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Story-Entwined Splash Screen Map

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This script allows you to start your game on various different Splash Maps upon GameStart.

This means that you can use these maps to show a splash screen or a backstory (or anything else) before the Title Screen is shown.

In addition, this script is based upon story progress. So these Splash Maps may be shown when the player has unlocked them.



  • Splash Maps are evented, so you can create them in a comfortable environment
  • As it’s part of the Story-Entwined System, you can use different Splash Maps depending on what point in the game story the player is up to.
  • Paste this script below materials but above main in your script editor.
  • Instructions are located inside of script.

Get it from here





  • DiamondandPlatinum3
  • SoulPour777 - Because the lucky 777 gets poured into the soul... What's not to love?

Post in this thread or PM me.




Author's Notes

This weeks scripting has been brought to you by the letter N, as in ‘Never eating Brussels Sprouts again… NEVER AGAIN!’




Terms of Use

You may find my Terms of Use Here

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