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Individual Animation Rate


Introduction :

For anyone who want to set up individual animation rate for each animation in database, this script might help you. What is the mean of animation rate anyway? It's a speed rate how animation is being played. By default, one frame animation is same as 4 frame. By adding this script, you can speed up animation speed rate.


Script :



# Simple Individual Animation Rate
# By : TheoAllen
# Usage :
# Put this script below material but above main. Also if you use YEA - Core
# Engine put this script below YEA.
# To setup an animation rate for each animation in database, add following
# tag to animation name
# <rate: n>
# Replace n with any number. The lowest value, the faster animation will be
# played. By default, animation rate is 4.
# Example for animation name in database:
# Fireball<rate:2>
# This just a simple script snippet. You're free to edit or repost it anywhere.
# However, if you a good person, please do not claim
# End of instruction

class RPG::Animation
  Default_Rate = 3 # <-- Change default anim rate for all animations here
  def anim_rate
    return @anim_rate if @anim_rate
    @anim_rate = Default_Rate
    if name[/<rate:\s*(\d+)>/]
      @anim_rate = $1.to_i
    return @anim_rate

class Sprite_Base
  # Overwrite animation rate
  def set_animation_rate
    @ani_rate = @animation.anim_rate




Sample usage :





This just a simple snippet. Feel free to edit, repost, or even use in commercial game.

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