set up events and regions as necessary. All instructions are available in the script itself.

Pastbinz: http://pastebin.com/UuswnbHE


Credit and Thanks
- By Vlue
- Free to use in any project, commercial or otherwise, with credit given (though I would like to know!)

Author's Notes
I haven't had a Banana Cream Pie in forever...

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I'm gonna have to give this a try and let you know what I think. But based on your incredible scripts posted in the past, I'd imagine it'll be AMAZING!! Lol

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In a world full of unscripted rpgmaker games, Vlue fights the good fight to bring awesome scripts to everyone.  Vlue (dramatic echo).  Join Vlue as he writes scripting code.. to the EXTREME.  Vlue (dramatic echo).  <insert gratuitous explosions here>


In theaters soon.


This film has not yet been rated.

Edited by Wren

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