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Author: Mr Trivel


Name: Gambler's Forge


Version: 1.01


Version history: 1.01 - Items with <No Forge> note tag, are now not listed in the forge.



Introduction: For all people who want to gamble their useless items away or want to try and get something useful, can now use Gambler's Forge for that!


Features: Adds a Gambler's Forge scene. In which you can select 4 items, and you get 1 random item back.


Screenshots: (Item rarities not included)









Instructions: Call Gambler's Forge scene by using


If you want item to be non-forgeable, type <No Forge> in that item's note box.


Script: <Link: Pastebin>

Blog: <Link: On blog>

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I was messing around with this thing and have noticed 1 bug thus far. When you add items into the forge but then decide to "leave", all the items that were added disappear from your inventory. Is there a way to fix this? Nice script thus far. If I find anything else worth mentioning, I'll edit this post with any of the new findings.

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