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Advice on balancing my class changing system battle system

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       So I'm working on a class changing system idea based on the golden sun Djin battle system (In rpg maker vx ace, I am using the wonderful GS Djin system created by Neon Black) It's a slight modification of the typical gs system, but basically the same model and principle. For those un familiar, in golden sun, you would change your class in battle by unleashing a special monster called a djin which in addition to changing your class and relevant stats, would also add up to a pool for an ultimate skill, a summon. So say, you unleash three water djin, you summon  Neptune, but summoning then resets your original class. The djin then goes into recovery until it is available again to the player Let me explain my system a little.


There are four characters each with a base class. These are the base classes


Jack of all trades/ magic swordsman/J.O.A.T. (think Kratos from Tales Of Symphonia),

Swordsman (melee specialist),

Scout/Archer (low offence but de buffs,)

Warlock (tank with status effect skills)


Each of the four classes can change into two other classes .

J.O.A.T.- Paladin (pacifist specializing low healing, buffs, and sealing enemy skills) or Black magician (offensive magic, still undetermined)

Swordsman- Sentinel (sage/ guard acts low buffs team defense and uses counters) or Warrior (straight offensive master.)

Scout- Healer (healing specialized healing such as cura, status ailment cures, ect) or Ninja (increased offence and invisibility type skills, think Blade the ninja from ff 3)

Warlock- Geo Mancer ( buff magic skills, change targets battlefield position akin to flying or dig from pokemon can be used on allies or enemies  )or Saboteur ( more specialized in status effect skills such as poison, stun, ect and potent de buffs )


The hierarchy with skills goes as follows.


Base skills- available from the base class and available at all times including transformation or entrance into secondary classes. Examples such as  Hit, strong hit, light heal. These skills DO NOT require MP.


Entrance skills- Entrance skills act as the djin in golden sun, and allow you to enter a new class. These skills are designed as being powerful and strategic skills that are balanced by their infrequent and strategic use. For example, to have a nullify buff that nullifies attacks for a turn, instantly breaks a character because they could use it all the time, so such a skill would be a entrance skill and would then go into the combo pool.


Style skills- These are the more specialized skills available upon class switch. For example your joat is now a paladin with greater access to healing potential.These skills require MP to use. (I'm thinking that while in a 2nd class, using a normal skill while these style skills are available will naturally result in a MP penalty to prevent players from staying in a 2nd class for too long to reap the benefits of the stat changes of that class to to also prevent style skills being available when ever)


Exit/ Summon/ Combo skills- These skills are the equivalent to summon skills from golden sun. They are very powerful, and as their name suggests, are created and combined from the use of entrance skills from various party members. So say a swordsmen uses the entrance skills "Strong Swing" and your J.o.a.t. uses the entrance "Fire". Your Warrior (previously swordsman) class has access to the combo skill "Fire slash". Using such a skill causes the contributor's of the combo to exit their style and return to their base class as the entrance skills goes into recovery. (It also refills their MP bar, since style skills will require MP later). Self combo's are also available so a party member does not have to wait for another party member to be combo ready.


My immediate concerns are with the classes themselves.Have I filled out the roles needed for a balanced party and in your opinion what are those roles. I'm also looking for advice on what skills are mandatory for which classes and what is a good existing example of a game with good party members and skills(game made in rpg maker or otherwise) .


General feedback on the idea for this system is appreciated and if their is anything that sounds confusing or convoluted, let me know. 


My final idea I am debating it to make it an option to have two styles combined at once. So say your swords men is in the warrior style, they could use a sage entrance skill and have access to both skill styles. To balance, I was debating making entrance skill's use an MP Cost so if it cost say 5 MP from a 15 MP pool, you would have 10 MP left for style skills. A 2nd stacked style would leave you with only 5 MP left for your style skills, but you would reap the benefit of both styles/ classes Stat change. 

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