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Shop adds new Items when Selling

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Author: Mr Trivel
Idea from: Etrian Odyssey

Name: New Items in Shop on Sell


Version: 1.0



Instead of having default shop where you list items in it. Now you can call another type of shop. Which gets new items as you sell specific items to it.
E.g. Sell 5 Copper Ore to unlock Copper Dagger.
(You can still use normal shop, too!)








Call the item buy by using:
In item’s note tag, write:
i: X, Y
i – item, w – weapon, a – armor
X – ID of the item/weapon/armor
Y – Quantity
i: 10, 12
w: 2, 5
Means you need to have 12 of Item with ID 10 sold at the shop and 5 of Weapon with ID 2 also sold at the shop to unlock that item.
Or you can use
<Shop: Default>
To have item be automatically unlocked in the shop.


Script: <Link: Pastebin>

Blog: <Link: On blog>

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