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Kirito sprite from Sword Art Online -

[17_09_2016]xYwQdIF.gif - the sprite is over at Jonnaz MV Resources and here's the time lapse - Sword Art Online - Kirito - Sprite :)

Natsugi Subaru sprite from Re:Zero -


[15_08_2016]VMXSDHq.gif - the sprite is over at Jonnaz MV Resources, but I mainly chucked this here because I figured people might be interested in my time lapse. It's a little less boring than my previous videos on there :P





Greg - [08-06-2014] -




Bulk - [06-07-2014] -




Crazy - [25-07-2014] -




Brainy - [01-02-2015] -




Lard - [08-02-2015] -




Noxious - [12-06-2015] -




Greg Human - [22-08-2015] - 




Bulk Human - [26-08-2015] - 




Crazy Human - [03-09-2015] - 




Brainy Human - [09-09-2015] - 




Lard Human - [10-09-2015] - 




Noxious Human - [12-09-2015] - 






And here's the process I took in creating those concepts (each prob took around a day



Greg - 



With the above:

- I first sketched it out til I was happy

- Cleaned it up

- Gave it some colour

- Gave the outline colour

- Shaded it.

- With the gradients you see, I made 4 of them (white, black, orange, blue), put them at 20% opacity and combined it with the shaded layer.

- I then finished with adding a shadow and using levels to brighten it up a bit.

(I don't really know why I add the gradients, just my thing I guess ...to make it more colourful? :P)




Bulk -



With this one, it's pretty much the same thing, but here you can see I scribbled a bit more at first. It took me a while to sketch this one up till I was happy with it XD


Also a thing to note, that even with cartoon styles, anatomy references sure come in handy!

eg. At one point I had what seemed to be a perfectly fine arm, and then I realized after looking at actual anatomy, it was twisted at the wrong angle lol.




Crazy -



With this one, I ended up fully recording the process from start to finish. It took me a full week to finally discover a decent recording software, record, compile and upload (sigh), but with that being said, I should definitely grow faster and get these out within a couple days a design, maybe even within one day haha.

But yea, if you want to check it out, head over to - Recording Crazy Zombie Design and I hope you enjoy! :)



Brainy -



Got a full recording of this one too, this time a bit more smoother (I was using Open Broadcaster Software, awesome program)

Recording Brainy Zombie Design




Lard -



There's another recording of this guy right here - Recording Lard Zombie Design ...enjoy :)



Noxious -



Here's a recording of this guy over here - Recording Noxious Zombie Design




Greg Human -




The full recording - Recordings 009 - Greg Human Concept




Bulk Human -




The full recording - Recordings 010 - Bulk Human Concept




Crazy Human -




The full recording - Time Lapse - 010 - Crazy Human Concept




Brainy Human -




The full recording - Time Lapse - 011 - Brainy Human Concept




Lard Human -




The full recording - Time Lapse - 012 - Lard Human Concept




Noxious Human -




The full recording - Time Lapse - 013 - Noxious Human Concept






Here's a sprite version of the Greg zombie -



Greg - [14-02-2015] - zombie_greg_sprite___001_by_jonath4nc-d8


Process -

Time Lapse - Greg Zombie Sprite




Got some game development to go with it hheeeeerrrree - I can see clearly now my brain has gone


Lastly, if anyone's interested, my deviantART is Jonath4nC

and my youtube channel is here - Jonath4nC


...thanks for stopping by! :)

Edited by Jonath4nC

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English fails to help me describe how much I like these. Those gradients are a great idea to add some kind of style to your colouring, and the characters look very professional and interesting. You've got style, man. You've got it in spades.

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Crazy zombie -





This one took me a while haha. I ended up deciding on recording all my process from now on, so getting that started and up and running, took some time lol.

I also have a WIP version up there.

Anyway, here's the full process - Recording Crazy Zombie Design ...thanks heaps if you took the time to watch that :)

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wait, are you asking if I can make you a wallpaper of my walking dead or the actual The Walking Dead (tv show/comic)? I don't really have enough time to take requests atm, but I could  possibly combine my zombies into a wallpaper if you want? lol. One day I'd like to create a decent wallpaper and stuff for my zombies, but that would be after the game is completed I think :P.

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hmmm maybe one day I can do that if I have free time? lol. Yea, I quite like the walking dead too... in fact I think that was one of the reasons that got me into creating this game actually haha.

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wooooooow, it's been a while, but I am back... well not really, but I'm managing to actually post something today :P.....

and here it is - Bard Design Process


It's just a video recording of the bard I designed for the August/September ReStaff: Music and Cinema :P..... which I finally had time to edit and upload :P (...well I didn't really have time, but meh)

Sooo, if you want to see the final piece, it's in the ReStaff so check it out I guess?

There's also some sprites to go along with that design in there as well :).


Speaking of sprites, hooooopefully, I'll be uploading another recording of the bard sprite process sometime soon as well.... when I get time that is T^T


anyway, enjoy! :D

...and pleeeaaaaase comment if you watched it, I would be really keen to hear (or read :P) your thoughts, thanks! :)

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aaaand here's another process. This one's the process I took in creating the sprite version of the bard. - Bard Sprite Process


thanks for watching the previous post, it already surpassed the views I got from my first upload haha. (even though there's only a few :P)

pleeeeaaaaase share your thoughts, feedback, critique, anything! haha well I guess I shouldn't ask for what I haven't given much of ...so I guess I could do the same for whoever leaves a note or whatever? perhaps? :D


thanks again, and enjoy! :D

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THANKS soooo much for the comments and likes, I always appreciate it, I just wish I could have more time to do the same for more people... buuut I promise I will check out all your guys stuff at least hahaaa ...and of course comment :P


@@Knighterius - o cool, thanks for that, I'm not sure why I decided to do this in the first place, but I definitely want to keep doing it, especially for when I've improved... would be cool to be able to look back at the process I took haha ...I guess that might have been the reason XD. haha I had to look that one up... which reminds me that I haven't even worked on this in quite some time :/


@@Spectre - thanks spectre! with the bard, I was kinda trying to fit him in with the rest of the RTP :P ...and with the zombies, I literally came up with the style on the spot when I created them. I'm still not sure what my style really is, I've done such a wide range of art haha, I kinda can't sit still with just one thing ...which can be annoying when I say yes to everything XD. but yea, I would love to create a more detailed piece sometime soon, would be very interested in how I do :P ...to me that is haha.

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thought I'd post a sprite up here... i mean it's pixel art... see? pixel ART, right?

hahaaaa... ok I'm really sorry... it's yet another "jellyfish jumping on the moon" for ya so to speak :P... just pixelized





aaaand the video recording of that too! :D




ooh, here's the link to the actual game development for this too before I forget - I Can See Clearly Now My Brain Has Gone

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