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Author: Mr Trivel
Name: Stat Points
Created: 2014-06-17
Version: 1.0
What does it do?
Adds Stat Points to actors which are gained on level up and can be spent in Status screen.


Plug, Customize, Play

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Possible suggestion is to set a level when a character can start gaining stat points.


Idea came to my mind whilst reading about the growth system in the new Atlier game




Also perhaps a stat cap? - like can only put 20 points into one stat or something like that

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Bug found without reading the script: Change class while keeping exp :|

Bug abusing while using with YEA Class Engine.


Suggestion: (In Game_Actor) Turn on a variable before change_class and turn off it after change_class

level_up only gives Stat points when that variable if off (or nil)


Edit: Looked at the script. Bug confirmed.

Edited by Demintika

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You mean while not keeping XP, right?


Edit: Fixed that bug feel free to switch classes now.

No no no xD

You know what happen when switch class while keeping exp?

Example: Solider lv10 with 1000 exp switch to Mage, keeping that 1000 exp, become Mage lv 12 (level_up runs 2 times because mage's lv12 requirement is lower than 1000 exp), so he gains 2 levels of stat point. Switching back to Solider (level_down runs 2 times) then to Mage again will give him another 2 levels of stat point!


In YEA Class Engine, if the maker choose to keep-class-level, you have a lv10 Solider, switch to lv1 mage then to lv10 Solider again, the level_up will run 9 times!

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So what do you suggest? I have a system planned out already with 10 base stats and each going to a max (soft cap) of 999 with using  stat points, with 100 at lv 1 and 201 every level after lv 1 up to lv 999 for a total of 200698 to spend.

Edited by Lightmaker2014

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I'm running into an issue with changing classes. I need my character's to keep their current level when they change classes. 

If you change mrts_sp_change_class(class_id, keep_exp =false) to true, the stat points don't initialize properly. 


I made a little test game for the script. I set the default points to zero and made an event that levels up Eric +3. (15 stat points)Then another event that changes his class. When the class changes, the stat points always are at 15


It seems like the script initializes the player level, initializes the stat points, and then adds the necessary xp to bring the character back to the proper level. 


Any way to change that? Maybe save the current stat point number to a variable, initialize the stat points after the actor_xp and them add the new stat variable?


I can't code to save my life otherwise I'd play around with it myself.   :unsure:



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