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Abstract: Datsville RPG is based on the community LEGO project of the same name started in 1999. There is a Facebook page that talks about Datsville.

Releases: The project is hosted on GitHub. There are no "releases" yet. You'll need to download/clone the whole repository. You can find a high-res render of the whole town here.

Genre: The RPG starts out in a contemporary setting. Sci-fi and fantasy/occult elements will appear later. I'm not sure yet how much combat there will be in the game. Thematically, I am aiming for somewhere between Earthbound (video game) and Alien Resurrection (movie) or Independence War 2 (video game). Sort of a whimsical story about a rag-tag band of misfits who find themselves on the wrong side of the law.
Game Progression: My progress so far is mainly in getting the graphics working. The source 3D models need to be converted to POV-Ray format, rendered into images, and then cropped and imported into RPG Maker. There are only a few characters in the game at this time - mainly to help me figure out how to script events.
Recruitment: I have no idea for a story at this time. If someone were to join the project and contribute story ideas that would be awesome!
Story / Setting / Purpose:
As I said, I have no story as of now. I would like a "PG13" or "Teen"-rated experience in a contemporary setting with sci-fi and fantasy or occult elements. I want to incorporate the original LEGO model designers as NPCs in the game. This is already the case with two NPCs.
Character Bios:
Here are the main characters so far:



From left to right and top to bottom:


1. Owen, hero

2. Vinnie, small time thug/criminal

3. Terell, hero's best friend

4. The Doctor, heals stuff, from former Eastern Bloc/USSR

5. Technomancer, all things computing, possibly connected at all times to a cyborg hivemind

6. Sanford, British former big game hunter/explorer transported through time, guns and explosives expert

7. Rockstar, think Zaphod Beeblebrox or Spinal Tap, can summon undead

8. Esmée, ninja and spy




a. Jeff Stembel is the mayor of the town. He always wears a bow tie and top hat.
b. Brian Sauls owns the apartment complex at the southwest end of town. He has rooms for rent.

c. More to come...



* The town hall is in the center of town across from the James Jessiman memorial.

* There is a Buddhist temple in the northwest of town.

* Space Command and a plutonium storage facility are located on the east side of town. Tore Eriksson may have some story suggestions for this area.

* More descriptions to come... 

The following people have contributed LEGO models to the project:


Allan, Nicholas
Andersen, Jacob Sparre
Bliss, Steve
Burger, Thomas
Dennet, Ryan
Eriksson, Tore
Farver, Rob
Gallagher, Mike
Gatrelle, Ben
Gerber, Alan
Gevaryahu, Jonathan
Glöckner, Fredrik
Gonzalez, Joseph
Gould, Tim
Hess, Duane
Horvath, Michael
Isaksson, Anders
Jackson, James
Lambrecht, Bram
Loch, Kevin
Moolhuysen, Manfred
Probst, Joachim
Sauls, Brian
Sproat, Jeremy
Stembel, Jeffrey
Svensson (now Palmberg), Martin
Teed, Tamyra
VanZwieten, John
Virsik, Rene
Virsik, Robert
Walton, Calvin
Wilson, Jonathan
Zide, Leonardo
Dennis Osborn
Kevin Wilson
David Till
Joe Davenport
Kevin M Bane
Alex Taylor
D M Garcia
Michael Heidemann

A full list of authors and what specifically they contributed can be found in this table. New contributions are always welcome!
Currently I am using some Enterbrain resources, but I am fazing them out.
In addition, the Enterbrain scripts I am using include the following:

Yanfly Engine Plugins by Yanfly
LeTBS combat scripts by Lecode
TDDP_BindPicturesToMap.js by Tor Damian Design / Galenmereth
SilvSkipTitle.js by Silver
Rhyme_MapSmoothScrolling.js by SpeedDivider
fullscreen.js by Christian Schicho
easystar.js by Bryce Neal
AS_InputSettings.js by Astra Cat
ARP_TitleCommandExit.js by Atreyo Ray




More videos here.

The game currently features a true-to-scale overworld map with separate combat encounters, and one simple quest. Combat is going to be TRPG style, like Shining Force or Fire Emblem. d20 would be nice too.


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A lego game??

Uber cool..

How much have you done by now??

Need a story writter??

I can help you out with that..

I'll PM you..

Awesome project.. Will follow..

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Original Idea and hurray for 1999 :D

If you need any graphical help (Looks like you dont :P) just pm me then and i will try to help out ;D




Anyways keep it up!

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I did some in-game testing. And while this perspective looks great, there are some problems. Watch the following movie clip to see how there are clipping issues when the minifigure passes in front of and behind the orange block. Especially take note of when the character passes around corners, or moves inside and outside of shadows.

The technique makes use of both the parallax and picture object layers. Here is the bottom parallax layer:
Here is the top Picture Object layer:
th_FIXEDustyle_test_01_overlay_shadow_zp Edited by posfan12

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The mapping is incredibly, superbly, COOL. Lego version graphics? It's definitely new, and it's done extremely well! Keep it up~ :)

Thank you very much. I appreciate the praise.


Here's a video of the latest version. The perspective is a bit different. You can now see three faces of each building instead of two. Here's a video:


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I am doing some combat testing in RPG Maker VX Ace using "GubiD's Tactical Battle System v2.4 for VX Ace". I discovered graphical issues I didn't consider beforehand. Firstly, the congratulations and other texts seem to be rendered below the top layer of my map. Secondly, if the fighting moves behind the center orange block, you cannot see what is going on there. Again, the character sprites and movement grid are both covered up by the orange block. I'm not sure what to do about this problem.


I was thinking of making the orange block partially transparent when a character or enemy walks behind it. However, I would have to do this individually for each building in Datsville. I want to avoid this. It involves rendering images for nearly 100 buildings, and then stacking them one behind the other in RPG Maker. Making the top layer transparent will reveal the ugly base layer underneath the characters. Also, you can't simply "cut" out each building from the complete town map. Some buildings overlap each other, and other buildings cast shadows on each other. This gets very complicated with a map so large.


I am also considering creating a "bubble" around each character that eats through the top parallax layer so that you can look through it to see what's beneath. The video game Fallout does this, but I highly doubt this is possible in RPG Maker.

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I have ported the graphics over to RPG Maker MV. You can download version 0.8.0 here:




I switched from Gubi's TBS script to Lecode's TBS script. Unfortunately, I use a combination of map objects larger than 1x1 square and parallax techniques, and LeTBS does not play well with them. There are lots of graphical issues during combat.


Here's a screenshot showing the higher resolution graphics of RPG Maker MV:



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I am starting to pick this project up again. I will at least check up on the latest state of the LeTBS script. I have updated the first post with the newest info.

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