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Enemies Teach Skill on Death

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Author: Mr Trivel

Name: Enemies Teach Skill on Death

Created: 2014-06-20

Version: 1.0a

Idea by: Trickstette






<OnDeathTeach: X, Y, [A, B, C]>  Use this notetag for Enemy note tags.

X – ID of the skill to teach

Y – Chance of learning it (0.0 – 1.0, 0.0 – being 0% chance and 1.0  being 100% chance to learn)

[A, B, C] – E.g. [1, 5, 6, 8, 9] – which classes could learn it.


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This is an interesting concept! I always see people or developers using Skill Break (the ones where you steal the skill by guarding), but this is my first time to see a skill taken when the enemy dies :D

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Times changed. No one needs XP or levels anymore. Gotta find new places to learn stuff.

Tired of being challenged over and over for the Ultimate Dark spell, the Demon Lord opens a skill shop. The hero either fight a nearly-impossible fight or pay aunreasonable high price for the spell.

New script: In-battle shop: Buy the enemies' spell and skip the fight.

Edited by Demintika

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OMG The possibilities!!!


Question(s): I saw in the script that you can allow dead members to learn the skill.

Does this mean every member that has the correct class will learn it, or can it be set that only the killer can learn the skill?



Also, is it at all possible to learn a skill based on a particular element or skill being used on the enemy?


For example, if you one-shot a slime, you learn the passive skill "Slime killer", which increases damage and hit % when facing other slimes.

Or you're facing a wizard and kill him with a fire attack.  You then learn "Wizard's Flame."

But if you kill the same wizard with an earth attack, you learn "Meteor Swarm" instead.

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With Dead members on every single actor that participated in battle and is dead or alive will be able to learn the skill after the enemy dies.


And those are nice ideas 'only killer learns it' and 'must be killed with a specific spell/element'. I'll add those tomorrow.

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