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Single Party EXP




This script changes the way the EXP is handled. A specified game variable (Variable 001 by default), will be designated to hold the EXP value. Each character will have the same EXP points as that variable, allowing for a singular Party EXP. Functions such as EXP Rate will be rendered useless, and Initializing will only be able to truly affect equipment. And Levels will depend on the class's EXP Curve. Keep these in mind when using this script.


Ideal for Fantasy games that use EXP.


It also has the added functionality of Healing the Party after battle, regardless of outcome.

This script hardly needs a demo. Try it out and see for yourself.



Click here for the Script



Adding the game variable does change the party exp. Problem is, level calculation seems to come into play only after battle. I'll try to resolve it but feel free to experiment it yourself.



As much as possible, please message me via the topic in my Wordpress for inquiries and suggestions, or if you managed to make some added functionality.

I'd rather keep things organized.

Comments here are welcome as well. I might just respond in Wordpress faster.



Use the links in this page or my Wordpress if you want to share this script in other forums. Think of it as a way to support the author. Otherwise, I'll lose my marbles. And cry so hard.

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Nice script! though, I prefer mention it as "Single Party EXP". I just feel like it will be more easily recognizable ~


*added to MSL*

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