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Trvc Stat Manager

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A while ago I announced in my introduction my intention of doing a massive overhaul of many of the VX Ace default systems. This post is to announce the completion of the first script toward that goal. It is a humble start but I consider it a valuable first step.


Trvc: Stat Manager


So what does it do? By itself not much. It simply allows for easy registration and retrieval of custom stats. The stats can be attached to Skills, Actors, Equips, States, Classes or Enemies. Then with a simple script call you can retrieve the stat.


As of version 1.2 all stats can use formulas/conditions as well


If the condition is false then the stat bonus from an object will not be applied.


In addition the result of any set formula is added to the final result.


I have also finished a single plugin (mostly for the sake of demonstrating that it works) which brings us to the second part of this post


Trvc: Stat Manager Plugin: Param Modifiers


A simple plugin for the stat manager. It allows the use of notetags to modify Params, Sparams and Xparams. It allows for the creation of passive skills but really doesn't do anything that others haven't done better...


You can however chose weather to multiply or add values so there is a bit of flexibility. But again this plugin is mostly for proof of concept.


Full instructions can be found in the script headers.


Planned Plugins:

Elemental Resists

State Resists

Debuff Resists

Skill/Skill type/Element/Weapon proficiencies



Stat Manager: no known issues. (and if there are any it probably is on the other side)


Plugin: Param Modifiers (possible issues with other scripts that modify how params are calculated. also there is a large chance that this script will produce unwanted behavior when combined with Dekita's Statistic Control)


Terms of Use:

  1.  Always give credit
  2. Let me know when you release a game (a comment on my blog is enough)
  3. Always include the full introduction section with the script

Otherwise you are free to use and modify as you see fit for both commercial or non_commercial projects.

The scripts can be found on my blog


or at my past bin

Stat Manager

Plugin: Param Modifiers


I will continue to update this post with additional plugins as I finish them.


Until then -Trevyn


Edit: I uploaded a new version of the core script which now supports conditions or formulas.

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