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Author: Mr Trivel
Idea from: here

Name: Open Shops


Version: 1.0a


Features: Instead of needing to talk to a clerk to buy items. You can buy items straight of the tables!





Call the item buy by using: 
SceneManager.scene.prepare(type, id, price)
Type is: 0 - item, 1 - Weapon, 2 - Armor
id is item's ID in the database
price - at what value you want to sell the item to the player. Don't enter it to use default value.   
E.g: SceneManager.call(MrTS_Open_Shop_Scene)
Will ask if you want to buy Tyrfang sword for default price..


<Get Code Here: Link>



And now, sleeep.

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Hey this is a really neat script and perfect for my next project, but I've run into an error. Whenever I put a weapon or an armor for sale, everything's fine. However, when I try to create an item for sale, I get an error message. It says Script 'Game_Interpreter' line 1411: NoMethodError occurred. undefined method 'params' for #<RPG::Item:0x31f11e0>. I still get this error with a new clean project with only this script installed so it can't be a compatibility issue and I checked if I used the right script call and if the item ID is correct. Could you help me out please?

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this is a pretty wonderful script. i'm mad you got to it before me though. i am going to be doing something like this very soon for my personal project.

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