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Learn Skills from Items

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Author: Mr Trivel
Name: Learn Skills from Items
Created: 2014-06-18
Version: 1.2
Idea by: VillainFan42
What does it do?
Equipment can have a spell inside of them which requires X amount of Learning Points (further LP). LP is gained from slaying enemies. Once Actor reaches required LP for that spell, he learns it forever.
Each Class has school affinities. E.g. Healing school affinity will help Actor learn healing skills Y times faster, but Destruction spells Z times slower.  Actor can use item skills before learning it while item is equipped.










<Schools: A, B, C, D> E.g. <Schools : 0.5, 1.5, 1, 2> will set school affinities to 0.5 for Healing, 1.5 for Destruction, 1 for Conjuration and 2 for Laziness. 0.5 – means actor will receive only 50% of LP for that school’s spell. 2 – actor will receive 200% of LP for that school’s spell.
<Skills: A, B, C> E.g. <Skills: 26, 27, 28> in an Equipmenet Note tag will mean that it holds 26th, 27th and 28th Skill in database.
<LpCost: X> E.g. <LPCost: 120> means that it requires 120 LP to be learned.
<School: X> E.g. <School: 0> means the Skill’s affinity is Healing. So classes Healing affinity affects LP of this skill.
<LearnedOnly> Skill has to be learned first before player can use it.
<LP: X> E.g. <LP: 10> means that enemy will give 10 base LP when it’s slain.

Script: <Link: Pastebin>

Blog: <Link: On blog>


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Does the LP total revert when the equip is removed?


Would make it nice to have to equip a crap weapon for 500 battles to gain an awesome skill!

Also would make disarm skills a pain!


With that said, can skill use be optional or have a diminished effect when you haven't fully learned the skill?

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LP doesn't revert. LP that you got for skill stays forever or until you learn the skill.

You don't need to use the skill at all to get LP for it. Just have the equipment with skill equipped.

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That's too bad...


And I know you don't need to use the skill.

I was asking if it was possible to disable the skill until it's fully learned

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Not as of now.

But I could make those changes - the LP disappears if you unequip the equipment with that skill and that skill would be disabled until you learned it.

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Simple update to v1.1

Added a notetag <LearnedOnly> so if the player has that skill  from equipment only, he still won't be able to use it until he learns it.

Added a choice to remove or to keep LP when unequiping items.

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