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Author: Mr Trivel
Idea from: here

Name: Spell Tiers


Version: 1.1


Version History:

1.1 - Completely rewritten with less and lighter code. Removed Tier limit of 8. Tiers are limitless now. Also removed battle system overwriting.


Instead of having unlimited skills this script will limit your class. You can set any number of tiers for your class. Each tier consists of up to 3 individual skills.











Set <Max Tier: X> in classes Note boxes to  set the highest tier they can have.
Set <Tier: X> in spell's Note box to set  tier of that spell.



Script: <Link: Pastebin>

Blog: <Link: On blog>

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You notice the "Drop" option? It's used to "forget" skill as skill can be bought at shop.

I see the actor's status bar in your screenshot still have some free space.


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