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Timeless Menu v1.0 (Single Player Menu)

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Sakuraba's Timeless Menu v1.0

By: Sakuraba


This script is designed to resemble the Menu of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time , and only supports single actor games.



This script changes completely the menu, to enable equipping weapons  and armors without the equip scene, also add a dynamic picture of the  main hero that changes as you change your equipment. (Play the demo to fully appreciate the changes)



Also adds an icon to the currency, a collectible item window that shows the amount of that item you have, and a quest item window, that can show up to 7 items of your inventory, and it totally redesigns Item & skill scenes to match the single player party system. (no more actor select on item usage)


You can select which items to set on the equipable screen as: weapons, armors, helmets, etc. And which of the windows to show.(can change settings in the script)


*Picture Folder name can be changed in config

*Most of picture names can be changed in config

*Pictures overlay themselves, remember to make them transparent









Demo (recommended): HERE 



Known Compatibility issues: 

* Will not work properly with multiple actors and may have conflict with custom windows.

* Potions end consumable items can still be used even if they have no effect


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Looks interesting, the overlay with the character's equipment changing is pretty neat, might mess with it a bit and see if it'll fit in one of my projects.

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