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Because Final Fantasy :c


Introduction: Mimic EXACTLY how Save point in Final Fantasy 1~6 works.



  # *
  Item Note Tag:
    <tent>  : The item can only usable when the player is at Save Point. You
    can trigger Common Event for Sound and Visual effect (Fade out, play music,
    Fade in, recovery all, special story process.)
  # *
  Event Command Tag:
    <save_point>    : Make the event a normal save point.
    <save_point: 1> : Save only
    <save_point: 2> : Use tent only
  # *
  Event Setting:
    If Above or Below player: Save point only active when the player is in the
    same spot as the save point.
    If Same as player: Save point only active when the player stand next to the
    save point.
  # *
  About Save point:
    Save point actives passively. It actives the Save command in the Menu and
    Tent items in inventory.
  # *
  Disable Save:
    You can disable Save Point by using normal event's Save Disable
    (Event Commands / Page 3 / Change Save Access)


It's hard to notice on screenshot, so read the script header or Use section above.




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I hope what I'm going to say won't be intrusive or harsh or rude or something like those and I'm not going to ask anyone not to use your script. This reply isn't intended to be offensive either :)


I think implementing save points and tents that can only be used at save points can be mostly done without custom scripts. The former should be obvious for those understanding RMVXA well and the latter is also achievable:

1. Disable save access in maps via 'Change Save Access'.

2. Create events acting as save points. Their 'Priority' can be either 'Below Characters', 'Same as Characters' or 'Above Characters'.

3. When players interact with the save points that allows saving, open the save screen via 'Open Save Screen'.

4. Make each save point having its designated Region. If the save point is 'Same as Characters', its Region should be surrounding it, else its Region should be at the exactly same location as that of it.

5. Create an item 'Tent' having 'Consume:' as 'No' and 'Occasion:' as 'Only from the Menu'.

6. Make 'Tent' have 'Effects' 'Common Event' a common event handling the use of 'Tent'.

7. Make the 'Tent' common event to check if players are in the specified Region. If yes, decrease the number 'Tent' by 1 via 'Change Items', else display messages telling players they're not at the designated save points via 'Show Text'.

8. Check whether players are in the specified Region using the below steps:

- Make a event updating players' location info with 'Trigger' 'Parallel Process'.

- Use 2 variables to store players' Map X and  Map Y respectively and another variable to store players' location's Region ID.

- Ask the player location info event to set the Map X and Map Y variables as 'Game Data' Character Player's Map X and Map Y respectively via 'Control Variables'.

- Ask the player location info event to set the Region ID variable by getting the 'Info Type;' 'Region ID' using the Map X and Map Y variables via 'Get Location Info'.

- Ask the player location info event to check if the Region ID variable is equal to the Region ID designated to the current save point via 'Conditional Branch'.

9. Trigger common events via 'Call Common Event'.


Despite my above try, there's still one thing it can't mimic - Display the usability of 'Tent' as unusable in the item menu and disable its use completely when players aren't at the designated save points. Custom scripts are still needed if this needs to be mimicked as well. Without mimicking this, it isn't mimicking exactly.

Even if it can mimic exactly, I still think your script is valuable as at least it makes things much more easier and simpler. I also think you actually know the above non-scripting method I just mentioned, but now the potential users of your script may have one more considerable choice.

Edited by DoubleX

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Excuse me, sir, but I'm not too sure what you mean by event command tag.  :unsure:

I think that he means "comments". That's the standard place to write plain text on events...


However, the instructions are a bit confuse. I think Demintika is not a native english speaker...

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